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Let me start by asking you that question.  How many times do you poop per day?  Once?  Twice?  Three times?  Once every other day?  Once every 3 days?
In the past few years I’ve begun to realize one important thing – fiber is a nutrient – and it’s one of the most important nutrients that you can put into your body. Nutrients are compounds that either provide energy (carbohydrates, fats, protein, and alcohol), or compounds that assist in chemical reactions (e.g.
Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 22, I have spent over a decade learning the fundamentals of nutrition at the doctorate level. That's why I've spent over 10 years developing a rock solid system that can minimize blood glucose variability and insulin resistance. Add this blog to your feeds or put your e-mail in the box below and hit GO to subscribe by e-mail.
Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals aۥ and choose the foods with lower numbers. MyPlate still allows the vast majority of calories to be obtained from nutrient poor foods. Dairy is still prominently placed: Dairy foods are not health-promoting, and do not deserve a place at every meal.
I have designed my Nutritarian Food Pyramid such that the foods that are the richest in micronutrients per calorie and have the most documented protective effects should be eaten in the largest quantities. Thank you for pointing out the problems with the food plate, and unfortunately dumbed down attempt to communicate a better approach to healthy nouriment of the body that the American Public presumably needs. I believe if you talk to people like they are too stupid to understand anything more than a two year old you will get predictable results over time. Your food pyramid on the other hand is very informative, easy to grasp, and provides all the essential info in a quick, colorful, graphic, accurate format. If I had it in letter size form, or even 3 by 5, I could give it out to those who ask about your approach. If printed in color in small format in quantities, it could be sold cheaply and thus widely distributed, thus getting the message out. Replacing the "protein" with beans or using the PCRM power plate is also not sufficient, since nuts and seed, which provide profound health benefits that Dr. I am a bit confused as to whether the base of Dr Fuhrmans's pyramid includes starchy veggies.
For instance, my parents are both physicians and they don't even eat as healthily as the original, already unhealthy food pyramid proscribes. I know people rail against the "nanny state" but the only thing I can see making a difference is legislature like what Mayor Bloomberg has enacted in NYC. Are you a person who does a juice cleanse one day, then goes out for 4-course indulgent meal that weekend? A nutella donut pic that came up on my IG feed… and might I add that it looks heavenly!
Businesses geared towards healthy living, like juice bars and healthy meal delivery companies, are on the rise at the very same time that donut shops and gourmet cupcake spots have become all the rage.
Making green juice in a Jim Beam glass yesterday… how’s that for polar opposites? We have a tendency to be fixated on extremes, so it’s no surprise that people are really into healthy food, like green smoothies, while at the same time being infatuated with indulgent foods, like gourmet cupcakes. One definite pro that I see to these foodie times that we’re living in is that some people are now sophisticated consumers truly interested in the latest new foods and trends. This entry was posted in Health and tagged balanced eating, diet, extreme dieting, healthy living, Shape magazine, split personality eating on February 24, 2016 by foodielovesfitness. This entry was posted in Fit Approach, Giveaways, Health, Weight Loss and tagged diet, giveaway, lozenges, MealEnders, nutrition, overeating, satiety, sweat pink, sweet tooth on March 11, 2015 by foodielovesfitness. Even as a young kid, I could never separate the meat on my plate from the animals I would see alive and well. Yes, human beings at the beginning of time ate meat, but have we forgotten about all of the time they spent and energy and effort they expended to hunt that meat, instead of picking it up at the local Acme or getting a burger from McDonald’s?
In all honesty, I’ve felt sort of torn, because I love and respect the idea of bio-individuality and think that it is extremely important to figure out what diet works best for you and your body. Because I do believe in the power of bio-individuality and know that finding a healthy diet that works for people as unique individual can do wonders in improving lives, I can respect that people can love their chicken, enjoy their steak, and be obsessed with bacon. I suppose that in my perfect world, everyone would care more about where their food was coming from and how it got on their plate. This entry was posted in Health and tagged bio-individuality, diet, IIN, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, meatless diet, nutrition, vegetarianism on August 4, 2014 by foodielovesfitness. Pretty soon I’ll be looking for clients to work with as a health coach, and I am really looking forward to it! At IIN we choose a peer coach, which is another student that we can discuss school and throw around ideas with, and ask questions to.
