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There are even the inspiring pictures to prove that in just six weeks or less you too can have a banging bod.It's a powerful and very profitable sell for industries that combined are worth close to $2 billion in Australia.Only, what if you don't need six weeks to get to sexy? Actually, it's not what they are selling but the levers they use to sell it by using before and after shots. If you want to see real transformations of before and after then look at metabolic precision under inspiration there is even a facebook page as well called amazing transformation or something like that. Belos is an image that compares body fat scans of two people, one weighing 250 lb and the other weighing 120 lb. These maps show how the body mass index (BMI) of the United States has gone up drastically between 1985 and 2010.
There are numerous diseases related to obesity including: stroke, type-2 diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, colon cancer, and osteoarthritis.
The chart below shows how your BMI (your weight classification) impacts your mortality (how long you live).

The diet and fitness industries have the answer right here.Promises of terrific transformations from fat to fully fit abound.
I think it's also this sort of image manipulation that is driving body dysmorphia in some fitness enthusiasts, particularly young men wanting to get ripped. Not only can you see how being overweight impacts your health, but you can also see how being underweight is just as bad. They populate the feed on Facebook as well as the advertising pages of magazines, plus TV commercials and shows. They look at themselves in the mirror and then compare what they see to photoshopped and professionally shot images on the front of men's health magazines.
The faster the transformation, the more it leverages our greed to have it all without the effort.
People think they should always look like image 2, when the reality is that even people that take care of themselves and stay in shape are going to look fairly ordinary some of the time.

I did a few push-ups and chin-ups, tweaked my bedroom lighting, sucked in, tightened my abs and BOOM! Apart from flexing, the only change in the second and third shots was the angle of the overhead bathroom light.The only difference in the before and after shots of the women, taken within two minutes of each other, was the pose. In the shots below there was also a change of bikini and she added a filter to the second shot.

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