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If you have blonde hair, then you can try a short bob hairstyle along with long side bangs.
You see, we’ve put together a gallery of some of the best medium hair cuts from 2014. If you are messed-up with heavy maintenance of your long hair, but don’t want to crop your locks either, medium haircuts 2014 is all what you need. In fact, medium haircuts can be just the right click if you feel like you need something in-between short and long.
If you do decide to go with one, then leave everything and take print out of one of these cool medium haircut 2014 photos we have shown above, and rush to your hairstylist without any delay. Hello, I just wanted to let you know I love this hair cut but have not had any luck with stylists that can cut it!! 20 Short Choppy Haircuts That Will Brighten Up Your LookWho doesn’t like short choppy haircuts?
The right cut for a round face doesn't always translate in the best way to hairstyles for fat faces. I searched "round" and what I found did not apply to me so I searched "fat" and found exactly what I needed. To the person who said that fat is a noun not an adjective: read a book, a word can be both, depending on use, as fat is both. Yeah and quit trying to make something out of nothing if you have a fat face quit trying to make it sound like a dirty word.
My issue with the article is that some of the hairstyle advice actually makes "fat" faces appear even fuller. Short hairstyles are all about attitude and personality, irrespective of your face shape and age. Latest Hairstyles For Women Latest Hairstyles 2014 Black Reviewed by GlobezHair on 25th April 2016.
Copyright © 2015 GlobezHair, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark. Thin hair might be a little difficult to fashion as the lack of volume makes it a bit tricky to achieve many styles.
The upcoming 2014-2015 season features amazing looks that come with funky cuts, attention grabbing styles and daring volumes. However, if you still need more inspiration, don’t worry we still have much to show you. We can tell you, with your, your stylist’s and our ideas, you can easily expect an overnight transformation for your personality. You can have a round face that is lean, and it will look different than a face that has a round shape because it is fat. Do you think everyone who says their dog is fat or their bum is fat means that those things are purely composed of adipose tissue?

If you are ready to grab some eyeballs this season, try short layered hairstyles – the fastest way to make your somber lifeless locks look fabulous. Present day hairstylists believe that square faces offer more versatility when it comes to hairstyling experimentation. If it happened so that you have an oval face, then you can wear any hairstyle, but we want to draw your attention on these looks.
But it does mean they currently have the highest potential to be the hottest hair cuts for medium length hair when 2014 arrives. So we are giving you an unfair advantage.
Whenever you’re ready to channel your inner Meg Ryan, Halle Berry, or Julianne Hough, trek over to our collection of 20 trendy short choppy haircuts for some hairspiration! These hairstyles are immensely popular among celebs as layers in your short haircut add movement, shape, volume and texture.
Irrespective of your hair length, it is not hard to find attractive hairdos for square faces. You can use volumizing spray to get that added volume, try back-combing your hair or teasing the roots before styling into anything particular.
No matter what's the length of your cut, you will look advantageous with layers near your cheekbones. Sea-salt hairspray is another good option for adding extra volume while highlighting your hair with vibrant shades also helps to create an illusion of depth in your hair. So now they are seeking new styles in bob hairstyle, so that they can look cute, beautiful and innocent but in a unique way. We have gathered pixies in short versions, chin-length, shoulder-length styles and sleek sophisticated bob cuts. No matter which hairstyle you select, it is always suggested to add layers as it offers more volume and make your hairdo appear more bouncy. Some of the presented versions feature tousled, natural hair that is ideal for bob haircuts.
Because we can almost guarantee that when 2014 hits, these will be the hottest hair cuts for medium length hair on the planet. Your face may contain more adipose tissue, but that does not mean your face IS adipose tissue. Celebs with square faces (like Olivia Wilde, Gwyneth Palthrow and Keira Knightley) have sported various interesting and attractive hairdos that could work well as an example. Using a dry shampoo can add additional volume to your hair when you opt to style your hair in a bun or a chignon. Anyway, here are some interesting images of beautiful and modernized versions that come in blond and dark brown and black colors. POMEGRANATE PASSIONThis texturized bob transforms thick, coarse hair by enhancing movement within a defined silhouette.
BLONDE ANGELThis short crop can revive thin, fine baby blonde locks in a flash with finely shattered ends.

A longer silhouette is updated with shorter, piecey layers which remove weight and round out the shape.
CITRUS GLOWCreate instant appeal with this hyper orange hue which draws attention to this unique cut. A fashion-forward undercut is offset by heavily cut longer layers that mimic the texture of airy feathers.
RASPBERRY POPThis short look features an asymmetrical undercut leading to elongated, choppy fringe layers.
COPPER PUNKETTEThis burnished copper tone offers a neutral background for shattered layers with an ultra-choppy fringe accent.
It features a tightly shorn side, choppy layering and multi-tonal reds that create the appearance of thicker hair. EIGHTIES DREAMERThis rounded, choppy haircut paired in champagne and flaxen blonde tones has 80’s nostalgia written all over it. FINGERWAVE FEVERThis choppy look offers lots of movement by releasing weight in the interior layers of the cut. Add curls and waves to enhance movement throughout the longer layers while maintaining a smooth, piecey perimeter.
The tightly cut back and sides accentuate ultra-long crown layers which offer maximum height for a new perspective. BLUE VELVETThis look features a playful blue hue which draws the eye to choppy fringe layers.
SEVENTIES SOIREEThis look features softly chopped layers that lay neatly for a clean silhouette with light movement.
NEW NIGHTINGALEThis heavily texturized cut features choppy layers throughout to remove weight and define shape.
Ultra short sides with a choppy fringe and crown layers are accented with a pink base for a rosy finish. Short, full and choppy layers are styled for maximum volume with a power red you won’t soon forget.
CHOPPY CROPThis multi-colored look showcases heavily texturized ends to promote movement in very thick hair. SWEPT AWAYThis look offers a way to shape and control hair by creating volume in finely-textured, thick hair.

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