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From being put on an organic diet for a week to being sent on a Goa trip (there goes the detox) and eventually being asked to cook our own food – we are changing yours and our own perception about clean eating! In a series of new food centric experiences, the What's Hot crew will be going out and discovering something unique in their city. November has been a crazy month for us – from being put on an organic diet for a week to being sent on a Goa trip (there goes the detox) and eventually being asked to cook our own food – we are changing yours and our own perception about clean eating! Mumbai’s dabba (lunchbox) culture is huge with various tiffin service providers packing mid-day meals for office goers, but it’s not exactly healthy.
We signed-up for a week long package at Dial Organic and each day our tiffin arrived right at noon. This two-week-old venture started by the people behind the famous QSR – Wok in the Box will help you fight your fear of cooking gourmet food in your home kitchen. We visited their central kitchen to try out a couple of dishes and ended up cooking Tofu Fajitas with Guacamole and Kung Pao Chicken Tacos. In my last post I narrated my weight gain story and this protein powder has been my companion throughout my journey.
Amway says: a powdered protein drink (non- alcoholic ready-to-serve beverage- proprietary food). Complete protein – Nutrilite protein powder has 80% protein content and contains a balanced supply of nine essential amino acids.
The smart choice- Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 g of soy protein isolate per day may help maintain a healthy heart.
While reading about soya protein I came across many articles highlighting the fact that soya protein can also help in reducing the risk of getting cancer. Stuff it in my morning breakfast paratha and my energy levels stay high throughout the day.
Hi mam I want to buy protein to my wife for hormone imbalance & tierdness is it balance the harmone & correct the mensus cycle or not? Adnan { Hi Tarun, please suggest me what should i drink post workout Milk with type (full cream or Tond), Lassi or Buttermilk? Here on fitnessvsweightloss we write about fitness, weight loss,mobile app reviews,weight loss product reviews,Fitness studio review, dieticians etc. I dropped my mom off for a doctor’s appointment and then left to run an errand.  When I returned to the office and she wasn’t ready I made myself comfortable with an engrossing book. But my mom poked her head into the room and nodded at me, which caused the nurse behind her to motion me to follow them. I sat in a chair opposite the doctor’s desk and my mom sat on the table.  The doctor entered and my mom introduced us. But he seemed to address most of his talking to me.  So what if I happened to be munching on potato chips- again, it wasn’t my appointment. There was a trash bin in his office but throwing my half away seemed rude.  Without salt it didn’t seem very crumbly. I stopped in front of the placard that said “Please wait to be seated” and read the specials board looking for anything that wasn’t filled with evil sodium. How did the sign change its wording in the seconds between my reading it twice and my mom reading it?    Since I’ve been able to read since 1st grade, I decided that the sign changing itself was a clear case of multiple sclerosis weirdness.
I collected my exciting mail- the water bill- and then got back into my car which refused to start.  Try as I might, I absolutely could not turn the key in the ignition. There were many strong looking males in the parking lot, the type that looked like they might know a lot about cars, but I was too tired, too shy, too independent, too WIMPY to ask for help.  I preferred to sulk instead. I checked the sodium, just to be sure.  And the nutrition label said that while this snack had no sugar, it had 380 mgs of sodium!  That’s more than regular potato chips.
When I first started bloggin,g one of Montel William’s peeps sent me a free Healthmaster Elite in the hopes that I would blog about using it.
As I gathered the ingredients for my next smoothie, the Strawberry Banana Peanut Smoothie (I chose this one as I still had some of the ingredients hanging around and those bananas were just crying out to be used again), I really looked at my Healthmaster. Oh Obi-Wan, I could use your wisdom on my ‘get fit’ plan.  Yes, I am fortunate to have Montel’s recipes but Obi-Wan could send in the force. The lightsaber fascination lead to actual exercise as I dashed around my living room fighting off imaginary Stormtroopers.  Then it lead to even more exercise as I moved around the room again, this time cleaning Strawberry Banana Peanut Smoothie off the walls. Perhaps next time I should play pretend Star Wars BEFORE actually using the lightsaber to make the smoothie. Friends- are you so excited about the upcoming release of the latest Star Wars movie that you want even more Star Wars humor? And by classic, I mean good cartoons; Scooby Doo, Schoolhouse Rock, Fat Albert, the Jetson’s and Bugs Bunny. My favorite was The Flintstones but they were on in syndication.  Yabba Dabba Doo five days a week! I would spend these joyful mornings getting amped on processed sugar until my mom would start vacuuming, thus making the TV inaudible. And since life with MS is expensive and I’m on a tight budget, I can’t afford the good ‘good for you cereal.”  My favorite healthy cereal costs twice as much as the others and doesn’t even have fruit in it! Luckily, Cheerios seemed like a good compromise.  They’re affordable and made with whole grains and thus somewhat healthy.
