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The importance of whole food nutrition in children’s health and development cannot be stressed enough.
Children need to receive all the nutrients required for their growing bodies but can easily do without the sugars and carbs of the modern diet.
By reducing processed food and high carb foods from children’s meals you reduce their risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay and other diseases of metabolic dysfunction.
One of the most valuable lessons we can teach children is the importance of real food, cooking, nutrition and health. One meal at a time – if you have a fussy eater, your household will not be a happy one if you go straight in and change everything overnight. Make double dinners – leftovers are king and are such an easy way to prepare for school lunches. Reduce the bread – try bread free lunches once or twice a week, increasing until you are bread free. Involve your children – give them a limited choice of healthy foods to choose from so they feel they have some control. Plan meals – allow them go through LCHF recipe websites and cookbooks to choose meals and recipes.
Beware – read the labels of foods traditionally given to children such as raisins, muesli bars, fruit yoghurt and cereals. Feed them a rainbow – a colourful meal is so more attractive packed with a variety of colour and nutrients. Stop buying kids meals – most kid’s meals are highly processed junk food packed with inflammatory seed oils, grains and carbs. Don’t think you are depriving your child of junk food, you are teaching them how to eat healthy and remain healthy. Follow what’s new at DitchtheCarbs and other great low-carb blogs via our Blog News page. 2AndiFebruary 9 3I like to make my kids the "official taste testers" of my low carb dishes. 3StipeticFebruary 10 2The lunch on the right looks very like the ones I prepare for my kids. I've come across most of your top tips via empirical evidence, so I'll support those greatly. 4CarlyFebruary 10 1I love her website, she has come up with some great dishes I plan on conceiving later in the year so these articles around kids being on LCHF are really informative. But it's a long process, especially because every birthday party, every school event, and the like all have pizza, high sugar treats, or other wheat or sugar-filled products. Nevertheless my teeth almost emerged with holes already in them, and I varied from skinny to very skinny. I've been much healthier for the last eleven years, but too late to undo much of the damage from alternating high BG and high insulin.
And I worry that some of the parents who have their head in the sand about their children's' weight problems will have a motivator taken away if they are told the measures used to determine fatness are unreliable. Though you say that you are against shaming, in your very next paragraph you reveal that you think a significant enough number of parents are so ignorant (possibly willfully so) that they need to be given bad information to save them and their kids from their own stupidity. I'll repeat again, I'm not trying to say that no child is overweight or that there aren't kids who are living unhealthy lifestyles. We have good friends with a young son who eats very healthy and does not (from what I can see) overeat but is very overweight, technically obese at boarderline. Let me say that again -- children are designated as overweight just because they fall at the top of a chart. Piggy backing off of that and Latia's posts, how many people today are feeding things like pretzels, fruit snacks, sugary low fat yogurt, etc. I think a lot of kids are hungry frequently because they eat crackers, pretzels, sugary stuff like fruit snacks and sugared yogurt, etc. I've noticed that most kids in my life (friends' children, neighbors, kids I've worked with professionally, etc.) regulate their overall appetite and portion size much, much better when they snack on or eat whole foods with some fat and protein vs.
I agree that our children are going to be looking at a lifetime of medical costs if we don't change the way we feed them. Here are some tantalizing ways to work protein into your meals and snacks no matter what time of day you exercise. Lots of parents are wondering – how do you raise kids without feeding them excessive carbs?
All children will benefit from lowering their sugar and carbohydrate intake, especially from processed and junk foods.
The biggest sources of carbs should be vegetables, nuts, dairy and berries, rich with vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants.