In a nutshell, things like sugar and processed foods cause an opiate release, which are known as the feel-good chemicals. Yes, I had this for dinner tonight and it was fabulous…craving satisfied, no stomachache involved from too big of a portion or too heavy of a dish!
This entry was posted in Health, Institute for Integrative Nutrition and tagged diet, food cravings, health, health coaching, healthy living, IIN, Institute for Integrative Nutrition on June 19, 2014 by foodielovesfitness. As some of you already know, in January I started school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach.
Stat: The average American gets 62% of their calories from processed foods and 27-30% from animal products. That fact is just so sad, but think about, who out there doesn’t know someone who has died of cancer?
While increased calcium consumption has been recommended, research has found that those who drink more milk have a higher rate of bone fractures.
Stat: It has been estimated that there are 88 workers per 1 BILLION pounds of meat produced in America.
This entry was posted in Harley, Interviews and tagged American diet, diet, health, health coach, healthy living, IIN, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, life coach, nutrition on June 1, 2014 by foodielovesfitness.
Recently I had the chance to be interviewed by Adam & Devon Bate for a podcast on The Lifestyle Accountability Show. As a public relations pro and freelance writer, I am always the one doing the interviewing, so it definitely felt weird being the interviewee. Ever go on a job interview or date or something and think later about what you could have said better?

I’m proud of how much my relationship with food has improved along my health and wellness journey.
Early in my adulthood, I realized that I love food, cooking, baking, and being in the kitchen experimenting, and I began to take on a new attitude about it. This entry was posted in Health and tagged diet, food, healthy living, podcast, The Lifestyle Accountability Show on March 31, 2014 by foodielovesfitness. I first heard about Meatout last night via Twitter when I was in a state of exhaustion, so I’m way late on posting info about this… but better late than never to help spread the word right?
Meatout is a day of international observance with a purpose of exposing the public to the joys and benefits of a plant-based diet, while promoting the availability and selection alternatives to meat and dairy in mainstream grocery stores, restaurants and catering operations. Meatout is a movement led by Farm Animals Rights Movement (FARM), with a goal of getting 25,000 people to participate in the pledge. Partipants pledge to eat vegan on March 20, the first day of spring (today!), to explore a wholesome, compassionate diet of fruits, veggies and whole grains.
I try never to get all preachy on here, and at the end of the day, diet is a personal preference. This entry was posted in Health and tagged diet, FARM, health, meat free diet, Meatout, vegan, vegetarian on March 20, 2014 by foodielovesfitness. About 5 years ago, I developed psoriasis, a chronic skin disease that causes skin cells to grow too quickly.
What I’m saying in a nutshell is that I have these pain in the butt skin and allergy issues, which I believe are all inter-related. Though I knew the basics of what foods gluten can be found in, I hadn’t realized the extent of it until doing a bit of research last week. I’m determined to stick with a gluten free diet for the month of February to see if it makes any changes in how I feel.
This entry was posted in Health and tagged allergies, diet, gluten free, health, healthy living, psoriasis on February 3, 2014 by foodielovesfitness. Better instruction would be provided by guiding Americans toward specific foods or food groups. Chain restaurants are required to display calories on their menu and soon sit-down restaurants will have to do the same. Fuhrman uses "calories" so that it's easier to actually measure how much of each type of food that people should be eating.
Joel Fuhrman, offering commentary & analysis on cancer, cardiovascular disease, healthy and unhealthy foods, depression, healthy parenting, obesity and other health-related issues. I love to enjoy great food, but I also hate that stuffed feeling that makes me feel uncomfortably full. While I’m not perfect and I still have times when I overdo it, for the most part, I keep my portion control in check to keep me feeling my best all around.