As I explored my breakfast options, I discovered that Cheerios come in different flavors now.  And, what do you know, they have a fruit version!   The box even looked like the beloved Froot Loops box of my childhood. I understood that since it was Cheerios, they couldn’t be as good as the real Froot Loops but maybe they were close and at least they had fruit in them-yea! I brought some home and they were delicious!  They tasted just like the favorite cereal I remembered.  Oh joy to adulthood.
But then I began to think about this.  How could this be?  How could Cheerios steal Froot Loops and not get sued?
Brace yourself friends-it turns out the Fruity Cheerios are not that much different in ingredients and nutrients than Froot Loops! Fruity Cheerios has a slightly better nutrition report than its predecessor and includes something called pear puree which makes no sense as I don’t think there are even pear loops in the box! It occurred to me that I should go run around my neighborhood and tease the boys next door.
Plus, the real frustrating part was that I had two coupons for $1 off three boxes of Fruity (I feel corrupt just typing in the word fruity after my discovery,) Cheerios and thus I had six boxes I needed to consume before I went on to the plain, not so bad for you, regular Cheerios.
I suppose the next disappointing thing someone will tell me to ruin my childhood was that the Flintstones weren’t real either.
See how paranoid this cereal nutrition issue is making me?  Of course the Flintstones were real- they were even historical! I felt comforted by the fact that at least I can get some nutrients from my new gummy vitamins. And before you argue about vitamins that taste like candy being nutritious, I can prove that they are.  They say ADULT right on the label! PS  If you can’t find any good cartoons on TV but want some giggles to go with your breakfast, pick up a copy of MS Madness!  A “Giggle More, Cry Less” Story of Multiple Sclerosis!
It was a privilege growing up Portuguese, especially when it came to Portuguese food.  Portuguese delicacies are awesome. We Portuguese folks have our own veggie soup and even I, the self proclaimed arch enemy of vegetables, love it. Of course, my ancestors taught us right; we load our veggie soup up with sausage so it doesn’t taste like a veggie soup.
But it totally is!  It has carrots, potatoes, onions and kale, the super food of my people. Some people put tomatoes in their soup to make it even healthier and the soup also has lots of beans which offer protein and fiber.  I’m telling you, this soup is good stuff! And depending on how involved you want to be, there are many different ways to make it.  Some people go all out, growing their own veggies, raising, slaughtering and smoking the sausage themselves and soaking the beans for days. But no matter what the experts say, cooking with multiple sclerosis is hard and shortcuts are often needed. So I was thrilled to discover a recipe that made the soup process much easier.  Instead of using salt pork for flavor, (I have bought salt pork before but don’t know what it is and am not sure I want to know,) it uses bean and bacon soup.  Soup for your soup?  How incredibly convenient! Many Portuguese people I know would disown me for using this version but we just won’t tell them. The problem was, I needed even more shortcuts.  Chopping and peeling are particularly hard for me and so I dared to wander down the canned veggies aisle of the supermarket and was thrilled to discover that potatoes and carrots come in cans!  I scooped them up. Chopping onions was really hard for me and so I only use one in my version.  I knew I was saving myself a ton of work.
Next I started to slice the linguica which wasn’t hard at all.  And since by then I was pretty hungry, it was a fun chore. I hadn’t even started cooking the soup yet and it felt like I had been working on this recipe for days instead of an afternoon. Soon my eyes stung and wouldn’t stop tearing and drastically uneven pieces of onion were scattered all over my table.  There had to be an easier way.
This soup was good for me, mostly- the sodium and the sausage not so much- and I was making the easiest of the easiest of versions and yet I was still struggling. Why does everything with MS have to be so damn hard???  Even a recipe I have been making for years and watched my mother make for years before that. That time for sure, it won’t take too much out of me.  And, well, if it does, luckily kale soup goes great with Portuguese wine.
Friends, as a special gift to you I have included a link to Yankee Magazine where a Portuguese woman named Ruth O’Donnell published her version of the easy way to make kale soup,  Don’t let the Irish name fool you, she was of Portuguese descent.
