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One of the reasons that kettlebells can have a great effect on our bodies is because they utilize the natural resistance provided by the weight’s size and form.
It’s important to remember when beginning training with kettlebells that, just like with all exercise routines, weight loss comes with time and hard work.
In the midst of his junior year of college, Brett Tucker wasn’t feeling quite like himself. When you want to lose weight in the spring or summer, you’ve got the motivation of beautiful weather (in theory) and good feelings (in theory) on your side. Your body works naturally harder in the winter (ever find yourself feeling more lethargic on those hot, sticky summer days?) as you go about your day. Generally, a 30 minute exercise in winter won’t burn a whole lot more calories than a 30 minute summer exercise, but as part of the bigger picture will be more effective.
Living an active lifestyle is the key to not only weight loss, but also a healthy lifestyle. Your basic metabolic rate is 10-15% higher in the winter, so exercise isn’t effected by the cold. As most of us exercise for more than just a summer body anyway, the motivation for keeping going during the winter should be even higher now. Subscribe to our newsletter and every time a new post goes live, we’ll send you an email. If you click here to subscribe, you'll receive my tips, tricks, and recommended workouts in your inbox automatically.
Well in this article I am going to share with you some simple exercises I found that have been working pretty well for me.

Fast weight loss exercises can be your perfect solution to lose extra fats quick and get a fit and sexy body-line. Cardio exercises like biking; jogging or simple walking will give you a high body metabolic rate and burn the extra fats faster. Strength training is one of those fast weight loss exercises that will burn the fat and feed the muscles at the same time.
The main benefits of Pilates or Yoga sessions are these will help you to get rid of the monotony of typical workouts soothing your body and mind while aiding the weight loss process.
The list of fast weight loss exercises that we covered in the above article is only a short list of ways to get rid of weight fast.
Plus, my back hurts really badly when I sit here for too long – and I need something to break it up. When she’s not sharing too much personal information online and in the newspaper – you’ll find Leslie somewhere in Nebraska hanging out with family and friends. AOS head trainer Mike Knight utilizes this thought in his Vintage Progression training method, which involves using any weighted item in a resistance-led work out. Depending on the way an AOS trainer asks a user to move a kettlebell, they are capable of developing a workout routine that hits numerous problem areas on a client’s body.
As weight loss is such an ongoing process, you’ll need to strig a good number of cold days together to make a difference to your metabolism. Just take some confidence from the knowledge that in these cold winter months, your body is helping you maintain that increased activity level. The whole effectiveness of your lifestyle and exercise as part of a workout routine on the other hand will be greatly increased.

I've been using Kettlebells for over two years, and am a firm believer that men and women can do very similar routines and exercises, yet get the different results they desire.
If you have ever struggled to lose weight then you probably know how difficult it can be to get rid of those few extra pounds. Let’s know about 3 easy but effective workouts that can help you to lose weight and tone up the body at the same time. The benefit of higher metabolic rate is extra calories will burn lot quicker and there will be no stored extra fats in the body. Whether it be the arms, legs or an abundance of stomach fat, there is an exercise that can help users lose weight in a target area. At times, the process will be frustrating, but the key to success to using kettlebell exercises for weight loss is sheer motivation.
As a result you body will get in shape quick and you will gain the dream outlook within a short period. So adding up Pilates or Yoga workouts in the list of exercise schedule is obviously a good idea to make the weight loss journey easy and fun. From there, AOS staff can help tone and tighten the body to achieve what each client is looking for. With Mike Knight and his AOS staff at your side, there won’t be any lack of encouragement.

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