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LapTop Lunches contacted me recently about teaming up with them and a few other bloggers to create adult lunch ideas that are both healthy and under 500 calories.
If you have an extra container and want a few more calories, try adding a little hummus or tahini sauce to dip your cucumbers in!
I’ve been trying for quite a long time to get a proper container for my lunches since I haven’t got lunch time at work so I have to eat at my desk! I’ve been loving tuna mixed with curry powder and either a bit of Veganaise or Oil (usually olive or avocado) depending on my mood. When you're navigating the hullabaloo that comes with back-to-school season, lunches are an added pressure you just don’t need!
Today’s Clean Eating Recipe was a re-creation from one of the recipes by Clean Eating Mag. Yum PrintClean Eating Dinner – Thai Black Rice Stir Fry 30 minutes1 Per Serving 227 calories Fat 19 g Carbs 8 g Protein 9 g 1 See full nutrition!
Yum PrintClean Eating Dinner – Cucumber Egg Stir Fry 15 minutes2 Per Serving 289 calories Fat 19 g Carbs 11 g Protein 19 g 2 See full nutrition! Yum PrintClean Eating Recipe – Stir Fry Dry Tofu and Celery 10 minutes2 Per Serving 114 calories Fat 10 g Carbs 4 g Protein 6 g 2 See full nutrition!
Yum PrintClean Eating Recipe – Double the Protein, Triple the Green 10 minutes2 Per Serving 330 calories Fat 19 g Carbs 16 g Protein 27 g 2 See full nutrition! Packing a school lunch for Meghan is not my favorite part of her starting back to school, but I did it every school day last year and I know I’ll be doing it again. When I build a lunch for Meghan’s school lunch, I make sure it has at least one vegetable, one fruit, and a protein. Other things I strive for are her grains to be whole grains, and a balance of complex carbs and protein. I think every mom I’ve talked to about going back to school has the same reaction about it. The one thing that I do that helps the making lunches time quicker is prep things ahead of time.
If you aren’t including a sandwich or a hot item, there are still many ways to get a protein into the lunch box. These are options that work great for adding to a lunch box or if you have to send a snack in to school! These are pre-packaged foods that are minimally processed with just a few recognizable ingredients. I asked my Facebook followers what their kids love to get in their lunch boxes, and these were the answers! Now for smaller things like asparagus and this I do in skillet with a little extra Virginia coconut oil and Mrs Dash.
Many people will ask if the food stays fresh if you make it on Sunday and eat it all week long and I have to say that for me yes it does.

Yes the best thing I learned since weight lifting is you can eat and that the media needs to stop telling women to eat 1200 calories a day. I can see there are 2 meatballs, a sweet potato and 5(ish) asparagus spears in the one container, but how much food is in the other one? Hi at that time I was using Uncle Ben’s but since I would likely not use that anymore. Many of you have asked me about what to take for lunch, and since I did a series of blog posts about back-to-school lunches for kids, I thought it was only fitting to do at least one post on adult lunches you can take to work.
Since I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for a while now, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get it done. Please note that all opinions are my own and I will only endorse items which I truly feel are of value to my readers. No time to spare during shifts, movies, and going from one venue to the next- and certainly NO extra time to waste waiting in line for food!! Here are 20 Clean Eating lunch ideas that’ll have your kids feeling energized and, most importantly, totally satiated every day when the lunch bell rings!
Download your free 2-week meal plan plus shopping list and discover how simple and satisfying it is to eat clean today. Today’s clean eating salad combines smooth avocado and crunchy cucumber in an easy yet appetizing mix. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve liked the wholesome, grassy taste of both broccoli and cabbage.
While I don’t have school-age children, this is a great resource for me for trying to include more variety in my toddler’s meals!
I use the frozen filets which are high in protein and have no carbs and are only 120 calories each! I just use some Mrs dash on the broccoli and a small amount of organic chicken broth in the brown rice container after microwaving for taste. It’s just walden farms balsamic dressing, cayenne pepper, Mrs dash chicken flavor and breast cubes.
They are only kept for up to 3-4 days so by then if I have not eaten everything I wind up having to throw it away. Just wondering, with (for example) the meals above, do you eat them cold or heat them up in a microwave? Well, a while back, they sent me one of their lunch boxes to review and in the process I realized what a great tool a proper lunch box can be.
Affiliate links are included here and I will earn a small commission should you make a purchase by clicking on them. Note: If they’re picky about eating certain proteins, refer to our substitution suggestions! It encompasses healthy fats, essential vitamins, lush greens and savory sauce, and is an eye-pleaser too in pops of red and green.

It has the sweet crunch of apples, wholesomeness of avocado, and fresh taste of spring greens. Coming from a traditional Chinese family that often ate traditional Chinese dinners, broccoli and cabbage were widely-used vegetables in our dinners.
By the end of the day between making meals and snacks for my family and testing blog recipes, I’m usually 100% done with being in the kitchen. I am a long-time follower, and I love your balanced approach to keeping our kids healthy (and happy with occasional treats!). I also take a piece of fruit, chobani yogurt and sometimes a can of tuna fish or protein bar.
There was no fish I’m containers so I made small meals with fish and extra vegetables. Would you recommend this meal plan or meal plan like this if you are trying to slim down and build muscle? Putting it together on a Sunday is a great plan, but I do not want to put too much food in it.
I am a "Jersey Girl" born and raised, a Rutgers University alumni, former cheerleader, Yorkie mom, super wife, meal prepper, gym junkie, animal lover and total Aries.
I feel that clean eating should be a lifestyle change–and a constant work-in-process. Take them out and slice them and cover with cinnamon and pop in for five to ten more minutes. At work I eat a mid morning meal or snack, my prepped lunch, a mid afternoon snack or small meal and then something on the way to the gym like protein bar or tuna fish. Having everything in one place makes it easier for me to plan and choose a variety of different options, rather than putting the same foods in the lunch week after week. It’s never easy feeding clean eating recipes to kids, especially if they are toddlers and preschoolers like mine, but my kids loved this dish.
If you’re in the market for meal prep containers these are my current favorite which are super affordable and easy to use and clean. Ever since the beginning of the new year I have stopped using any table salt in my diet, though if I do use salt I use sea salt or Himalayan Pink sea salt. You also need egg whites liquid, oats , spinach, asparagus, reduced sugar ketchup, seasonings.

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