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And this may be an indicator of being difficult to treat because what we know is that the more you can successfully treat all the symptoms of bipolar disorder, the more likely you are to have fewer relapses. For this reason, it’s critical to aim for zero bipolar symptoms during treatment, whenever possible. It depends on who you ask, but yes, I believe it is possible for many people to achieve zero bipolar symptoms during treatment.
The thing is, no one will ever get to the place where they are free of bipolar symptoms during treatment if they don’t try to get there. If a person doesn’t achieve zero symptoms, they haven’t failed, but if they are never given the opportunity to achieve that goal, the system has failed them. Now I will grant you that I am unlikely to ever meet this goalpost but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s a worthy goal to have. Danger of this approach however is… you start medicating emotions as opposed to actual symptoms. Imho medication has side effects serious enough to consider that at least some symptoms you handle with coping skills and alternative strategies. I think that focusing on living well and enjoying life is better than obsessing over every tiny symptom. Agree with much of what you say Venus, but I just tried to get off my SSNRI and it didn’t go well. Bipolar disorder, which was formerly known as manic depression, causes severe mood swings ranging from severe depression to agitated mania. If you feel that you or your loved one might suffer from bipolar disorder, there is help available. In other words, if you continue to experience bipolar symptoms during treatment, you’re more likely to experience future episodes and we really want to avoid that as each future episode tends to make your bipolar harder to treat. In other words, if we (or our doctors) simply accept partial sickness all the time, then we’ll never get to the place of zero symptoms during bipolar treatment. This campaign raises the expectations of bipolar treatment and what we require from our healthcare professionals. So what I encourage you to do is to hold your doctor accountable for your best possible health and support the Target Zero to Thrive This April campaign by sharing it on your social media channels. I’m Ok during the morning and then all of a sudden I just lose all need or want to move forward at all. I think it is sometimes hard to tease out what are ups and downs that are in response to life and need to be dealt with in one’s life or in therapy, and what is truly a symptom that needs to be hit on the head with medication. I often find myself thinking about how well I’m doing, but also find myself having certain obsessive thoughts or internal overreactions to things that I know are bipolar responses.
People with bipolar disorder often describe their emotions like being on an uncontrollable roller coaster.

Why do some with bipolar disorder feel fine one day and then horribly depressed or wildly manic the next? It might be a good starting point to discuss your own triggers with a counselor or therapist, or just to note for yourself. The use of alcohol and drugs does not cause bipolar disorder to begin but it will definitely make symptoms worse over time. Thyroid changes, digestion and nutrition issues, illness, vitamin deficiencies and medication reactions can all cause bipolar moods to shift uncontrollably. To help ease any concerns and uncertainty about calling for Bipolar Disorder Help click here to find out what happens when you call. I’m well, I can handle the remaining symptoms with coping skills, I can be happy but there are always lingering symptoms of bipolar disorder.
In the military they say, “accepting the suck.” You can’t afford to accept the suck because being sick just leads to being more being sick. Nothing gets done I go nowhere my kids, I have 3 they are 17,18, and 22 want to know why I come home from work and go straight to bed I’m just exhausted and want to be left alone. While scientists don’t know exactly what causes the mood swings of bipolar disorder, most psychologists agree that there are certain “triggers” that might provoke the mood swings to change. The best way to understand your triggers better is to keep a journal or even a basic wall calendar with notes including: stressors, diet, exercise, and mood or anything else you feel might be important to note.
Stressful events can trigger bipolar disorder to begin or become worse in those who already have a genetic predisposition. Make sure you get plenty of rest each night and make it a priority to keep a regular schedule.
Many people try to self-medicate the bipolar disorder with harmful substances but soon find that the pattern of drug and alcohol use make the bipolar disorder worse. It is extremely important for people with bipolar disorder to keep a regular medical doctor and attend routine check-ups complete with blood work to monitor these changes. We can help guide you through the many treatment options available and help you understand the illness that you or your loved one is dealing with.
Don’t settle of “okay,” or “good enough,” or “functional.” In other words, treatment is only a true success when you achieve zero bipolar symptoms. If one learns to body surf the emotion… to a certain degree, they became much lesser deal. Those feelings are so normal to me that I wonder if they are truly symptoms or just part of who I am. It affects approximately two million Americans, or one in 100 adults and both women and men are bi polar disorder sufferers. Sometimes bipolar disorder causes something called a “mixed state,” in which the person experiences both mania and depression at the same time.

The best thing that a therapist ever told me was that I had been suicidal for so long, I would probably always have suicidal thoughts.
Children, adolescents and adults are known to suffer from this debilitating mental disorder. Even positive changes like buying a new home or getting a job promotion may trigger a mood change. Diagnosis of bi polar disorder can be tricky since bipolar symptoms can mimic many other types of mental illness in both children and adults.
Adolescents in particular can prove difficult to diagnose since this age group often experiences mood swings and unpredictable behaviours even without the influence of a mental disorder.There are many different medications that are used to treat bi polar disorder. She was wrong- they eventually got much better, but it took many years, and I am glad I didn’t spend those years waiting.
Frequently, a combination of these medications is most effective and can even be essential to properly treat the disorder. Lithium is a type of salt that interacts with the body’s natural chemistry to in order to act as a mood stabilizer. Since it is an old drug it is not used as often as newer and more effective drugs on the market today.Other medications used to treat bipolar disorder symptoms are mood stabilizers. Mood stabilizers help prevent extreme mood swings and provide a more even temperament in the patient.
They also tend to have anticonvulsant effects and may be used solely to treat patients suffering from seizures. Other anticonvulsant drugs may be prescribed to a person with bipolar symptomsto ensure a suppression of seizure.Anti-psychotic drugs prevent bipolar disorder patients from experiencing hallucinations that are both visual and audio in nature. Visual hallucinations can be seen whereas audio hallucinations are heard, often as voices in the patient’s head. Anti-psychotic drugs can also function to suppress angry outbursts and physically aggressive behaviours in the bipolar patient.All of these medications have varying effects on different people. In bi polar children for instance it can be quite risky to use an anti-depressant without a mood stabilizer since manic behaviours can intensify quite easily. The drug lithium may prove effective with one patient’s bipolar symptomsyet be ineffective with another. It is usually through trial and error in terms of drug type and dosage that a sufferer of bipolar disorder reaches an acceptable type and dosage of medical treatment.

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