And don’t be fooled by the part that says prep time is 20 minutes; it took me almost 20 hours! When you tell people you have a chronic illness you find yourself on the receiving end of a ton of unsolicited advice. Imagine my shock when years after someone told me I should eat bee pollen, I discovered that bees are actually helpful and if we don’t take better care of them, they are going to go away and then the world could end. I am very proud that after many people suggested that maybe I didn’t have MS but actually had aspartame poisoning, I looked into it and discovered that they were right.  Well, not really.

Then she mentioned something about acid levels, which was really upsetting as I’ve never done acid in my life-not even in college. This woman then went on a 20 minute scientific diatribe while I stood there dumbly watching the custodian fold the chairs and empty the sods cups.    I couldn’t figure out science even before MS attacked my brain.
I’m all about good advice and being polite though so I stopped trying to figure her theory out and just figured when she was done, she would tell me what I should do stop the water epidemic.  She finally stopped talking and so I asked her what I should do? Her response to my question of what should I do now that I know bottled water can be bad, was straightforward. See friends, I swear this is all true; you can’t make this stuff up with or without an MS brain. I pressed her a little and she told me that she had just moved to the area from California which had the best water in the world and where she knew which bottled water was safe to drink.  Now that she was in MA, she had no idea.
I pressed her more and she then told me her best advice was to buy litmus strips (what?) and then take them to all of the Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and health food stores in my area where I should buy up all the bottled water they had and then bring it home to test each of them with the Litmus strips and then only drink the bottled water that tested well. Then, as companies can change their manufacturing processes and their water sources, I should repeat this test every month for infinity to make sure I was constantly getting the best water. It was at this point that I began to peek around the corner of the empty room looking for the Candid Camera dude.  He never showed up.
About the only thing that seemed clear after the woman and I finally said goodbye was that there must have been something in her water. And if I am being totally honest, I was totally lying.  It wasn’t delicious at all, before or after the blood. The cold helped but I didn’t want to use my earlier healthy eating incident as an excuse to fall off my ‘get fit’ plan.
I take comfort in the fact that at least I start my day on a fiber filled, all things healthy note.  I have a favorite cereal that is pretty nutritious.
I hesitate to name it here in case someone is able to burst my bubble and tell me that Fruit Loops aren’t that good for you. THEN, I was informed that the body does not really digest whole seeds and it is better to get your flax in the powder form!   There went my extra crunch and now my cereal is just powdery and gross. It is enough to make an MS’er pull out her Fruit Loops coupons- at least there would be fruit. Finally, in the scope of consuming more veggies, I made a wonderful, good for you recipe.  It is a casserole made with kale, whole wheat pasta, onions, diced tomatoes and ground turkey.
The diehards might argue that any type of pasta is not really ideal and casseroles are not the best choice, but I have to find something edible and since there was a lot of good in this recipe, I felt it was a great compromise.  I had made it once before and loved it. Unfortunately my MS brain got a little cocky in the kitchen and also got a little lazy about measuring things.  This time it came out way spicier than intended but still not bad.  Hey, crushed pepper is also good for you, right? I ate my dinner and had a ton left over so I gave some to my sister and her boyfriend for their dinner.  Then I watched the news. Turns out a recent report found that A LOT of ground turkey contains antibiotic resistant bacteria, fecal bacteria and E-Coli!  I won’t tell you what fecal bacteria is, but if you want to be grossed out, look it up. The news didn’t say which companies they tested or where they bought the ground turkey leaving you to wonder and panic all on your own. It means that it was up to my indecisive MS brain to decide how disgusting this news was and what to do with the rest of the casserole.
It also said that if you heated the turkey to 165 degrees, you probably killed all the bacteria and E-Coli.  How the heck did I know how much I heated the turkey? The folks who make ground turkey came out with their own report where they stated that the results of the first report were misleading; but I have heard that they are all just a bunch of turkeys.
What is a committed MS’er to do?  What would you do?  And what if a pizza joint and a burger place where within a ten minute drive from you???? Yes, healthy eating with MS truly bites.  And as in the case with the apple, I say that literally! The latest rage on Facebook these days seems to be the fun little quizzes that tell you the inner secret of what you actually are.
I indulge myself in these little quizzes not because I trust them to find my true identity-I’m still floored by Kansas. I have yet to see a quiz asking if you were a character on Sesame Street, which character would you be?  Even if I did, I don’t think I would take it.  I have previously answered this crucial question and I don’t need any more confusion in my life. But I’ve decided that I am not actually Oscar, at least not on a daily basis.  What I have discovered is that I am and will always be, Cookie Monster.
