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Whether we count our extra kilos in ones, fives or 10s, we've probably all come to the same conclusion: restrictive dieting doesn't work.
Research shows if we reduce our kilojoule intake by small amounts, our bodies don't even notice. Making small changes in our environment is a better idea than relying on willpower and self-discipline. Making a larger amount of dinner and saving some for lunch the next day or freezing some for next week makes good sense. Imagine a beautiful buffet offering a variety of meats, seafood, salads and vegetable dishes. It's good for us to have variety in our diet, but too much variety at each meal will help us stack on the kilos.
So if you currently consume around 8700kJ each day, and you cut the portion of every single thing you eat by 10%, you'll drop 870kJ from your daily intake. In his book Mindless Eating, Brian Wansink describes a number of studies he and his team did on the effects of food packaging claims which imply a food is healthier than other similar products. Eating regularly, whether it's three meals a day, or with the addition of regular snacks, helps avoid environmental cues to overeat. When you drop weight quickly, it's much more likely to sprint back on as both your mind and body will work against you. If you reduce your current intake of energy by 1000kJ a day you'll drop around 1kg a month. If you're not convinced 1kg per month is significant, how about this: if you consistently consume an extra 1000kJ every day over 10 months, you could put on 10kg.
I Like Your Diet Plan Devis add Exercise like Cycling in your Schedule its very beneficial. There's no mechanism in our body which tries to make up for this small reduction, and over time we'll lose weight. If we can gain weight without thinking about it, it's justa matter of turning the tables to lose excess kilos without thinking about it.
Eating these would-be leftovers with dinner doesn't, so store these 'extras' straight away.

Do you think you would eat more at this buffet than the one offering one meat and vegetable casserole and one salad?
It seems we don't have time to process all the information on packs, so we tend to make generalisations.
Researchers tell us if half our senses are elsewhere while we're eating – watching TV, reading the newspaper or even driving the car – we're more likely to eat for longer and forget how much we've eaten.
If we don't know when or where we will next eat, we're more open to the temptations of the vending machine or the fast food outlet we happen to pass. You haven't had timeto embed new eating habits and choices, and your body's response to the feast or famine regime is to make fat storage a priority.
That may not sound like much but you can achieve 1000kJ without feeling at all deprived and after 10 months you'll have lost 10kg!
The best diet plan is to lose weight by eating healthy, exercise regularly and think positive. Buy small portions of treat foods rather than the 'more economical' bulk pack and reconsider specials: if you buy three chocolate snacks for $2, is it really a great deal if you eat three instead of one? Dish up meals on their plates rather than from their serving dishes with a free-for-all at the table, and just have salad or vegetables on the table.
And rather than  trying to deny yourself any of your favourite foods, having a little bit less of everything is more achievable.
If a food has the Heart Foundation tick or claims to be reduced fat, does that mean we can eat more of it?
Whether it's a meal or a snack, alone or with others, we're less likely to overeat if we focus on the food. A milk drink, fruit juice or a fruit smoothie add kilojoules, but the good news is they also add lots of nutrients and help us feel full (as long as we're listening). And remember to do your grocery shopping after you've eaten – it's easier to come home without the extras. Think about your food temptations and ways you can remove them so you're no longer presented with the dilemma of whether to eat the food or not.
So keeping the volume or weight of food the same, but reducing the amount of kilojoules in the food, is an easy way to cut kilojoules – and there's no feeling of deprivation as the difference is barely noticeable.

We tend to want to try more from a varied selection, and although we may take only small portions of each dish, we end up eating more.
Other drinks don't make us feel any fuller and they are often treated as if they don't have any energy when in reality they can be loaded with kilojoules. Most people who 'habitually' eat three meals a day wouldn't dream of going out of the house in the morning without breakfast. For instant, Bill Gates did not become a billionaire overnight, neither can you lose a massive amount of weight in 1 month time.
In Wansink's studies, people ate more food when they thought it was reduced fat, so they actually consumed more kilojoules.
These people are less likely to overeat on chocolate cake at the morning tea shout as they're not starving, and they know when they'll be eating lunch and probably what it will be.
Sometimes these changes seem so small they're hardly worth doing, but eating these lower kilojoule foods on a regular basis all adds up. This means if you can eat just one thing, you'll eat less because you get bored with it quicker. In fact, alcohol can stimulate us to eat more and generally lead us to make poorer food choices.
If you find these quotes motivational, do share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. A huge part of losing weight is believing you can do it and realizing it’s not going to happen overnight.
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