I just wrote an article for Girls Gone Sporty that talks more about it – check it out here! When I see bacon festivals publicizing their events with pictures of cute, happy looking pigs, I cringe. The concept of an animal walking around breathing the air on this earth, then me eating a piece of its flesh for dinner the next week just never made sense to me.
Is it right to do things just because they’ve always been done, especially if this way of life is harming our planet and our health? Let’s just say that I agree that humans are meant to incorporate meat into their diets on some level. But on the other hand, I have qualms with the way the meat industry operates and agree with the above James Cameron quote. An aspect of being an IIN student that I’ve really enjoyed is connecting with likeminded people who share my passion for healthy living. Understanding what causes your cravings is key to overcoming them or to satisfy them in a healthy, balanced way.
You may be using food to fill a void or to cope with dissatisfaction and stress with the primary food in your life (your relationships, career, spirituality, etc.). Eating a lot of foods that are thought to have yin qualities (words used in describing yin include expansive and feminine) or yang qualities (word used to describe yang are contractive and masculine) can cause cravings. This includes things like menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and fluctuating testosterone levels. The school offers an awesome flexible yearlong program, and I’m in the thick of it and loving it. Fruits and veggies provide us with so many vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial to our health in so many ways.
I think that more of an effort needs to be made to educate people on cancer prevention versus just on finding a cure. Vegan sources of calcium include leafy greens like kale and collared greens, blackstrap molasses, tempeh, soy beans, figs and amaranth.
The premise behind their podcast series is to share the stories of people who lead healthy lifestyles to help motivate and inspire others. I came to the realization that food is fuel, that we are what we eat, and that I wanted to feed myself with both delicious and nutritious eats. All in moderation was my new attitude, and that also applied to the not so good for you things I like to enjoy sometimes, like ice cream or a cupcake. Sometimes I drink too much wine, eat too many cookies, or ignore my body telling me a rest day is order instead of a hardcore gym session. Meatout has been observed every year since 1985 and has become the world’s largest annual grassroots diet education campaign. I realize that I’m in the minority as a vegetarian, as I believe somewhere around 95% of Americans eat meat. It’s better for our health and the planet, and there are so many more options out there than meat-eaters tend to think. So why am I, a lover of pasta and bread and all things whole wheat, making a commitment to not consume gluten for an entire month? Numerous times I’ve been prescribed different creams or sprays, have used them a few times, my psoriasis went away, I was ecstatic, and then 8 months later it randomly comes back. Plus dairy is high in protein, so realistically it should be included in the protein group.
Ninety percent of the daily diet should be made up of these nutrient –dense unrefined plant foods, whose calories are accompanied by health-promoting phytochemicals. I knew "MyPlate" was inferior, but you have the science behind why and express it so accurately.
Besides having an achy stomach, feeling lethargic, and not being able to trim down (if that’s your goal), it can even make your brain feel foggy if you overdo it with your portions.

Pigs are intelligent animals, smarter than dogs research has shown, yet we keep dogs as pets and kill pigs so that we can top everything from omelets and burgers to ice cream and donuts with bacon.
That’s why in a family full of meat eaters, I became a vegetarian at age 10 and have never gone back. The joke is that I’ll try it just as long as it’s not anything that had a face!
There really are a ton of vegetarian foods to eat, it was just a matter of getting familiar with them and broadening my horizons as I became an adult. On some level, I agree with this — I think that people have the right to eat whatever way they want, and who knows, my diet might change later in life. Even if the meat industry did run under more acceptable conditions, I still feel strongly that people rely too heavily on meat.
Time flies when you’re learning about topics that you’re super interested in and really passionate about, huh?!
