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Hairstyles to Make You Look YoungerHere are hairstyles to make you look younger with useful tips on how to choose a haircut to make you look younger, with hair styling tips and helpful advice. Ask you hairstylist for some soft shaping around the face and possibly consider having long side bangs.
The most important thing to remember is always work with your natural texture and not going against it, whatever your age. You hairstylist will be able to advise you on what best suits you and your features and also speak about your age concerns. Always have regular trims to maintain both your hair shape and condition and if gray hair is a problem a few highlights will help revive your hair color and will instantly add depth and shine to your hairstyle.
Curly hairstyles and waves are very 'now' but make sure they're brushed through, tousled and natural-looking if you want them to look fresh and young. A good haircut and a beautiful hair color can make you look 10 years younger, so invest in the best! Today I have brought this post especially for women who look their age but still want to look younger.
Priyanka chopra is one of actress who can carry any hairstyle as perfectly as it should be.
This Srilankan beauty was able to pool praises from the audience for her new hairstyle in her movie “Roy”. She followed a sleek straight boy cut in her movie PK, which stood to be an eye catching part of the movie. Shilpa Shetty is a person who adores long hair and she looks very beautiful with her long hair. Layered hairstyles, curly hairstyles, hairstyles with bangs and side braid hairstyles are the best hairstyles that will make you look younger.
Bangs are ideal way to hide wrinkles, curls are giving volume and vitality to your hair and layered hairstyle look so elegant and youthful. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. Haircuts define the look of men and this is why, the guys out there take great care to style their mane. The curly haircut is the most common among the dark dudes and they keep it in various fashion.
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This hairstyle looks smart and sexy, in its simple form, with oodles of comfort and cool factor associated with it. The black man has got a short-cropped hairstyle in the form of Mohawk haircut that creates a nice and trendy look for him.
Long dark hair worn in the form of multiple braids makes for an artistic style statement that is super groovy in display. This is a fine look created with a well cropped mane that makes the guy look super smart, suave and quite dapper. Smooth and sexy, dark hair styled in a wavy fashion with neat layering that creates a cool look for the guy.
This is a low-fuss and comfortable hairstyle that makes the black man look younger and in-vogue. Long and dark hair d with a middle parting and strands woven into multiple braids to create an artful hairstyle.

Black men look cute in their curly hairstyle which, when given a well-trimmed shape, looks appealing as well. Beauty lies in simplicity and the same holds true for black men’s hairstyle too, which looks best in its natural curly form.
Dark and layered curly hair reaching up to ear lobes, has been given a coiled and twisted shape with center parting to create a cool look.
This hairstyle also suits the black men perfectly and is very easy-going and light to carry. Another name of comfort and style, this haircut requires regular trimming but if you can maintain it, nothing can work more well.
This is a cool haircut that has made great waves in the hairstyling segment for black men and looks quite graceful. Popular hairstyle for black men that looks very charming due to its artistic and alluring display. The shaved sides and the straight, voluminous crown create a funky look in a fabulous fashion. Natural hairstyle of black guy that requires a lot of patience but once it is achieved, you can flaunt it with pride. Black men can get their hair done in a neat and clean fashion with the extreme cropped look for comfort and style.
Another black guy with the tough looks that appear more in-your-face due to the cropped hairstyle he wears. Curly hair looks wonderful on black men and if it is given a sober and clean form, then the result is something to that anyone would love. The beefy, black guy looks dapper in his short and cropped curly haircut that is trendy and pleasant to look at.
Short cropped haircut, styled to create a neat and elegant look, sits well on the head of the black men. Handsome black hunk with the shaven look that suits him to a T and is also very easy and comfortable to wear. This hairstyle takes the cake when it comes to the beautiful and bewitching hairstyle for men. Unique and utterly catchy, this hairstyle of black men is known for its mystic and magnetic look.
The dreadlocks, displaying modest variation in length and hanging around the head, look quite attractive.
The dizzying manes are layered throughout the sides and back to lighten the edges and allow the bounce of the waves added for shape and movement. This super traditional pixie haircut is cut short through the back and sides, blending into the top jagged cut layers, bringing this a lot of texture which can get it simple to style. Trim the hair section by section and create layers to add much style and charm to the look. Hello, I just wanted to let you know I love this hair cut but have not had any luck with stylists that can cut it!!
Home maintenance is also important so don't forget to ask for some styling tips, so you can get the perfect finish at home. Apart from going to gym, jogging parks and following various nutritious diet charts, have you ever thought your hairstyle can make you look younger.
Right from ‘Anjaana Anjaani’to her upcoming movie ‘Geetanjali’, simple bangs go well with this Diva.

She chopped her hair down from long hair to small curls with bob cut, which worked quite well with her entire look. She has long hair with thick texture, but the best one is Long hair with beachy waves .This hair makeover makes you look younger and also portrays you as a matured women.
Only curls on your long hair can be your alternate choice if you don’t want to make it straight and simple.
Be it the charming white men or the sexy black men; both are as concerned about the look of their crowning glory as about other aspects of grooming. Some like it short and simple while some believe in growing them long to create dreadlocks. The adorable pixie cut is great for the formal events and it is suitable for many face structures.
Enter the salon at your age and come out looking younger and glamorous as it is always said a good hairstyle is a good makeup in itself. She never compromises on her hair volume because of her super thick texture .Bangs gives a soft look to an oval or a heart shaped face structure. Chopping all your hair needs a good confident human and if you are thinking to chop your hair short, Sonakshi can be a perfect inspiration for you.
If you want to lock this hairstyle for yourself this season, do not give it a second thought. Although braid hairstyle is a new trend and followed by almost all the B- town celebs, I found Shilpa Shetty has the best face for this hairstyle.
There are many hairstyles which make her look beautiful, but shoulder length straight hair makes her look cute and beautiful.
For a new hairstyle it is important to know your facial structure and hair texture .There are many inspirations from Bollywood who know it well how to wear their hairstyle with their growing age. This style is bliss if you have a broad forehead, which manages to feature your eyes rather than your broad forehead. Straight hairstyle is another different look that suits the black men and they can go for it to create innovative looks. The bangs are created to one side to enhance the face and the entire hairstyle wonderfully. Take care that the length should be just at the collar bone and not an inch longer, to avoid the hair from kicking out at the shoulder. I don’t know about the rest, but personally I feel this look has increased the quotient of hotness in her (if you ignore her lip job ) ? . Braid hairstyle can be carried with ease from your urban attire to a cool chic one giving you a soft, traditional and stylish look. Haircuts for black men comprise of curly, straight, short, dreadlocks, Mohawk and a hell lot of other hairstyles that create different types of looks such as elegant, funky, rough and tough, etc.
The pixie with extra volume at the back is perfect for people with fine to medium hair and can be simply re-created with a blow-wave.
If you don’t want to leave it open then you can take all your hair and tie a pony tail or a half ponytail.

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