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The meal plan has been written by medical experts in consultation with Islamic scholars.Fluids (water and juices) and dates should be added to each Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (dinner – the meal that ends the day's fast). Healthy RamadanThe holy month of Ramadan is a great opportunity to give your body a health check.
With an account you can keep track of pages on the site and save them to this tab, which you can access on every page when you are logged in. The million dollar fat loss industry is filled with numerous diet pills that promise the quickest way to lose weight through fat absorption and appetite suppression. During the fasting period, many would assume that there would be a significant weight loss because meals can only be consumed before sunrise and after sunset.
One of the most common body parts that people (particularly women) desire to tone up are the flabby underarms.
Daniel Ho is a Certified Sports Nutritionist (USSA), Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) and fitness enthusiast with over 10 years of training experience. If you are a big fan of mooncakes, you might want to exercise moderation when consuming these sweet treats.

But the problem with these diet pills is, you’ll never know if these pills are really effective and what long term side effects it will have on your body.
I spotted a family of four – a boy, no more than 8 years old, a girl slightly younger than him. However, the results of a study done by King Abdulaziz University of Saudi Arabia revealed that Saudi families actually experienced weight gain during Ramadan. The problem steady state jogging is much of the weight that is lost is muscle (catabolic activity). Just this week, two of my female colleagues already asked me how they can firm up their upper arms so that when they wave goodbye it won’t look like they have a flag hanging below their arms. At the time of writing, Daniel is working as a Product Manager for a large Multi-National Corporation. Size certainly is deceiving when it comes to the amount of sugar and calories thats packed in these mooncakes.
The breaking down of muscle must be offset by building it back up, which is only possible with the proper foods and exercises that concentrate on building muscles.

Not to mention the lowering of testosterone reducing the muscle building effect of your workouts. The boy, with a waist line that’s as big as mine, has a huge plate of chicken rice in front of him.
When you mix alcohol together with a caffeinated element, this dramatically adds a health threatening aspect. Next to it is a bowl of peanut soup dessert with glutinous rice balls and a big glass of sugar cane juice.

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