I met some great people when I was living in Northern Cali, and now that I’m in the San Diego area, am definitely hoping to connect with people around here. I found out that we’re classmates through reading her blog, and it’s fun having her as a fellow blogger peer coach to have phone chats with every few weeks! Chances are, you’re more likely to be thinking about something sweet like ice cream or a donut, or something salty like chips or French fries. My sister was telling me yesterday that she had eaten waffles & ice cream and it was amazing. Every week I feel engaged in the lessons, and it’s great how I can listen to the lectures anywhere on my iPad. Knowing that I have the potential to improve the quality of people’s lives through health coaching is very exciting. Of course a cure is needed and would be nothing less of amazing, but we need to also focus on how to reduce our risk of getting cancer in the first place. Because the body need many nutrients working together for good bone health, such as magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and Vitamin C, D and B6.
Having grown up believing that peanut butter tasted great but was too high in fat to eat, I started to embrace foods high in monounsaturated fats like nut butters, olive oil, nuts and avocado, and somewhere along the lines, I began to embrace myself more as a woman in general. But going vegan or vegetarian for a day, week, or month, can really open up your food horizons and help you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. My favorite go-to recipe source is Vegetarian Times, or check out my recipe page for inspiration!
Around the same time that my psoriasis developed, I also starting getting what the dermatologist thinks is dermatitis around my eyes. It felt like everywhere I turned, there were foods that I typically buy that contain gluten.
If nothing else, I feel like this experiment will broaden my horizons, introduce me to me new foods, and make me much more aware of how much gluten I normally consume. Vegetables make up the largest portion of MyPlate, slightly larger than the grains portion (unfortunately the recommendation to eat more green vegetables was not included in the MyPlate graphic or messages). I do feel that initiatives such as yours will be the reason if our country as a majority ever changes it's disease promoting habits. Even though they are medical professionals, they are convinced nutrition has nothing to do with their health issues, and it is just what happens to everyone when they age. Although it's not as good as reading ETL and following that nutrition plan, it at least opens up people's eyes to the amount of calories and sodium they are eating.
Extreme eating is even present on my DVR with taped shows like My 600 Lb Life and The Biggest Loser (though those shows obviously focus on people who have lost control into only one extreme direction).
It gives us consumers totally new ways to connect with the food that we’re putting into our bodies.
I love my healthy fats, and eat nut butters, avocado, olive oil, and nuts all the time in small portions. It’s taking a stance against the meat industry, where so much abuse, neglect, and plain old nastiness takes place that consumers will mostly never know about, or care to know about because they like their meat and would rather stay in the dark. Thankfully the organic and local meat production movement has grown in recent times, but it’s still a small percentage of the meat that people consume.
You may not have thought too deeply about it, but there are real reasons for your cravings besides just thinking that the food tastes good. As I recently mentioned, lately I’ve gone to the beach a few times to do school work, which provides just about the perfect setting for relaxing while learning!
I went through phases of eating very little, to binge eating, to only allowing myself dessert if I had done 2 hours of cardio that day.
Eating meat is a personal choice (though I could certainly argue its negative effects on the body), but eating it at every meal is just not healthy (ahem, the Paleo craze!).
Fortunately I only have mild psoriasis, which I feel really grateful for because the pictures you see when you Google the condition are so severe and horrible. I believe that it’s worth exploring a gluten free diet to see if this could be the cause.
Today they had Arby's for dinner and want me to pick up some "low fat" Snickers Caramel Swirl Ice Cream later when I go shopping for myself. Being a girl in a society where weight is emphasized so much in the media and living in a fat-phobic environment can be confusing, especially when you love food.
America is eating pieces of large animals at every meal, then we wonder why we have digestion issues, weight issues and prevalence of disease.
I really feel for those people and feel fortunate that my case is mild and usually in covered spots on my body, but lately it has been popping up in new places.
It might be, it might not be, but at least in going gluten free for a month, I’ll find out.
But also then you'd have to fight the big companies and organizations that have money behind all this stuff.
It has always been on parts of my scalp, but recently the inside of my left ear started getting it (yes, only one ear), and I developed a spot of it on my right armpit (yes, only one side), which I thought was a bug bite at first. I especially appreciate the Power Plate found on the Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine website.
Hopefully the energy used to create a toxic environment can also be used to foster a new kind of behavior :) For now I'm making my own safe haven!!

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