By removing processed junk food from their diet, children become low carb almost by default. You improve their nutrition, concentration, mood, immunity, energy, and develop their appreciation for real food over processed foods.
What we feed our children will have an impact on their growing bodies now and will have an impact on their health in the future.
For example, the nutritious element in a chicken salad sandwich is the filling, the bread is just a bulking agent that adds almost nothing nutritionally to the meal.
They are also a valuable source of fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals.
Have some boiled eggs in the fridge, leftovers in the freezer, fresh vegetable pre cut in containers, tins of tuna in the pantry. Not only will the flavour be enhanced, it helps them absorb the fat-soluble vitamins from their meal. The emphasis is on the real whole food approach, healthy fats, fresh vegetables and good quality proteins.
We ate a lot of meat and vegetables, often home grown, and fruit, but also bread (often home-made) and cakes and puddings, always home made. All my symptoms which I know now were symptoms of diabetes, and conditions common in diabetics, were blown off as psychiatric or just plain made up. The first time anyone thought to check my postprandial blood glucose was when I was over 50. My heart bleeds for all those children who are going to go through what I went through and are going to be fat as well, something which was still rare when I was young, and is now commonplace. His pediatrician's rule involving food includes never coercing him to eat, but also not snacking if he refuses to eat at meal time, which leaves him hungry for the next meal. Today at his class Easter party he went through the line and picked mostly veggies with dip, salami and cheese. They focus on keeping him active and try to make sure he isn't eating when bored or for other reasons. I am continuing to go to Weight Watchers to keep me in check, but it is hard and it's a slow process for me.
She weighed 32lbs, and was 38" high and for whatever reason the BMI chart had her at 85%.
I worry about him constantly and it really does present problems for him (primarily with hypoglycemia, but also with regulating body temperature).
A serving of protein along with healthy carbs after a workout is a must to help tired muscles recover. Low carb is all about going back to basics – meat, vegetables, low sugar fruit, seeds, nuts and healthy fats. Chronic diseases don’t happen overnight, but over a period of time with extended periods of exposure to high sugars, high carbs, unhealthy oils and inflammatory foods.
In fact any vitamins the packaging may claim have probably added during the manufacturing process.
Remove (or reduce) the most obvious place sugar lurks such as sweets, cakes and ice cream, then cut back on bread, pasta and other high carb foods. He felt he had the final control of his dinner, unbeknownst to him I give him more of everything to begin with.
What I've found helpful, for the young one, is to not have any candy-type products in the house. This meant we came to rely on the carbs foods he would devour like pasta & rice, as he is not overly keen on meat, so only picks at it.
That was a revelation, it swung from over 11 to under 4 and the swings correlated closely to many of my symptoms. Because we are a multicultural household, which interprets to us fixing foods from all over the world. His weight is probably mostly baby fat but with the new focus on weight he's in the spotlight. So some people, even those in the same family, are perfectly fine eating a high grain, high carb diet and their weight is not affected at all, while others gain weight, become insulin resistant, etc eating any carbs at all even when they are working out regularly. I don't know anyone with a kid who is just a little overweight that struggles like my underweight one does. He is alll muscle, built like an elite runner, and eats a ton of carbs (cereal and coffee cakes for breakfast, etc.). Avoid the low fat products as they generally have added sugar to improve the flavour and texture. Fruit is incredibly high in fructose so choose low sugar fruits such as berries and limit them to once or twice a day.

Wheat and grains are now found in almost all processed foods and so many people are now consuming grains at every meal and every snack, crowding out nutrition and increasing inflammation with high blood sugars.
Meals don’t have to be complicated, fussy or difficult, to the contrary, they are generally simple, colourful and fresh.
Potato crisps (chips) and chocolate bars only for picnics, few sweets except for Christmas, and fruit juice rather than Cola. There are days when he barely touches his lunch but it doesn't bother me since he always has a healthy breakfast and dinner, and he is at a heathy weight. Once he finished eating he went for seconds which comprised of veggies and dip only and a cup of water.
I am hoping it will slowly go down, but I have to remember the longer it takes to come off the longer it will stay off.
I chalked it up to maybe just maybe she was eating too much sugar as we had been bribing her with Starburst to get her to potty train. Choose healthy fats such as olive oil, butter, coconut oil, oily fish, nuts, seeds, eggs and meat.
Grains are used to fatten animals before slaughter and force-fed to geese to produce fatty livers (foie gras). If she knows it's not available, there's no tantrum or hissy-fit--she'll just ask for fruit instead. He also developed a real sensitivity to dairy last summer, so I find the 'high fat' element very restricted now.
The problem turned out to be all those hearthealthywholegrains, not just sugar, and wheat was the biggest culprit.
If I notice that he does not like one particular item two to three times I try to make it less often or replace it with another low carb item.
I think parents need to feel more responsible for making sure their children grow into adults being fit and knowing how to maintain a healthy weight.
In an ideal world I would weigh 138lbs again, which was my lowest weight since I was 14 when I was 22, but even now as I am pushing 36 I am not holding that as a realistic goal because it might set me up for failure. Thankfully her school lunches push the protein and not the carbs, and anything I send in does the same. Eating more vegetables by far compensates for any loss of fibre and vitamins from a wholegrain roll.
So many families have commented that they are cooking for the first time, learning to appreciate real food and excited at the prospect of a healthier lifestyle. I have found it almost impossible to find low carb, non dairy snacks that he will eat when we are out!
Having one bite of food (and he determines how small or big it is), followed by HIM making the choice on whether to continue eating or not sounds very reasonable to me. And realistically there is just no way that my family can do something like Whole30 on a long term basis. Four years later DD1 is still a stick, but because she is shorter and her weight with clothes and athletic shoes on is almost always within a pound or two of height (she is 48" tall and is 45lbs naked) she is labeled as being close to overweight.
She hasn't given up the occasional donut, cake, icecream - but she knows that to eat a treat like that, she needs to have a pure protein snack first. A glass of juice is not the equivalent of eating 6 oranges, it is equivalent to the sugar in 6 oranges. If they eat what we give them during the week (that includes not trading food at school, which they used to do), we'd make Saturday a "treat day"--they get to pick what they want. And as I have already stated he most often discovers that he likes the food and proceeds to eat it all.
Certainly screens are a factor and processed food is a factor, but I don't think it's that simple. My pediatrician friend says that this is the way they want to identify kids these days because they think it will help the parents make their kids healthier.
And surprisingly, more times than not they request the marbled rib eye steak our butcher has, so it's a win-win for us for dinner.
And they do request a sweet (a dessert), though this week it was strawberries with whipped cream. There are no rules when we go out though, but I noticed that when they have burgers now, they remove the top bun on their own accord and only eat the bottom bun.

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