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Here are the top 8 Bollywood celebrities who have shed more than 10 Kg before they started acting as they career. Boney Kappor’s son Arjun who made his first debut in Ishaqzaade, weighted 130 Kg before he was signed by Aditya Chopra.
Anil Kapoor’s daughter who is better known as a fashion icon in the industry today, weighted 90Kg before she signed her first film Saawariya. Parineeti Chopra who made her debut with a supporting role in Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl was chubby girl before joining the films.She shed those extra pounds and came down to 58 Kg. Sonakshi Sinha who was never exactly slim, lost more than 30kgs to look voluptuous in Dabangg. When she was a dress designer,  Sonakshi was fat, at 90 kilos, thriving on junk food, enjoying a sedentary lifestyle and not doing any form of exercise.

Sonakshi says going to gym was  a grueling and boring affair but she kept on.  After a few months, she found that she had lost some weight, and carried on.
Being someone who ate herself to obesity, giving up on her favorite food was tough.  Sonakshi eventually gave up on junk food and began to eat balanced diet. Sonakshi is proud of her achievement (who wouldn’t be!) and says that her slimming down has been a consistent affair and had not happened all of a sudden. In the course of shooting for Holiday, Sonakshi decided to work doubly hard to get an amazing figure and the results are evident! He melted all the excess fat by rigorous workouts and came down to 80 kg, as he lost a total of 50Kg.
Before the start of her film career within few months she shed 30Kg by following a strict diet.

Her trainer put her on a high protein diet low on carbs to help with her demanding workouts.  She began to drink lots of water and sipped green tea throughout the day. In spite of her busy movie schedule, she never skipped on her workout and was loyal to her changed diet.

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