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DO PEOPLE REALLY USE TAPEWORMS TO LOSE WEIGHT?For years now I have been reading internet rumors suggesting that at one time (usually between 1900 and 1920) or even lately, people have deliberately infected themselves with tapeworms in order to lose weight. Understanding Macronutrient Restricted DietsFigure 1: Understanding Macronutrient RestrictionAs I have explained elsewhere, macronutrients are the "big" basic calorie sources in food. The "20-Twenty" Diet is my best effort at a diet that is simple enough to understand quickly, scientific enough to work and easy enough to live with. Very high-glycemic index starches should generally be limited but for most people in a practical sense, starchy carbohydrate can be eating. A fish oil of some description is considered to be an essential part of our diet – if you are using cod liver oil considering using Krill Oil in its place. Sadly for the Krill they are at the bottom of the food chain and fall prey to other inhabitants of the sea such as whales, seals, penguins, squid and fish.
Krill Oil is very potent source of essential minerals and vitamins and also rich in omega 3s and EPA and DHA acids – it is accepted to be an essential dietary supplement for everyone with no specific target gender or demographic. Krill oil is better option to fish oil (cod liver oil) capsule flax oil or other omega-3 fatty acids. Krill Oil is perfectly safe for consumption – although anyone with any allergic reaction reaction to shrimps or prawns (and seafood in general) should avoid. Krill Oil will not cause a nasty after taste often common with other Omega 3 and cod liver oils. A one month supply will cost around ?17.00 which admittedly is twice the price of a standard cod liver oil product – but giving you 48x more benefit. The information on this website is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.The information on this website is consumer based and although impartiality is paramount some remuneration may occur. Pink slime is a product of "advanced meat recovery" or the process of stripping every bit of soft tissue off the bones of an animal after it is killed and after the "prime" cuts of meat are manually removed. According to the US Department of Agriculture, nothing is wrong with m-SCAT or "pink-slime".
Because it is a liquified protein, it is pre-digested and therefore has a lower thermic effect than real meat. Why We Don't Publish Testimonials:Testimonials that feature a person's name and face, perhaps even "before and after" photos can be very compelling advertising tools.

Indeed a Google search for "tapeworm diet" returns a lot of "hits" but none of them offers more than mere conjecture. I present the basics of it here to help people understand what kind of weight loss I offer. The reverse is in fact true: weight loss is about eating when you are NOT hungry so that you never GET hungry.
Table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, agave syrup and honey all contain fructose and large amounts of fructose may cause weight gain. So here's where the real difference lies: the dietary advice we give patients is based upon the latest SOLID scientific research as published in world-class peer-reviewed bio-medical and nutrition journals. Pink slime or "mechanically separated carcass & animal tissue" (m-SCAT)is a perfect example of over-processed "food".
A lot of people have HEARD about tapeworms for weight loss and many of my patients ask me if the practice ever really existed. Protein is essential in large amounts (~50-60 grams daily MINIMUM), some "essential" fats are required daily but in far smaller amounts and finally, carbohydrate is the only macronutrient that is not absolutely required for human life. At any rate, one very popular approach to weight loss over the years has been to restrict either carbohydrate or fat intake (restricting protein is deadly). If you ever have any questions about our diet, you don't have to call and relay a message, you can speak to him here in real time. With these questions in mind, I'll do my best to address what we know about the infamous "tapeworm diet".Tapeworms Definitely Cause Weight LossTapeworms were, at one time, a scourge of mankind.
Thus the two basic types of so-called "macronutrient restricted diets are "low fat diets" and "low carbohydrate diets".If you look at the diagram to the left you can begin to understand the relationship between these diets. It's very tempting to show off a big weight loss in public, but, and let me be honest here, not everyone keeps the weight off forever. People became infected with tapeworms either from poor hygiene or from eating beef, pork or fish that contained unkilled tapeworm eggs. Generally low-fat diets are very high in carbohydrate, extremely low in fat and "lower" in protein (because meats are a big fat source).
Once the eggs entered the human gut, they would hatch and a living tapeworm would quickly attach itself to the wall of the gut like a leech. That's hard enough on it's own, but imagine how humiliating it is if a website displays the success that you "failed" to maintain.

The head of the worm would literally suck nutrient-rich blood and lymphatic fluid as well as feces from the intestine and its wall. Some mature tapeworms could grow to over 20 feet in length and often people were infected with many worms at one time. Namely, most popular diets fall in between the right and the left but do, to lesser and greater degrees, manipulate macronutrients as well. I won't put people in a position they may later regret.Anecdote and ScienceThere is another reason I won't publish testimonials and it has to do with deception.
But classical macronutrient-restricted diets come in only two flavors: low-fat and low-carbohydrate. If I advertise only those people's results, it might look like I was the best doctor on Earth. And yes, they DO cause weight loss.So it is POSSIBLE that Someone Got the Bright Idea to USe Tapeworms Deliberately for Weight LossThe rumors suggest that tapeworm eggs (or products that at least claimed to contain tapeworm eggs) were once sold for weight loss.
Since a single egg is very small, almost microscopic, it could easily be packed into a small pill or a sugar cube.
All that the victim err "patient" would have to do is swallow the thing and then, assuming the egg was alive and managed to attach, a full-sized adult tapeworm would follow within weeks. I won't. Anonymous TestimonialsCould I avoid the privacy issues cited above by offering anonymous testimonials?
And "better" still, since tapeworms are true hermaphrodites (one worm has both male and female sex organs and can reproduce on its own), one worm would eventually become many worms. Weight loss was sure to follow.Is it Safe to Use Tapeworms for Weight Loss?Is it safe to use a gun to blow your nose? Anonymous testimonials are pointless and they still suffer the defect of anecdote.IntegrityA long time ago I decided to try my best to function as an honest broker.
These include perforation of a blood vessel followed by death from blood loss, fatal allergic reactions to the worm's body and many other not-so-wonderful and nasty problems.

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