It was when I was leaving the store that I was greeted by these insidious corrupt beings out to destroy me.  When I tried to pretend I didn’t see them, these mini demons began to stalk me.
And in an even crueler irony, they had given me new cookies called Thanks-A-Lots; as in thanks a lot for supporting our cookie sale even as you try so hard to consume healthier things and save money. How can I NOT be Cookie Monster when I can feel good about starting my day with a nutritious breakfast of cookies?   I had given up on Cookie Crisp cereal but breakfast cookies made with oats?  I’m in!
Also on this trip my sister once again expressed her concern for my insisting on consuming raw cookie dough even though the warning labels tell me this is very dangerous.  She finally got to me and I vowed to try to limit my cookie dough consumption. And then, two women appeared on Shark Tank promoting their product of healthy raw cookie dough!
Ok, maybe I got that confused.  Maybe it wasn’t that it was healthy exactly but that it was no longer dangerous.  Their product was made to be consumed raw! And while they do not sell their dough online, it turns out there was a store only 80 miles away from me that sells safely edible cookie dough.
The other night I was talking to a friend about our various computer techna-phobe issues and she asked me if I had gotten rid of my cookies.  I keep trying to get rid of them but they keep hanging around!  Hence, I am Cookie Monster. Is that really so bad?  I mean, he’s a lovely shade of blue and he never seems to gain or lose weight.
On this foggy brain afternoon I am relieved to at least have answered one important life question.
Please excuse me while I now try to figure out if I was a Broadway musical which Broadway musical would I be??????? Speaking of monsters, have you gotten a chance to pick up Myron, the myelin munching monster on the cover of my new book? What is a healthy, fit, svelte MS’er, stuck in a not so fit, not so svelte, not so healthy body to do? The only appropriate thing seems to be to plan on re-starting my ‘get fit’ plan after the storm. Seriously friends, holidays, storm planning, brain fog, fatigue and possible power outages have made it necessary for me to release today’s blog one day early. So for this week, please allow me to re-post what was originally titled Could Be Minutes, Could Be Days. For the record, a second blizzard is upon us and I STILL haven’t bought vinyl toilet seat covers!
In my world, cold is better than hot (as long as cold includes a nice cup of scalding hot tea,) and snow is better than humidity. More recently and AMSEML (after MS entered my life,) I lost hot water again and attempted the cold shower.
Flash forward to storm prep for the blizzard of 2013- the storm that was to arrive only two weeks after a previously predicted snow storm never showed up. The reality is that what I love about the season is being toasty warm and drinking tea while watching the lovely snow fall from my window. When I accepted that cold or no cold, I couldn’t justify lying in bed all day, I crawled from my cocoon and began to layer up. I layered on anything I could possibly think of; undershirt, turtleneck, sweater, sweatshirt, sweatpants, three pairs of socks. I layered up so much that I looked and walked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. My vow to all those reading these words is to never, ever again silently make fun of people who have those soft, vinyl padded toilet seat covers. Once I recovered from that shock, I wobbled my padded self and my blankets to where I could be productive in spite of the circumstances, the sofa.
Still trying to be somewhat productive, I thought I would use my laptop battery to get some writing done.
As I tightly grasped the bottle with both hands, I almost felt it was a mug of tea I was holding.
Sometimes you just have to give in and wait out what is holding you back, even if it could be minutes or could be days.
I love fall so much that, MS fatigue aside, I don’t even bother to sweep up the dead leaves that blow into my front doorway every time I go in or out- they are just awesome fall decorations!
Here are some reasons why I love fall- cooler weather, cool breezes, barely any humidity, cooler weather, no bathing suits, cooler weather, and pumpkins.  Pumpkins are definitely a great part of fall. I am not very artistic, so carving pumpkins has never been my thing.  But I like looking at carved pumpkins. Mostly, I love the essence of pumpkins.   So much so, that I have pumpkin room deodorizer and a vanilla pumpkin scented candle. Come fall I seek out pumpkin everything.  Do you know that Dunkin Donuts makes pumpkin coffee, pumpkin munchkins, and pumpkin donuts? Recently I discovered that Dunkin’s also offers pumpkin cream cheese.  It is beyond describable in its deliciousness. Truth be told, I was in the area anyway and didn’t make the long drive just for the kisses.   Lucky for me, two weeks before Halloween, they appeared in a local pharmacy and they were scrumptious. I have heard that Pringles will be releasing Pumpkin Spice potato chips soon and if the Pringles factory were nearby, I’d be waiting at the door!  I wonder if the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory has any direct links to the Pringles factory?
