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This is EXACTLY how our 7 month old daughter does her day, aside from when she is at school (daycare). I love getting your emails they have such great information and help to ease my worries…first time patents over here. You have to understand being sleep deprived for 7 months was starting to take a toll on my marriage and my relationship with my baby. He’s been sleeping through the night since I started letting him cry and put himself back to sleep three weeks ago.
At 6 months old we set specific feeding times, but kept the same general routine since he could stay awake longer. For this routine to work for us, we had to wait for him to be able to stay awake longer between naps. Day 3: I followed his queue to tell me he was tired and immediately set him in his bed, staying next to the crib until he settled himself down. I don’t know if this will work for you, but it did for my baby when he hated sleeping in his bed. In fact, I’ve had to sleep train him at least three times now with immunizations, teething, being sick, etc. Heather your routine us so good but my question is what if baby starts her day at 5.30 then should I wake her up till 9 am for nap. Yvonne, I know this may sound strange, but one thing I’d look at is whether she is too tired when you put her down?

I did notice that you say that we need to have her reflux under control before sleep training and I will try and focus on that.
I’m only answering because we recently went through a spurt with my 7 month old was waking up 6-8 times a night, waking us up too!
I went directly to my baby’s age group and read that I should pick 2 times to feed him during the night and those were the only times I was to go in his room.
I never wanted to use crying it out as a method to get my baby to sleep, but I was at my wits end and it has been the only thing that’s worked. He gets his bum changed every time he wakes up, eats at 7am (bottle), 9am (solids), 12pm (solids), 3pm (bottle), 6pm (solids) and 7pm (last bottle), and naps about an hour after he eats (4, 1 hour naps).
Ever since our daughter was about 3 months old, we’ve discovered that she could only be awake about an hour and fifteen minutes before she got fussy so we would always put her down for a nap about that time. So for the past week I’ve extended her wake time to 1.75-2 hours and I was hoping when I did that, it would help her sleep longer!
For example, after waking in the morning, the rest of the day will follow this pattern: Eat Play Sleep So on, and so forth, until the end of the day, when you go directly from eating to sleeping. She was diagnosed with silent reflux at 2 months and still struggles with it during naps and nighttime sleep. Taking the 2 naps ( previously would only do a morning nap ) and sleeping through the night!!! I will take one of  my beloved subscriber’s questions and lift it up (kinda like Simba) and display it for the entire of  central Africa cyberspace to read.

At night he had no problems sleeping in his bed because we always put him in there at night since he was born, but here is how I got him used to his bed in as little as four days for naps. Also, her naps are very short, like 30-45 minutes in the morning and will often sleep 1-2 hours in the afternoon. I’ll let you know if we continue to thrive on this Where’s the 9 months onward schedule??
She never naps more than 40 minutes and would wake up twice for a nighttime feed and is up at 5 generally when her reflux really kicks in and I bring her into bed with me at that time. Any tips on how to get her on more of a predictable schedule and how to make her naps longer? The past two days she has been waking up every hour or two and it has just been exhausting. We don’t play with her, keep lights off, and have tried to pat her and not pick her up. Notice the pattern in the routine below, and then use your baby’s cues to recreate your own daily rhythm.

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