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You can safely lose 3 or more pounds a week at home with a healthy diet and lots of exercise, says weight loss counselor Katherine Tallmadge, RD. If you burn 500 more calories than you eat every day for a week, you should lose about 1-2 pounds.
For instance, if you take in 1,050 to 1,200 calories a day, and exercise for one hour per day, you could lose 3-5 pounds in the first week, or more if you weigh more than 250 pounds. Limiting salt and starches may also mean losing more weight at first -- but that's mostly fluids, not fat.
Dansinger recommends eating a diet that minimizes starches, added sugars, and animal fat from meat and dairy foods. Keeping a food journal -- writing down everything you eat -- can also help you stay on track. Good to Know is a new feature that allows members of the community to answer questions from WebMD experts, doctors, staff, and other community members.
Low in calorie but big in flavor, lemon and dill create a quick Greek-inspired pan sauce for simple sauteed chicken breasts.
This salmon is best grilled on a plank, which gives it a subtle smoky flavor and prevents it from sticking or falling through the grill plate.
Tangy lemon, fresh tomatoes, escarole and shrimp create an incredible sauce for whole-wheat pasta.
It might often feel like calories are the enemy, making you feel guilty for eating a bit extra at the dinner table, but it's impossible to survive without them.

To figure the number of calories you need we will have to find your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).
Your actual metabolic rate is estimated by adding the caloric cost of all the activities you engage in throughout the day to your BMR.
Now that you know your BMR, the final step in determining your daily caloric expenditure is to factor in your daily activity. Example: Using the same 200 pound male with a daily BMR of 2073 calories per day, we determine that he is mostly sedentary during the day with the exception of some jogging and about 40 minutes of weight training. When figuring your total daily caloric expenditure and you do not know your body fat percentage, guess your body fat percentage. Our 200 pound male with 15% body fat should keep his caloric intake below 3420 calories on high level activity days like the days he hits the gym. Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. For rapid weight loss, he recommends focusing on fruits, veggies, egg whites, soy products, skinless poultry breasts, fish, shellfish, nonfat dairy foods, and 95% lean meat.
As a general rule if you're looking to lose weight you should consume between 1400 to 1800 calories, and never drop below 1200. Not only do you get shortchanged on important nutrients and minerals, but your body eventually kicks into the flight or fight stress response, breaking down muscle to help fuel the body with glucose to maintain a steady blood sugar. Well, in this article I am going to show you a formula that calculates your daily caloric requirements.

Your BMR is the number of calories you’d burn over 24 hours while laying down, but not necessarily while sleeping. For my fellow Americans, to calculate weight in kg, divide the body weight in pounds by 2.2.
I always tell my clients, “If you have time to eat it you have time to write it down.” It has been proven time and time again that keeping a food journal will help you succeed in diet. You will also need to change this number as you lose weight and as your body fat % decreases. Find where you fall in the activity categories below and multiply your daily BMR by the number on the left of your range to find out your daily caloric expenditure. This number is not just important for weight loss but also for what types of things you need in your diet daily for general good health. You also need to eat the right food for you that can burn fats and a healthy exercise that is good for your heart.
On days you exercise vigorously you would need to consume more calories than on days you do not exercise at all.

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