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The low carb diet is supported by an alternative theory of obesity -- technically known as the Lipophilia Hypothesis (Lipophilia means "fat-loving").
Just like the way hormones decide whether you grow breasts or muscles during puberty, it is hormones that decide the way you look as an adult – whether you are fat, or trim and muscular, whether you have man boobs, or a perfectly flat, chiseled, masculine chest. You control your hormones with the type of food you eat, the type of exercise you do, the chemicals you expose yourself to and the type of lifestyle you follow. All four areas are interdependent, meaning changing one will affect the others, but the one area you and I are most interested in is the production, utilization, and storage of energy. The thing is, when it comes to energy production, utilization, and storage, all other hormones are secondary to the role of insulin. Back in the day, physicians looked at insulin as having just one single primary role in the body, the same role we’re all taught in high school biology – the removal and storage of sugar from the blood after a meal.
When your liver and muscles are stocked up plenty with glycogen, insulin instructs your liver to convert any further sugar in your blood into fat in the form of triglycerides. As long as your insulin levels are high, your body will do everything in its power to hold on to the fat. The secret to fat-loss then, is to eat in a way that keeps those insulin levels as low as possible. I’ve had clients who have tried all manner of different diets and exercise regimens to try and lose weight for half a life-time.
If on the other hand the cells in your body are highly sensitive to insulin, you improve your glucose clearance, and your liver only has to release small amounts of insulin to get the job done. Glucagon is the main opposing hormone to insulin, causing release of glucose from glycogen, and release of fatty acids from stored triglycerides (i.e.
Carbohydrates on the other hand, not only lead to unopposed insulin secretion, they actually INHIBIT glucagon secretion. The secret to low card diet plans is to pick the ones that are designed by reputed experts who know what they are doing. The body needs carbohydrates, and you can’t just remove it or decrease its levels by not consuming carb-rich foods. Before you follow a low-carb diet, you have to consult a doctor especially if you are currently suffering from certain health conditions. It can be a tough decision to pick a low carb diet, so it would help if you know the options and some ugly truth about these diet plans. Hormones like testosterone and growth hormone for example, will stimulate the break-down of fat from fat cells to use as energy for cell repair and tissue growth. But we now know that insulin plays many more very important roles in the human body – ones they don’t teach you in high-school.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that insulin is also the primary regulator of fat metabolism. In short, insulin is the single most important hormone that coordinates everything having to do with the storage and use of nutrients.
You can exercise till you’re blue in the face, or restrict your calories all you like, as long as your insulin is high your body will respond by breaking down your muscle tissue and reducing your metabolism to provide for you needs.
Insulin blocks hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) – the very enzyme responsible for releasing fat stored in fat cells. All I had to do was to switch these guys onto an insulin reduction diet, and their weight dropped off like magic in just a few weeks!
This means lower levels of insulin in your body, and very little inhibition of the fat-burning process.
Protein , especially leucine , raises insulin too, yet you obviously recommend eating protein. Since the launching of the Atkins diet, more and more low-carb diets have surfaced and a lot of people are into the hype. However, it is still your personal choice and you alone can decide which diet program is right for you.
Hence, the low carb diet should still be able to provide you with adequate carbs through the consumption of natural, unrefined, and wholesome carbohydrates. You have to look for the right low card diet that focuses mainly on unrefined carbohydrates sources such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and other low-fat foods. Yes, the low carb diet plan can be helpful if it teaches you to consume the right foods and healthy carbohydrates.
You have to maintain reasonable metabolism to maintain cortisol levels, aid digestion, and maintain the right insulin levels. You can eat beans, peas, lentils, and other legumes, and these foods are suited to people who have a hard time in processing sugar.
I lost some weight at first, but just like with a low calorie diet, my body just adapted, I stopped losing more weight, and ended up gaining back what I had lost. It’s easy to think it’s the other way round, since if insulin is bad, then you want your cells to be resistant to it right? Your body still has to get rid of all the glucose in your blood, so it responds by releasing yet more insulin. On the other hand, the answer can be a NO if the diet plan slows down metabolism over the long term thus making you insulin resistant and worse, your emotions can also be affected. The body needs high metabolism to avoid risks of infectious illness, cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

The only reason girls grow breasts during puberty is because the estrogen increase in their body is far greater than the increase in testosterone.
As a result, insulin resistance leads to chronically raised levels of insulin in your body. You can eat more of tuberous veggies and fiber-rich cereals to enhance basal blood glucose. The only reason boys get more hairy and muscular during puberty is because testosterone increases 10 times more than estrogen does in boys. You lose some weight in the beginning, but somehow your body just seems to adapt to the low intake, and you stop losing more, and even end up gaining back what you lost in the first few weeks.
That would require too much willpower, and I’m glad to say the insulin reduction diet requires very little willpower. This insulin inhibits fat-burning enzymes – HSL, CPT-1 and others – making it difficult for you to lose weight. Although you are prohibited from eating certain types of very delicious foods, you make up for it by replacing these foods with other equally delicious foods.
Weight Maintenance Unconscious homeostatic mechanisms maintain our weight over time, just like they maintain other aspects of the interior milieu, like body temperature. 4. Carb Restricted Diets Carb restriction and other measures taken to improve blood insulin levels can lead to weight loss even when calories are unrestricted. 8. Role of Physiology in Obesity Obesity is a physiological problem that can often be fixed simply by a low carb diet. 9. What is Our Fat Tissue Provides a very specific explanation of how, why, when, and where fat accumulates as well as why some people get fat and others don't. 10. Unexplained Weight Changes Weight changes resulting from medications, genetics, hormonal changes, and so forth must be caused by indirect changes to fat tissue metabolism. 11. Public Conviction that Calories Count Health authorities almost unanimously support the Caloric Balance Hypothesis only because they are unaware that the Lipophilia Hypothesis even exists and because they have, by and large, ignored the science supporting the low carb diet. ******* Did you enjoy this article? It's been over 4 years since I wrote it or edited any of the other content you'll find on this site. I call this concept "The Black Box." I explain it all in a free (for a limited time) short report, which you can download via the form below. It's a legitimately new idea, and a lot of people (including many respected obesity researchers) have found it compelling.

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