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You can make choosing new and different fruits and vegetables a game for your kids.  The more colors the better!
Kids can choose a variety of red, green, orange, purple or white fruits and vegetables to mix up the colors on their plates and the nutrients for their bodies. And when it comes to health, shoppers are thinking more in terms of perceived ‘quality’ than fatty acid profiles (which most people don't understand), she said, so are increasingly seeking out avocados, nuts, and even butter, which is regarded as more authentic and 'natural' (and therefore as more healthy to many consumers) than lower-fat vegetable-oil-based spreads, despite its higher saturated fat content.
Obesity is associated with rising rates of heart disease, diabetes and a swath of other chronic diseases. Burger aficionados bring your appetites and love of burgers for the 4th Annual Burger Battle at Huizenga Plaza in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, May 31st from 7-10 PM. Take a ride or a walk downtown for an evening of gourmet burger creations, drinks and live music.  This tantalizing event will pit local restaurants against one another as they show off their sizzling skills in a burger showdown! The event will be presented by Publix Aprons Catering and Cooking School and promises a dazzling night of sizzle under the stars along the Riverwalk, downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Sixteen top burger joints are slotted to show off their culinary finesse as they battle for victory in this burger battle of the best!

If you can’t indulge in ALL of the burger delights – take a spot to witness the burger slider eating contest! Providing the entertainment for the showdown is local band, Sweet 903.  This five member band has been entertaining locally since 2012 and has appeared in many venues in the Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach areas. Today’s families are busier then ever and more often than not, the healthy choice is not the easy choice.
Milk, yogurt, hard cheeses, fortified cereals, spinachThe amount of energy and nutrients required for optimum health varies from person to person.
Creative juices will be flowing as delicious burgers will be served up to the expected 1,000 plus guests. For anyone who feels supplemental vitamins and minerals are essential, please check out Vitamist Spray Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs. They’ve been listed in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) for six years with patented formulas.

Please make reference to the list below for your help guide to getting optimal vitamins and minerals from food sources. Water-soluble vitamins, including vitamins C and B groups, aren’t so easily stored and daily consumption of these is essential. Any vitamin C or B that the body doesn’t use because it passes through your system sheds (mostly when you pee).
Which means you need a fresh way to obtain these vitamins every single day.Role Of Vitamins and MineralsVitamins and minerals raise the immune system, support normal development and growth, and help cells and organs do their jobs.
Carrots are filled with substances called carotenoids that the body converts into vitamin A, which will help prevent eye problems.vitamins and minerals sourceAnother vitamin, vitamin K, helps blood to clot (so cuts and scrapes stop bleeding quickly).

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