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Spring break around the corner and that new year resolution you made about putting the weight off is just not working for you? I know it?s a well used cliche, but the more determined you are, the better results you’ll get. Look around you and you’ll probably will find a bunch of people just like yourself, with similar goals for this season. Seriously, think about it: if you buy this amazing pair of jeans, that are ever so slightly too small, you’ll work your butt off to make them fit.
Magdalena is one of Sweden’s most respected Personal Trainers (Nominated for PT of the Year 2012), a nutritionist and keynote speaker.
Instead of pulling up as close to your destination as you can, park a little further away on purpose.
Many fitness “gurus” suggest taking a day off from healthy eating once a week to eat whatever you want. I consider myself to have Jedi-like skills when it comes to resisting the urge to eat unhealthy foods. Low-fat food items have been marketed as the healthy alternative to their full-fat cousins. Research shows that you’re less likely to successfully lose weight without getting a good nights sleep. HIIT alternates periods of low intensity with periods of high intensity to create a special fat burning effect, causing you to continue to burn calories long after you’ve stopped exercising.
If you’ve lost a lot of weight already, but seem to have hit a bit of a brick wall, carb cycling may be an effective solution for you. This can also be a great way to stay motivated, and once you get to know some people online, they’ll start to encourage you and keep you on track.
Some people lose their minds a little when they decide to start an exercise routine and go overboard with it. If you can’t get to a gym for whatever reason, and you don’t have a home gym, it is extremely useful to have a good repertoire of bodyweight exercises that you can use in a pinch.
You'll also get a free email series outlining the biggest time-wasting myths in the fitness industry today.We hate spam. Walk instead of taking the bus or the car – the D-vitamin boost from the early spring sun will be your bonus, along with extra steps. Load up on green grapes and put them in your freezer – a few hours later you’ll have a lovely, guilt free desert ready for you!
Don’t go overboard with it, but get a little something new for this season – a sport band for your smartphone, a new tank top, a pair of good quality tights, or whatever you need to get you out the door or to the gym. At the age of 30 she changed careers from law and business economist to Personal Trainer and speaks frequently about making your Passion your Profession. Different things work for different people and I was lucky enough to find one that worked for me. Sounds like a great idea, but in reality many smoothies contain enough calories to be a small meal in and of themselves. It doesn’t matter if the food is healthy or not, the vast majority of places serve you way too much food. Not only does this lessen the chance of door dings – if you do this on a consistent basis, it can add up to a whole lot of calories burned.

I understand why they do this, but if you’re not careful, you can ruin an entire weeks weight loss by binge eating on your cheat day. You may be surprised how quickly you can get to work on a bike, especially when everyone around you is bumper to bumper. You’ll be getting off your keester and getting some exercise, and you’ll be forced to limit your grocery shop to things that you can carry home. By eating fewer carbs than you normally would for 3 days, then following that with 1 day of increased carb intake, you can jump start your body out of a plateau, and reach lower levels of body fat than you ever thought possible. Sometimes, people also don’t feel comfortable working out in a gym – especially if they’re just starting out and have a lot of weight to lose.
Keep a list of websites that you trust handy and check them from time to time for new information or discoveries when it comes to fitness and nutrition.
They’ll also be able to hold you accountable, if you’re one of those people who has trouble doing this on your own. They’ll spend hours in the gym, day after day, without giving their minds or their body a decent rest.
If you’re trying to lose a lot of weight, and not using these two powerful exercises, then you’re cutting yourself short, big time.
The problem with this, is that many people will actually gain some muscle when they start working out.
Whether this means you’ve been snowed in, or will be at a hotel for a few days, bodyweight exercises will keep you on track with your workout program. There’s an almost incomprehensible amount of pure garbage on the internet, written by people who know nothing about fitness and don’t care about your success – they just want to make a quick buck.
It’s not that far to spring break, so you don’t even have to commit for a long time – the goal is perfectly reachable. Gluten is an absolute no no for people that suffer from Celiac Disease, which is a serious but often undetected disease.
But be sure that every time you eat, you nourish your body and give it the best fuel it can get.
She is now head of PT at Planet Fitness in Stockholm, Sweden, and also creator of built by Bibik and be:fueled by Bibik brands.
It all boils down to controlling your daily calorie intake, and getting some form of exercise in on a regular basis. Not to mention that the vast majority of smoothies contain nearly twice the amount of total daily sugar you should be consuming. If you know how hard it can be to burn off those pounds, you know that this just isn’t worth it.
It’s always somewhere in the back of my brain, and every so often in a moment of weakness, I’ll go for it. You get the necessities, and probably leave behind some unnecessary and unhealthy items that you would have otherwise purchased. While the item is low in fat, it probably has more carbohydrates, and sometimes, even more overall calories than it’s normal, full-fat cousin. They contain loads of protein and healthy fats, and you don’t have to feel guilty eating them. While I respect the enthusiasm and dedication, try to balance it out a little, and try to keep your workouts to under an hour.

These exercises recruit more muscles than practically any other forms of movement, thus raising your heart rate and burning more calories than any other. Perhaps that’s not a big surprise, but what may be, is that muscle weighs significantly more than fat. It burns more calories than you are aware of and gives you enough endorphins for the rainy spring days.
I’m sure never to be out of tomatoes in my house and apples in my handbag – an apple before going in to a grocery store gets me through and out of there without the spontaneous must haves.
Then your goal of putting off some weight before spring break will be lie a piece of (Eastern?) cake!
Not only that, but fats and their “unhealthy” role in our lives are being brought into question more and more by researchers around the world.
If you’re just beginning your weight loss journey, focus on the bigger issues of calorie intake and exercise before conquering details like this. However, due to their higher fat content, try to limit them to a palm-sized amount per sitting. Get around this by going to bed a little earlier than normal, setting your alarm a little earlier, and get your workout in before you start your day. Not only that, but they also cause your body to produce hormones that aid you in your attempts to burn fat or build muscle. That means, even though you may have lost a very significant amount of fat in a few weeks time, the scale might show you as being even heavier than when you started out.
Find a couple of your life savers, that your really really like and never make a bad snack decision again. Instead of replacing gluten products as bread and pasta with gluten free options – try something else like spaghetti made of zucchini! It’s easier if you see what you’ve already accomplished rather than how far you still have to go. However, if you’re still having trouble losing weight, I’ve put together a list of 101 tips to help you lose weight in a hurry. If you’re eating more than that, you’re stretching out your stomach, while probably having more calories than you truly need.
I can’t even begin to explain to you what a good feeling it is to have it out of the way, and not have it sitting in the back of your mind all day.
Go for whole foods that are naturally gluten free, and you’ll automatically cut down on carbs!
I wish someone would have helped me out when I was struggling to find a solution so if I can help you then it would make my day. Most of them are just little changes, but little changes implemented over a long time can add up to a major difference to the shape of your body. Not all of them will help everyone, but you might just stumble upon 1 or 2 that will really resonate with you and change your results dramatically. Use a camera and take a picture of yourself in the mirror, or better yet, get a cheap pair of fat calipers and measure your progress with them.

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