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Going low carb right before the holidays can be a brilliant plan for avoiding holiday weight gain.
I recently shared my Clean Eating Eggnog recipe on Facebook and that got me to thinking about how I would enjoy this drink without all the carbs for Christmas. If you have a thermometer, the temperature you are looking for to kill Salmonella in the raw egg is 155 F for 15 seconds, according to the FDA Food Code. Eating low carb is not for everyone, but I find that approximately 70% of the clients I interact with in my profession do much better on a low carb diet.  The benefits range from optimizing fat loss, and improved sleep and well being, to boosting energy levels.

It can also be an overwhelming challenge because you still want to enjoy all your holiday favorites with family and friends. Christmas is a big holiday at my mom’s house and usually comes with a buffet of delicious, not-so-clean foods that could tempt the gods. Please note that all opinions are my own and I will only endorse items which I truly feel are of value to my readers.
Our energy making organelle inside each of our cells does best when given the right mix of macronutrients.

In fact, I’m still not sure if going this route at this time of year is a sign of pure genius, or pure insanity. One must eat for their genetics, and most people’s genetics dictate that a lower carbohydrate approach is superior.

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