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The working mumVictoria Woodhall trialled the energy boosterTHE DIET The ten-day Brain Balance from Pure Package aims to boost brain power, improve mood and avoid energy lows with its balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential fats and antioxidants.MY AIM Ia€™d been feeling constantly tired, with a a€?crasha€™ at 4pm that had me reaching for caffeine and sugar, so I wanted to increase my energy levels. The party girl Jane Mulkerrins tucked into the fat-busterA THE DIET Go Lower is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate four-month programme that claims you can lose up to three stone. The sometime overindulgerAmy Williams did a juice cleanse THE DIET Nosh Detox focuses on cleansing your system. The yo-yo dieterHelen Morrish gave low GI a tryTHE DIET Bodychefa€™s low-GI programme comprises foods that are digested slowly, leaving you feeling fuller longer and less likely to snack. The carb addict Clare Geraghty did a balancing actTHE DIET Soulmate promises tasty, varied meals that limit your saturated fat, salt and sugar intake.
Something that has been most upon my mind in recent times, along with why nothing else gets to 88 miles an hour and travels through time yet.
Food is a prime example to begin with, considering that people passing by have mistaken me for Jabba the hutt before now. The portion sizes are basically laughable as well, when you look at what is the typical meal for one, it’s barely enough to digest without leaving you hungry for more.
It would make more sense buying everything separately and then expending hours making it all yourself, but you would end up eating the same thing for the next 7 weeks, such is the amount sold for ingredients. Therefore surely for one person, the tiny contents of the single serving plastic coffins should then be increased to be more than enough to quench that hunger that has been brewing since you had a sleep at your desk that very afternoon? The idea that us single folk are frowned upon can be extended to all sorts of things, if you were to look for a holiday out to some far off land, be it sailing up the Amazon, tying the local natives to use as a raft, or a fantastic sexy role-playing holiday in Scotland where you drink, vomit and lose a fight to anything that’s been fried to death, you’ll notice that all of the pricing is based on 2 sharing. The damned posters for holidays are worse, as they feature overly happy men and women enjoying themselves, almost as if they have found the meaning of life and can laugh at the rest of us, standing there, in the bitter cold rain pouring over our stone skin, just starting at them and wanting them to meet a bloody end with to a lawnmower.
Of course, if you were thinking because it’s just you going to the wonderful world of oz for a break from the pain and misery of it all, that surely for one person, the price would be halved? Because they haven’t been able to shove in as many people as possible into the same room and you’re just wasting all that space with your trinkets, there is always a surcharge or you pay the same price as if two people were staying there, thus ensuring that the broken husks who shy away from human contact and the whole business of finding someone who pretends to care, are therefore punished for their current status. But is it worth it laughing at some bloke dressed like a fruit cocktail, talk about why his pet rabbit had a poo for the 100th time just in order to get the price down to a reasonable level? Ready meals: Jayne Ritchie thought the diet article on Kate would have acknowledged her firm a€?Ia€™ve never met Kate Garraway but I always thought she was a real person and I liked her as a presenter. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
A balanced diet is important. We offer a variety of food that will meet your families needs.
Its signature programme ABC (Alkalise, Balance and Cleanse) is a juice-only diet before 4pm, then fat-, sugar- and wheat-free foods for dinner.
The meals are ready-made, delivered to your door and, says Bodychef, can help you lose up to a stone in a month.

