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Another reason why is cinnamon good for you, aside from the fact that this spice can help one in their journey to a leaner body, it also possesses various other health properties which can improve man’s general well-being.
It is worth remembering that not only is cinnamon good for weight loss, but also consequences of excess fat – namely, cellulite.
Remember that cinnamon alone is just a tasty smelling spice that comes without any calories, which means you should try using it as often as you can even when the mixtures aren’t available to you. Those of you not certain about taking the matter into their hands, there’s a solution – cinnamon pills and powders are essentially the same thing in different forms. There are very few side effects in using cinnamon weight loss recipes, as it is a very safe and non-toxic spice. It is important to note that cinnamon is a warming spice, so do not use it if you have a fever. For certain people, there are also possible allergic reactions to cinnamon, just like any other food product, but they are rare and usually manifest in small rash. There’s no family that has not used the honey and cinnamon combination in order to maintain their health. Cinnamon improves skin complexion, accelerates blood circulation, is perfect for the heart, stomach and intestine, and what’s most important is that it is the best spice for burning fats in the organism. It was also proven that the mixture of 2 tablespoons of honey, 3 teaspoons of cinnamon, and 2 glasses of warm water, has decreased the cholesterol level for 10 % in patients in a period of only 2 hours. Mix 2 teaspoons of honey together with 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and dissolve the mixture in 2 glasses of warm water.
How Honey and Cinnamon Can Help Weight Loss - Quick Weight Loss Channel Quick Weight Loss ChannelRevealing healthy ways of achieving and maintaining ideal weight for better health and fitnessREVIEWS Weight Loss Pills Reviews Garcinia Cambogia Select Green Coffee Bean Extract Intensive Colon Cleanse Fitness Guide Reviews Venus Factor System Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program RESOURCES Latest On Weight Loss What Is Body Mass Index and BMI Calculator? If you have high cholesterol, then take two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon powder mixed in 16 ounces of tea water. Drinking two table spoon of cinnamon powder and a tablespoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water helps to relieve from bladder infections. Take a tablespoon of lukewarm honey with ? spoon cinnamon powder daily for three days and your common or severe cold is on the way to vanish. The patients of arthritis can use this natural treatment taking a hot cup of water with two tablespoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder in it. Before breakfast and going to bed, drink a cup of boiled water mixed with honey and cinnamon powder regularly. If you are having a bad breathe problem, then gargle your mouth with hot water mixed with honey and cinnamon powder.
Apply the paste of three tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of cinnamon powder on your pimple area before going to bed and wash it off the next morning with warm water. Those who take honey and cinnamon powder in daily use are seems to be more alert and flexible according to the recent studies.
It is one of the most popular spices in the world and its very appetizing oriental smell attracts all kinds of foodies. One of the research studies showed that cinnamon can be used as a sedative for nervousness and mood swings.

Nutritionists believe that its appearance is primarily due to the increased amount of cholesterol in the blood.
Cinnamon can go easy with everything and this makes it a truly perfect spice for both taste and weight loss. These averagely priced products are made from quality and freshly ground cinnamon and come in different varieties, mostly based on the recipes mentioned above. Cinnamon is a safe spice to consume during pregnancy, although it is not recommended to be used for weight loss during pregnancy. It also stimulates the body and can cause high blood pressure if you suffer from this condition, so please consult your physician before using should you have cardiac issues. If you eat a lot of this spice on an empty stomach, it will cause nausea and even vomiting, but as with everything – maintenance is the key. In addition, we advise you to remember not to add honey to a hot tea, or any hot beverage, so that it doesn’t lose its nutrients.
Patients suffering from arthritis were given a mixture of honey and cinnamon before breakfast, every morning. Moreover, it has been noticed that this mixture has a very positive effect on the immune system.
It is used as medicine for various kinds of diseases without any side effects because it is 100% natural. Research came up with the point that a half tablespoon of honey taken in a glass of water with cinnamon powder sprinkled in it increases the vitality of the body. Most people use cinnamon for their own culinary masterpieces as a flavoring agent, so a lot of them don’t realize that cinnamon is good for you, especially when your aim is to lose some of that extra weight of yours. The easiest option: mix two tablespoons of honey with a spoon of ground cinnamon and pour 1 liter of boiling water over the mixture (best to drink after 1 hour). According to research, it is known that fat cells are afraid of both ginger and cinnamon, so these two combined will destroy any toxins and adipose fat tissue on their way.
Due to a large number of cholesterol, all those skin imperfections are becoming clearly visible, and they are especially noticeable with excess fat in those areas.
You can buy either 100% ground cinnamon powder, or you might be able to find a mixture of cinnamon and ginger powders.
Cinnamon does have a very strong flavor and can be past through breast milk, so limit how much you use as your baby may not enjoy the taste. Mostly there is evidence of why is cinnamon good for you, and it’s very rare that a person comes to experience any side effects. The honey should be of high quality, not pasteurized or raw, because in this condition it contains in itself all the useful enzymes. This recipe is excellent for prevention of heart attacks, it decreases dyspnea, and it normalizes the work of the heart. If you already had an attack, studies show that you should stay miles away from next attack. According to the research in Copenhagen University, it was found that when the above honey and cinnamon mixed hot water was given to the arthritis patient, within a month, many felt relieved and most of all the patients, who could not walk or move started to show their movement.

Since honey contains various vitamins and irons, its regular use will strengthens the white blood corpuscles that helps to fight against viral and bacterial attacks. The good news is that it isn’t necessary for you to eat cinnamon and ginger in pure form as is. Cinnamon pills also come in different varieties, and the most popular includes the mixture of cinnamon and honey. The rest of the patients, who used the cinnamon and honey mixture in a period of one month, started to walk without feeling any pain. Yes, the same popular cinnamon spice has potential properties to help a person to have control over weight gain.
After, store in the refrigerator and drink 100 grams twice a day – in the morning and evening. It is better to add them to the mixture of honey, and then you can spread this onto your toast. The recipe for cinnamon and honey, as well as cinnamon and ginger mentioned above with help with the issue if used regularly. All these are naturally organic products and essentially the same cinnamon you would buy in your local grocery store. With the increase in your age, the arteries and veins lose their flexibility and get clogged. Both the Chinese and Ceylon Cinnamon shared the same scent and flavor, except the Ceylon is sweeter. Cinnamon trees are found and grow mostly in South East Asia and had been known throughout the history of mankind for having medicinal properties.
Regardless how Cinnamon is used and consumed regularly, it does the same effect of boosting the body’s metabolism along with other health benefits mentioned previously.
Hence, it is always a good idea to keep a small container with Cinnamon handy at the kitchen, or at the dining table. Experts suggest using Ceylon Cinnamon as it offers more health benefits than Chinese Cinnamon. Honey and Cinnamon Combination Both honey and Cinnamon can be combined into a typical diet routine. Mentioned earlier, cinnamon can help control weight and fat storage along with many other health benefits.
Furthermore, research have shown that a single teaspoon of Cinnamon in every meal can boost the body’s metabolism to a significant level. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Recent Posts How Much Energy Required To Burn When You Eat Junk Foods?

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