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Swimming is highly recommended for fast effective weight loss as it’s proven to be efficient in burning calories and fat when done regularly and at a good pace.
Developed in the 1920s, Pilates essentially focuses on improving flexibility, physical strength, relieving back pain etc.
Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular exercise that can help you burn a lot of calories and in turn burn fat.

The exercise ball is used to tone your body in addition to helping in losing weight and fat reduction. As you see in the mentioned tips above , that they’re so easy and can be done on daily bases for effective fat reduction. The amount of calories you burn during brisk walking, however, depends on how fast you are walking. It’s advised that you ride for at least an hour as it helps in burning fat due to increased intake of oxygen. This form of exercising is relaxing too, making it easier for you to learn new skills and improve the same every day.
This high-impact exercise can lead to injury when done continuously for too long.  Jumping rope burns around 11 calories per minute.
You can easily lose weight with the help of exercise ball as it increases the metabolism rate so that more calories are burned, thus leading to significant weight loss. The amount of calories burned increases as you increase your pace, say for example, riding at 14 miles per hour can burn up to 600 calories while riding at 10 miles per hour burns about 300 calories. Weight loss due to swimming occurs gradually and it’s important to not get discouraged midway of your regime.
There are different levels of Pilates (Beginner level, Intermediate level, Advanced level) and as the difficulty augments, there are higher chances of burning calories and thereby helping you to lose fat quickly.

You can either choose a light pedal tension and a high RPM or a heavy pedal tension and consequently, a low RPM. To burn more calories and to lose weight quickly, you can practice an austere workout by increasing the number of hours of your workout.
If you want to gain quick benefits of nutrients present in fruits and vegetables, you can drink juices extracted from these foods. It’s suggested that you indulge in brisk walking for at least 30 minutes every day to burn about 150 calories and lose weight. This type of workout on the elliptical machine is guaranteed to burn a lot of fat if done in a proper manner. There are many other advantages that walking has to offer apart from fat reduction, such as helping in lower cholesterol, increasing bone strength and better circulation.
There are a number of strokes you can try out, some of them being breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle and butterfly; out of which, the most efficient and the one that burns the highest number of calories is the butterfly.

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