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This may come as a surprise, but I’m not explicitly opposed to either of these interventions. The aim of the study was to determine whether actively recalling previous meals would have any effect on the tendency to snack and the quantity of food eaten during a snack. At the 1 hour and 3 hour post-meal marks, half the women were asked to write down a detailed description of what they ate for lunch. It’s important to note that specifically remembering what you ate is not the same as just generally thinking about food.
More support for this current research can be found in a 2008 study that showed that keeping a daily food diary led to double the amount of weight loss.
The research in today’s blog provides a great example of a clinician cleverly thinking outside of the scientific box.

The negative impact of being overweight and all of its associated complications is often more dangerous than the risks commonly found in surgical interventions performed by skilled doctors and properly administered medications. Suzanne Higgs, a psychologist at the University of Birmingham, recently published a unique mind-body study in the journal Psychology and Behavior.
Those that kept the most specific records of their food choices appeared to benefit the most. It’s become such a problem that powerful medications and surgeries are now being used to address it. Having said that, I’d much prefer to utilize every natural option first and turn to more radical solutions as a last resort.
The observations presented in her work may very well help millions of people who struggle with the hunger that leads to snacking and overeating.

Higgs summarized what she saw in this manner, “The women who had been asked to recall their lunches and who took the taste test after three hours showed significantly reduced appetites compared to those who had detailed their journeys. On the other hand, prompting your brain’s learning and memory center in the hippocampus may do the exact opposite.
In fact, weight loss surgery is quickly becoming one of the fasting growing surgical procedures.
These results indicate that the type and palatability of the snack and the gender of those being tested may not be relevant.

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