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Did you know that digesting food requires more energy than any other function in the human body? Food combining is one of my favorite tricks to streamline the digestive process. Though food combining principles can get very complicated, depending on which expert you ask, I prefer to keep them simple. Studies have shown that humans have a tendency to overeat when we are offered a wide variety of foods during a meal. (source) So, by simplifying our meals, we will naturally eat less, without counting calories or worrying about portion sizes.
For a properly combined meal, simply choose ONE category and only eat foods out of that category for that particular meal. A sandwich on whole-grain bread, filled with avocado, mustard, lettuce, tomato and sprouts.
A leafy green salad topped with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese, followed by a piece of baked fish served with a side of roasted broccoli and cauliflower. A leafy green salad topped with dried cranberries and raw walnuts, followed by a platter of raw hummus served with raw crudites. Note: There is a lot of debate over the science behind food combining, without much evidence to back it up.
Hi I’m not 100% but I think because you mixed a protein with the fruit, just the salad alone with the fruits minus the chicken should be fine.
To go into further detail from what micheline stated, chicken requires an acidic state in your stomach, yet the fruit requires an alkaline state. Btw: Choosing a real light grey font colour in this reply box as well as a tiny font size is really hard on the eyes. Keep in mind almonds, and almost all seeds and nuts that have not been soaked and slowly dried in temperatures around 130-150f max will not be fully utilized in digestion and you will only be getting about 15-20% of the nutrients. Afterwards, the almonds don’t necessarily have to be dried (unless you prefer them that way for storage or convenience). One thing I’m confused about, you said to pick One main item, whether it be Starch, Animal Protein etc and then combine that with a Leafy Veg. I’ve promoted your website to my friends on Facebook and hope you gain a deeper fanbase as a result.
Principles of Combining Foods Properly was made popular by Dr Herbert M Shelton in Dr Shelton’s Hygienic Review decades before Fit for Life. I read the Fit for Life books and they talked a lot about Herbert Shelton and his facility in San Antonio.
I now want to loose 50lbs, and being despondent on the Metro North, started telling a co-passenger about it..
She immead told me to GooG Food Combine and Natural Hygiene (and I ended up here (smile))..
I’m just curious, but why would bananas be the only fresh fruit allowed with nuts, seeds and dried fruits? I believe it’s because bananas have a much lower water content when compared to other fresh fruits, so they have a slower digestion time that is similar to dried fruits.
Healthy snacking is an integral part of losing weight after pregnancy, with weight loss plans including snacks to boost energy, regulate metabolism and keep hunger pangs at bay. Having a variety of healthy, nutritious snack options available is a good way to ensure that you don’t indulge in high calorie, unhealthy snacks like packets of crisps, cakes and lollies.
Some food combinations are a match made in heaven, making them a tasty, healthy snack option that is easy to put together on short notice, with few ingredients. These two ingredient snacks are simple to prepare, contain low amounts of calories, have high nutritional value and are delicious too! Simply combine 10 fresh raspberries with 100 grams of reduced-fat Greek yoghurt for a calcium and antioxidant-rich snack.
Mix 120 grams of reduced-fat cottage cheese and 6 strawberries for a healthy, vitamin C enriched snack. Take 2 stalks of celery, fill with 2 tablespoons of almond butter for a delicious, high protein snack. Combine 150 grams of chopped watermelon cubes with 30 grams of reduced fat, crumbled feta for a light and refreshing, high calcium snack. Take half a small avocado, mash and smear onto two plain rice cakes for a filling snack high in fibre, vitamin B6 and essential fatty acids. Remove the seed from a rockmelon and serve half the melon with 75 grams of blueberries in the centre for a hit of vitamin A, fibre and vitamin C.
Combine 40 grams of bocconcini cheese with 70 grams of cherry tomatoes for a snack high in lycopene, calcium and vitamin A. Serve a chopped, boiled egg on a slice of sourdough toast for a warming, high-protein snack. Motivating Mum Jodie Koeleman has been losing baby weight by following our healthy eating plan with her husband Brad for the past 6 months. Insulin is a fat storing hormone because it increases the major fat storing enzyme in the body called lipoprotein lipase (LPL). What many fail to realize is there are at least 3 other fat storing hormones and probably more we will find out about at some point. The hunger hormone ghrelin (the intermittent fasting crowd is likely going to dislike me for this one) is also a fat storing hormone.
