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Studies show that exercising with a punching bag is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. A practical rule of thumb is that when selecting a punching bag you should look for one that is approximately half your body weight. Boxing gloves are better than Mitts, affording more protection and adding another dimension to the workout depending on the glove weight.
Begin the heavy bag session with a light round of two-to-three minutes, circling the bag while focusing on your punching and kicking technique. Focus on throwing all punches and kicks from the fighting stance and maintaining a good distance and guard. Coordinate breath to movement by exhaling when punches and kicks are thrown to maintain a balanced aerobic control and help increase your power output and timing. Kim AnthonyFounder at Fitness GaloreKim Anthony is a fitness enthusiast and freelance writer. If you enjoy exercising outside, chances are you’ll be working out in the dark as the days get shorter. Before you hit the streets, make sure you tell a family member or friend where you’re going and when you expect to be back. Cell phones may be awkward to carry by hand, but if you have an armband or waist pack designed to hold a cell phone, make sure you strap it on before every run. Just because you can see a car heading your direction, doesn’t mean the driver can see you. Women have been told to carry pepper spray for years, but you may want to opt for a personal alarm instead.
WE CATCH up with one of the three fellas taking part in the Daily Star MaxiNutrition challenge to go from beer belly to buff in 12 weeks - and Aaron Lee Williams has already lost a staggering 1st 6lb, with seven weeks still to go.

A WOMAN who was forced to buy two plane seats every time she went on holiday has transformed her figure by shedding half her body weight. I was immediately intrigued by the silhouette in the front window of an entire room full of punching bags. If it is too light, it will jump around when you punch it, making it difficult to practice combinations. Hitting the bag without consideration for technique will increase the likelihood of injury, and stifle the benefits of your workout. The heavy bag parallels a real life opponent well with respect to size and target areas, so it’s important to keeping all fundamental precepts the same. As an adjunct psychology professor, with extensive experience in counseling, she is an avid believer in the mind and body relationship and its connection to overall wellness. If you twist an ankle or go missing (God forbid!), someone will know to look for you quickly to help make sure you make it home. Not only are they necessary for making emergency calls, but if you have a smartphone you can download apps that help you track your time, distance and calories burned. These high-decibel alarms will draw attention from bystanders while scaring potential attackers. If you plan on exercising for extended periods outdoors, pack a water bottle that you can easily carry with you. You should not use the information on this web site for diagnosing or treating a medical or health condition. Taking photos of my progress and weighing myself once a week has kept me motivated and lets me see the results.6.
He's been training for a while and it looks like he cut some weight just to get to 167, 30 days before a fight at 155.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about which direction the wind is blowing or whether your spray has expired.
If you have or suspect you have a medical problem or you have any concerns about the health of your child promptly contact your professional healthcare provider. On November 21 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Canelo will challenge Miguel Cotto for the WBC middleweight championship, with HBO Pay-Per-View carrying the bout. They would usually be drenched in sweat and look somewhat fatigued, yet they’d be smiling as if they had a blast.
Ila offers the Ila Sport that combines a personal alarm you wear on your waist with a pedometer that tracks your steps taken, distance and calories burned. I prepare all my meals so I don't eat something I shouldn't and when I need a snack I reach for a MaxiNutrition Promax bar or a protein shake, which are really tasty.4.
Knowing that friends and family know what I am doing has added pressure to get a good result, which has made me more determined than ever. The fight is taking place at catch-weight of 155-pounds.Canelo has fought his last three bouts at 155. This type of alarm is also great for scaring off threatening dogs – most dogs don’t like loud, high-pitched noises.
Cotto, although standing as the middleweight champion, has yet to fight at the full middleweight limit. His last two bouts took place at catch-weights of 159 and 157.Cotto's 30-day weight was not provided at the moment, but he's the obvious smaller man in the contest.

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