Wander into any supermarket of your choice and you will find a myriad of meals in ready form, and while some appear to have been pushed down a tube in a slightly presentable manner, on the whole, they resemble the contents of an autopsy. Plus, you have to know how to cook in the first place, and the last thing you cooked was classed as a weapon of mass constipation. Not to mention the best thing most of them get to do while on this epic time of their lives is a trip to the local dust museum. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Our goal is to provide the customer with a range of products which will mostly eliminate the need for cooking at home in a convenient and affordable way.We believe that this is a powerful time saving tool. Treats a€“ chocolate brazil nuts, chocolate mousse and, oddly, pork scratchings a€“ were also supplied.HOW I FELT ON THE DIET It was easy to follow and the food was delicious. Ia€™ve tried every diet under the sun, some more successfully than others, so the idea of having someone make my meal choices for me appealed.
In short, a lot a€“ and delicious.HOW I FELT ON THE DIET Initially I felt great, but eating meat or fish daily was tough as I usually only have them a couple of times a week, and after a few days I was craving carbs.
The article suggested hers was a diet a€?which can work wonders for you tooa€™.But few women could afford the home delivery service providing the precisely balanced meals Miss Garraway enjoyed. Would it be best if we made this hamper my last?a€™By then Miss Garraway was already 2st lighter.Last night she was rehearsing for BBC1a€™s Leta€™s Dance for Sport Relief and was unavailable for comment.
You can now use your valuable time to do the things which are really important to you without compromising on quality and variety of food.
Avoiding dehydration, which reduces brain effectiveness, is a must, so I was drinking two litres of water a day.
Cutting back on alcohol was hard, and my personal consultant advised me that if I did drink, I should go for champagne, vodka or red wine a€“ fortunately, all my favourites.
WHAT I ATE Tasty dishes such as porridge and sultanas for breakfast; hummus, oatcakes, tomatoes and yoghurt for lunch, and turkey bolognese for dinner, along with seeds and fruit in-between. A chat with Soulmate ensured my meals were adjusted to incorporate some complex carbs and I hit my stride during the last week of the detox when I felt full of energy.
WHAT I ATE The juices are fruit based, though I switched to vegetable juices halfway through as I prefer carrots to oranges. The food was delicious a€“ I didna€™t feel like I was dieting at all.HOW I FELT ON THE DIET Ita€™s the easiest one Ia€™ve done. HOW I FEEL NOW My detox made me realise that my usual portion sizes were too large and that I wasna€™t eating enough protein. A low-carb diet like this reduces insulin levels (the hormone that makes fat) so weight loss is likely to be sustained.WHAT IT COSTS A?960 for 16 weeks including delivery. I also took a teaspoon of castor oil each day with green tea, to help kick-start my system.

It also alerted me to foods that Ia€™d never considered to be a€?healthya€™ before a€“ such as wholemeal scones and barley risotto a€“ which Ia€™ll be enjoying from now on. In a feature on her wardrobe earlier this month she name-checked the designers Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Louboutin and Ted Baker.
I didna€™t lose weight (not my goal), but I did feel less tired by the end; though Ia€™m sure it would have helped more if Ia€™d cut out alcohol and caffeine.
At first I was worried about the small portions, but I got used to them and actually felt full after each meal.HOW I FEEL NOW Fantastic a€“ I dona€™t believe in weighing myself any more but Ia€™ve dropped a dress size in a month.
After two weeks my jeans were looser and I felt energised.THE EXPERT SAYS Nutritionally sound with good sources of amino acids (from protein), essential fatty acids (from salmon), and vitamins and minerals (from vegetables).
HOW I FEEL NOW It kick-started a healthy-eating regime, which I am trying to continue by bringing home-made salads to work. HOW I FELT ON THE DIET The fruit juice made me feel bloated over the first two days, but drinking more water a€“ two litres a day is suggested a€“ helped. The diet has changed my attitude towards food and portion size, and I still follow the meal plan for breakfast and lunch and cook low-GI meals for dinner.
THE EXPERT SAYS Pure Package has no nutritional deficiencies but you wona€™t lose much weight as ita€™s high carb.
Ita€™s a great kick-start for a healthy-eating regime.THE EXPERT SAYS This low-GI diet package provides everything, and is nutritionally balanced.
I didna€™t expect to end up on the GMTV sofa or for her to become the face of Bodychef or anything. It should reduce insulin levels so weight loss is likely to be sustained.WHAT IT COSTS A?125 a week including delivery.
YOU readers can receive one day free for any programme until 15 May by quoting You magazine when signing up.
Having solid foods in the evening was crucial a€“ I couldna€™t have kept it up on a juice-only diet.
HOW I FEEL NOW Although I lost 4lb in ten days I didna€™t keep it off very easily once I went back to healthy, but normal, eating. The most useful thing I learned is that ita€™s great to give your system a break every so often.A  THE EXPERT SAYS Detox diets can be high in carbs from the fruit juices, so this is less likely to lower insulin levels and promote sustained weight loss.

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