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An egg can be poached, fried, scrambled, boiled or used in countless ways in baking and cooking.  It is cheap, it even comes in its own packaging, and best of all, an egg is delicious!
The renowned art collector Charles Saatchi famously lost four stone by consuming a diet of eggs alone.  However, I do not recommend such an extreme diet.
It could be the high protein content in the egg which helps to satisfy your hunger.  In 2009 the French research body INSERM found that protein causes our small intestine to produce glucose production and this in turn helps us to feel full.

Egg yolks are naturally very pale yellow in colour.  If your egg yolk is any darker than this (and some can be positively orange) then the hens may have been fed dye to help the yolks darken because customers prefer a darker yolk apparently.
Fold the right and left sides of the wrapper towards the center, creating what looks like an open envelope.
Place the egg rolls one or two at a time in the hot oil, and cook until they are golden brown (approximately 2-3 minutes). Remove from oil to paper towels to drain.

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