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Glycemic index was developed in Australia in the early 1980s as a tool to help diabetic people control their blood sugar. Normally the body reacts to increasing blood sugar by increasing blood insulin level which then causes blood sugar to fall (insulin returns blood sugar to normal in healthy people).
Insulin levels fall when blood sugar returns to normal. Resistance to insulin is one of the primary features of type 2 diabetes and one theory for how insulin resistance occurs is the theory of "excessive production". Glycemic Index is Great for Diabetic PeopleThe best thing I can say about glycemic index is that it really has helped people with diabetes understand food choices. High glycemic foods cause the body to release more insulin than do low glycemic foods.Could Insulin Response Cause Diabetes or Affect Body Weight? Essentially the idea is that exposing the body to too much insulin over and over again (by eating high glycemic foods) causes "burnout" so that the body becomes resistant to insulin.
THAT is good.Glycemic Index is a Waste of Time for Weight Loss and Possibly Even Makes Weight Loss HarderThere are two problems with trying to use glycemic index for weight loss.

The problem is that starches are made of sugar and some of them like potato were known to badly raise blood sugar in diabetics. The molecular mechanism that could explain this is called "feedback inhibition of the insulin receptor". The first problem is that it's far too complicated and the second problem is that it doesn't work. Glycemic index was developed to specifically measure how much different starchy foods affected blood sugar. I don't mean to sound too harsh but in my experience, patients who have attempted to follow low glycemic diets for weight loss become confused and frustrated. Since that time, glycemic index has become an extremely important tool for helping diabetic people.How Glycemic Index is MeasuredThe biggest problem to glycemic index is that it cannot be predicted. The way it is generally done is with ten people who arrive at a testing lab in the morning without eating.

Each person has a baseline blood sugar level drawn and then each person consumes EXACTLY ENOUGH OF THE FOOD UNDER STUDY TO GET 50 GRAMS OF ABSORBABLE CARBOHYDRATE. When the study has ended, the blood sugar readings are compiled into a graph that looks a bit like the one shown below. The key to the graph and to assigning a "glycemic index" numbers is the "area under the curve", how "fast" the curve rises and how high.

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