Reese’s even makes chocolate peanut butter pumpkins but I must admit, I’m not sure how much real pumpkin is in them.
Please don’t think I have fallen off my ‘get fit’ plan, I am just trying to incorporate my favorite fall flavor into it.   I hadn’t used my Montel Williams Healthmaster Elite in a bit and thought maybe I should see if Montel had a recipe for a Pumpkin Smoothie in the recipe book. He did not.  BUT, he did have a recipe for Pumpkin Yogurt Pancakes and Pumpkin Zucchini Muffins.  I was in! The bottom line was that while I sampled the few bits of cooked pieces I came up with, and they tasted pretty good, mostly I had a mess of burnt cakes on the outside, raw pumpkin yogurt batter on the inside.

Next up were the Pumpkin Zucchini Muffins.  I was able to use many of the same ingredients so I only needed to go back to the store for zucchini which was puzzlinging as all I could find was something called green squash.
Whatever it is called, I brought it home and made the muffins and score- they were awesome and healthy!!!  They were easy to make and each muffin was filling and had a vegetable and a fruit in it!  I have got the healthy eating thing down friends! Fall is here and everything pumpkin is good for you.   The world is a happy, smiley pumpkin face, place!
Talking is awareness friends so let’s keep Jack in.  Turns out, the guy is not only one of us, but a pretty darn good dancer! Last week we debuted with dining in the dark in Goa and this time we shift the focus to clean eating with two new ventures. The neatly packed bag had various tiny microwavable boxes in it that consisted of a salad, two vegetables, daal, rice and two chappatis. The use of oil and extra condiments is under control, keeping the food light and ensuring you aren’t lethargic after eating.
When you visit a supermarket to buy ingredients for a recipe, you are forced to buy the entire flower of lettuce or a big bottle of rice wine vinegar, half a kilogram of risotto rice or an entire block of cheese – while you might just need a fraction of those quantities.
As we entered, we were handed two bags filled with fresh ingredients needed to make our dinner. Because your body does not store excess protein, a daily protein powder provides a natural, fat free protein with the added benefits of naturally- occurring soy isoflavones, calcium and iron. Many nutritionists have been recommending that Indians cut back on those traditional protein sources that have high levels of fat and cholesterol, such as red meat, cheese, eggs and whole milk. I m 24 yrs old nd m only 48 kgs weight nd m not healthy as look wise, I need to gain weight fastly.. As I sat my throat grew dry and I noticed a water cooler in the corner of the waiting room. I was surprised by his strong Greek accent as my mother had never mentioned it before.  I could barely understand him but it didn’t matter- it wasn’t my appointment.
Best of all, all proceeds from the sale of this edition will be given to the Accelerated Cure Project, an excellent non-profit determined to cure the MS beast. I met Aladdin at Disney once and he was a total tool!!  Disney lied when they made him humble, sweet and brave in the movie.
I’m still confused about the milk issue but hey, you need to take things one step at a time. As an adult, we have the internet now and so I thought to solve the issue by comparing the ingredients.  And I was shocked! Most of that advice comes from well meaning people.  Because they are well meaning, the polite you grins and bears it even when it’s useless, clueless and ridiculous.
A friend offered to get me some and came back with SmartWater which I hadn’t seen before but thought would be great as maybe it would help me be smart. I was telling myself how delicious it was and how many vitamins I was consuming when out of nowhere, I bit out a bite of the inside of my cheek. I could tell when I dropped some on my foot after transferring it from the pan and my foot stung a bit.  Does turkey need to be 165 degrees before it stings?  Or does it sting at 150 degrees? But in the days leading up to the new year, the weather folks started talking about Hercules-a massive NOR’easter about to attack my area.
And while I don’t exactly know what Hercules will bring, it seems likely that it will look like the blizzard of 2013, which I have already written about.
Seems I remember in the past, losing hot water and having to take an ice cold shower before heading off to work. It was summer and so while I was not looking forward to it, I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. I love winter and had eagerly awaited this one, the winter the Farmers’ Almanac promised would be cold and snowy.
I didn’t doubt the blizzard predictions and even enjoyed monitoring them on the nightly news. Me, the girl who has never, ever worn hats since rapidly removing the ones my mom insisted I wear on my walk to grade school, (removing the hat as soon as our house was out of sight-hopefully enough time has passed that I won’t be grounded for admitting this,) put on a hat.
