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My SO is doing low carb, and even those not doing low carb know that pasta is a big no - no. Add flour and cook until lightly browned, and stir in milk a little at a time until slightly thickened. This recipe has been a God send for this diabetic, I love it and make it every day now, My blood surar is really improving and I can even eat things that I couldn't before.
I found this dressing recipe in a junior league cookbook and adjusted it to fit our low carb diet. July 30, 2012 By Carolyn 56 Comments These are the best low carb peanut butter cups, with a dark chocolate shell and a creamy peanut butter center. I was reading the instruction and it said to add vanilla in the chocolate coating but it did not say how much. I didn’t have the smaller-size paper cups, so I used regular muffin papers and placed them in a muffin tin.

I can stay away from peanut butter for the most part, not that I try, but when mixed with chocolate there is no stopping me. I love this and am tired of always having to search for this recipe when I want to make it, so am posting it here so I always will know where to look.
I have made this twice but both times the cream cheese was too lumpy, more like small curd cottage cheese. Peanut butter straight out of the jar doesn’t tempt me in the least, but I could probably eat many handfuls of your gorgeous pb cups!!!
I made eight peanut butter cups this way and figured that they each have 4.8 grams of effective carbohydrate. The peanut butter I have is a bit drier than it should be, so I added a tablespoon of water to it and then pressed the peanut butter into the chilled chocolate cups with my fingertips. But you can use whatever chicken seasoning you have on hand.And as always with my recipes, you can adjust the amount of seasoning as you like.

I use a 4" ramekin and dump the bread out on it's side on a cooling rack to mark it for cutting even slices. Usually, though, the plain unsalted, unsweetened peanut butter should be great without added moisture. I use the savory more often and usually add a pinch of garlic salt and some italian seasoning mix. Mine may not have been stirred adequately when I used it to make a peanut butter loaf recently. It's 100 degrees out right now and I just put some in the freezer to see if it's passable as ice cream.

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