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If you keep trying to lose weight, and no change in diet or tough workout can give visible results, then the hormone leptin may be the reason behind it all. This hormone is secreted by your cells and its main role is to balance your body weight and energy levels. As you grow fatter, your body releases more leptin into the blood stream so as to create a balance by stimulating fatty tissue to burn excess fat.
When the body experiences high leptin levels for a longer period of time, it loses sensitivity to leptin.
This condition in the body causes difficulties in the process of losing weight and maintaining healthy rate of metabolism. The regular consumption of processed foods is the third case when one can cause leptin resistance.
Firstly, there are two types of stress.  Dis-stress and Eu-stress (aka Distress and Eustress) but the “stress” is being put on the beginning of the word to indicate the important part of each.

Bring joy into your everyday life as well as your job by choosing to follow a lifestyle that allows you to balance the “di-stress” of life events that many times may seem just too hard to handle with the “eu-stress” of a balanced daily “flow” that includes an eating, exercising and relaxation routine. ANTI-AGE ME is a gripping story that documents a number of universal themes – the fading of beauty, the realization of mortality, and the search for answers to living the highest quality of life – in STEVEN’s year and a half long journey. Leptin performs its function In two ways: the first is by signaling to your brain when it is time to stop eating, the second is by stimulating fatty tissue to burn energy. This comes as a result of the brain which does not listen when leptin tells it to stop eating or to hasten metabolism.
Furthermore, people with leptin resistance are prone to chronic illnesses by causing for excess stomach fat and increased inflammation.
In order to quickly lose weight, some people make the mistake of reducing their calorie intake drastically.
These harmful foods include: refined carbohydrates, foods high in sugar, high fructose corn syrup and foods high in fat.

Especially when it comes to who you sit across from when you go and meet someone with “titles” and important spaghetti after their name. However, this causes problems since it makes leptin respond by telling the brain it needs more food. Therefore, it is always a good idea to avoid this kind of diets, foe they mostly fail to deliver the desired results, and cause more harm then benefits.

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