Wrapped in my Boston Bruins thermal blankie (still one of the best Christmas gifts eva!), I tried to decide how to spend the arctic day.
But no, I needed to save the treasured batteries on the Wii Fit board and there was no tv anyway. I had even prepared for that- buying produce and rinsing it before the storm so that I could make myself a salad and eat fruit so as not to falter on my plan.
Everything was so frosty there was no way I was sinking my teeth into an ice cold apple or orange or even attempting to put together a salad. So much so, that when due to a dangerously low amount of wax I needed to blow out one candle, I fell into a dangerously euphoric state. I popped out of my reverie before I gulped the wax itself and made the best of the situation by cuddling the bottle against my face, neck, hands and arms until its warmth was gone.
At some point it turned dark again and I shuffled back to my cocoon of bedding, hat and all. By the next morning, the power was back, 36 hours after it went out; much, much better than what some folks were dealing with. Then I learned that you can buy pumpkin cream cheese in the grocery store and have it at home whenever you like!  I considered this but reasoned that the nutritional benefits of the pumpkin paled in relation to the calories in the cream cheese and thus, didn’t buy it. I asked a healthy looking person in the store for help and she informed that green squash was the same as zucchini.  So why the two different names?  Is it just to confuse the already confused like me? Designed by Namita Ambani, Founder of Dial Organic in tandem with nutritionist Kinjal Shah – their tiffins have 97 per cent wholly organic ingredients.
Every day we got a different combination of vegetables ranging from Vegetable Kofta, Methi Matar Malai to Amritsari Aloo. These ingredients are generally difficult to source, expensive and quickly perishable as well, so you find yourself making risotto for the rest of the week.
The ingredients for fajitas included everything starting from tofu strips to tortillas, fajita spice blend and even a lime for the guacamole.
One of my neighbour said don’t eat anything for 1 WEEK, just drink water and coconut water.
Nutrilite protein powder is a healthy choice, as one serving provides 6.3 g of soy protein (8 g total protein).
I have been lately eating soy products thinking it as good source of protein and regret it.
I kept meaning to drink some but just couldn’t leave my compelling read.  After this sentence, no, after this paragraph, definitely after this chapter, I will get up and get some water. And EVERYONE, even super healthy people, know that the only way you can weather a storm is with the three C’s- chocolate, chips and candy.
But no one, no matter how prepared you are, seriously appreciates what a lack of power means on a 20 degree day, at least for more than a few hours. As the wind kicked up late in the afternoon before the blizzard, I plugged in my electric blanket to warm my bed up before the expected power outages. Remember, there was a blizzard coming and my ‘get fit’ plan is taking the baby steps route. And, in spite of this frigid, miserable Saturday, I stand by uncontrolled cold being better than uncontrolled heat. The meals can be designed based on your requirement, so if you wish to lose weight, custom make your lunch as per your dietary restriction or just personalize based on your taste preferences.
If this sounds like a familiar situation, then can help save you money and all that frustration. Both the dishes came with a simple 6-step recipe as well as the preparation time and calorie count.
I needed something which would help me retain my energy levels and doesn’t make me so full that I start missing my regular meals. I don’t feel free to recommend it wholeheartedly because when it comes to your health you should not follow any thing blindly. Soy has something that act as estrogen hormone and may cause hormone imbalance in our body that im suffering ! Just before nine it happened; the power was gone and so was the immediate future of further electrically generated heat.
No point, the snow was still coming down and there would be no way to warm up when I was done. They source the ingredients, pre-portion it as per the recipe and send it over to your place along with a recipe card.
Your kitchen only needs basic ingredients such as oil, salt and pepper, and everything else will be taken care of, allowing you to cook and eat clean! She said yes, then you will get extremely hungry and your taste would change, you would start getting attracted towards all healthy things. I could just move around my house but hauling all those blankets and layers seemed dangerous. It’s the rule of hungry body dear “absence makes the heart grow fonder and hunger makes the body grow fatter” she said ?? .
Before I start my epic love story with sandwiches, let’s get to know this protein powder better. So while researching online (Specs perched high atop my nose) I fumbled across this and I thought this sure is that magical potion voldemort used to drink to stay alive.
Their packaging serves two people, so if you have a larger group you could shop for it accordingly.
So this is not that evil drink rather it’s a normal humble protein powder which more or less meets all my expectations. The Amway consultant promised me a hell lotta other things as well but then I was not expecting it to cure my thyroid and period problems.

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