Ghrelin should probably be called the yo-yo weight gain hormone, and those who practice eating less and exercising more are unwittingly raising their ghrelin and fat storing potential.

One thing to know about GIP is that its fat storing potential is really most sensitive to glucose. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone released from the stomach that travels to the brain and induces hunger. In the case of ghrelin, it stimulates the mRNA to make more LPL (the major fat sotring enzyme), and therefore makes you far more likely to store fat quickly and efficiently once you resume eating. The other thing to realize is that we are all different, so all of this information cannot simply be stated as true for everyone. So, yes it is true fat added to a simple sugar will lower the speed at which blood glucose rises, and this is especially important for the very insulin resistant and diabetic. Very high fiber carbs with low starch are not usually an issue, although they can be for some (celery and peanut butter, healthy hemp bread and avocado, mixed nuts, etc.).
If you are extremely insulin resistant or diabetic and you must do simple carbs, then you may want to add fat. Going without food raises ghrelin and enhances your ability to store fat later so be careful when fasting or doing extreme diets. Protein and fiber have minimal impact on fat storing hormones (the insulin protein issue can be complicated and a topic for another blog) and satiate you. Integrative Physician, Author The Metabolic Effect Diet, Founder CEO Metabolic Effect Inc., Health, Fitness and fat loss expert. You could follow this meal with some dark chocolate or goat’s milk ice cream for dessert!
Dessert could be a slice of raw cheesecake, a few raw macaroons, or a couple raw almond butter cups! When both combined the stomach cannot fully digest these items to the fullest extent so they end up sitting for a while in a confused state and end up getting pushed into your digestive tract where it starts to ferment and create harmful gases which is why you were bloated and got cramps.
That is to say, soaking them does not release enzyme inhibitors due to a sprouting process.
Also, removing the skins via blanching also removes the anti-nutrients, as they are conveniently located in the protective seed coat, similar to most seeds.
When you gave us an example of the sandwich option you said we could take a potato and put Butter on top of it, along with the Bread which is the starch .
The simpler, the better, if you ask me, so that people can actually eat without questioning what they eat all the time. I ended up buying his books (he had many of them) that focused on fasting and food combining, which I actually liked reading his conservative material, but he passed away and the facility was eventually closed..
Food combining is the easiest and most successful way I have found to lose and maintain weight. My Oatmeal with Nuts and some dried fruits (cranzins); with Two Boild Eggs – This is now NOT okay??? There are more restrictive charts on the Internet and you may want to read Dr Herbert Shelton’s original work.
While we agree carbs are the biggest issue when it comes to reaching your fat loss goals, fat DOES store fat. It also does two other nasty things that make fat loss very difficult when it is around in larger amounts: decrease hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) the major fat burning enzyme AND slow fat oxidation by suppression of CPT-1 (the rate limiting step in fat burning). You can decrease insulin by decreasing calories (which often results in severe compensatory eating reactions leading to yo-yo dieting) or by decreasing carbs.
GIP has its own fat storing action on LPL AND causes more insulin to be released (here again fat can result in indirect insulin secretion). The fact that ghrelin has some positive effects, like raising HGH, does not change these negative consequences.
It means both carbs AND fat cause fat gain, and when they are combined together it is far worse than eating them alone.
In other words, fat releases GIP but it appears the potent fat storing activity of GIP kicks in strongly only with hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). It is stimulated indirectly by carbs because insulin stimulates ASP as well, and then ASP returns the favor by stimulating insulin. This is because ghrelin stimulates messenger RNA (mRNA) activity of the fat storing hormone LPL. There are those who can fast and not have any negative impact from ghrelin and get and stay extremely lean.
They often wonder how this relates to the fact that fat slows the release of sugar into the blood down and therefore lowers the glycemic index. The point is the body will still need to deal with the entire glucose load and fat load in the food. It stands to reason, then, that the best way to free up some extra energy is to make our digestion as quick and efficient as possible. You can eat fruit as an afternoon snack or post-workout, as long as it’s been 3-4 hours since your last properly-combined meal.
When you’re choosing just ONE food category at a time, then filling the rest of your plate with raw and cooked vegetables, you’re bound to be making healthier choices!
As I’ve just recently gotten into this subject I use to combine tons of seeds nuts fruits and fats into smoothies and thought I was being super healthy but wondered why I was so bloated and felt tired afterwards.
For future reference if you were to get the same salad, ask for the fruit on the side and enjoy them first, give yourself 20-30 minutes and then enjoy the rest of the meal.

One question I haven’t seen asked and it may be because its so obvious but I was wondering about meat broth or stocks. When you think about fat loss many say it is all about hormones, and others claim it is all about calories. This idea comes from the fact that fat, by itself, has little impact on the major fat storing hormone insulin.
Since carbs are the major promoter of insulin, many people simply say cut carbs and that’s that.
Where insulin is induced by carbs, ASP is induced by fat (this is not good news for those who say you can’t get fat eating fat).
If and when fasters and low calorie dieters resume normal eating, fat gain comes and comes quickly. In fact, GIP may be more important than even glucose in raising insulin (this is one of the reason the same amount of glucose given directly into a vein causes less insulin secretion than if it were eaten).
So, fat and carbs together cause more GIP release and greater fat storing activity than either alone.
Interestingly for women, progesterone is a stimulator of ASP as well which is useful information for menstrating females who might want to decrease their fat and carb intake during the luteal phase of their cycle (menstrual phase occurring between ovulation and onset of menses). Ghrelin causes the brain to crave sugary, salty, and fatty foods, so is also implicated in cravings. For those who are not biochemists, mRNA is how the genes replicate the proteins they encode for. There are those who can eat doughnuts and burgers and not have any seeming negative fat storing impact from GIP and ASP.
And, due to all the hormonal effects mentioned above, this creates a perfect fat string atomic bomb. So, food combining may just work because it encourages the consumption of more whole foods and simpler meals.
Learn the guidelines, but always know each of our bodies are different and experiment on yourself to see what works best for you.
This looks VERY, VERY similar to the Somersizing program which started in the 90s and was based on the French way of living. I followed the combining food plan for many years back when it was called ‘Natural Hygiene. If I eat fruit by itself or oats by themselves, wouldn’t that create a big blood sugar spike and then fall?
AND, in an unfortunate fat storing feedback mechanism, both ASP and insulin stimulate the secretion of each other. And this is largely due to ghrelin (Ever meet anyone coming off strict diet restriction and getting fat quick? It is also about the compensatory reactions created that lead to sustainable lifestyle changes or short term dieting & weight regain. So, it may be more beneficial to do things this way for someone who is diabetic, but it is not ideal and will still likely make you extremely fat if done on a regular basis. I feel that I’m prone to that, which is why I usually eat oats with eggs and fruit with nuts. Fat is rich in calories, AND it impacts hormones that signal fat storage, but things really go wrong when fat and carbs find themselves mixed together. It also makes the assumption that insulin is the ONLY fat storing hormone and that calories don’t matter at all. So, in an indirect way, fat does stimulate insulin & insulin stimulates a fat storing helper ASP. Previously I have combined the protein powder with Almond Milk, ground Flax Seed, and usually a cup of Blueberries. While we would agree hormones are the drivers of how much we eat, what we desire to eat, and whether that fuel is stored as glycogen, muscle, or fat, to say calories don’t matter is simply not true. I think the Fit for Life got a lot of bad rap later down the road because of how some of the principles were followed, such as eating all the fruit you want. What many also do not realize is that there are other hormones that store fat besides insulin. Too much fructose doesn’t work for some people, and also being only vegetarian aspect.
Then when Marilyn Diamond came out with another book and perspective, saying how that eating style almost killed her, and now she is all about meat, etc, also put a shadow on it. I’m glad to find this website, and a different perspective on it, which is breaking down the sweet and acidic fruits, and adding more protein.
There is so much information out there about which foods are better for you that it can be confusing; so many are giving information to sell their products, and also the way food in our country is handled also affects how our bodies benefit.

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