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Drinking water has no calories and so it wll keep your body system well hydrated without adding calories.
Cardio training may help you lose several pounds, but weight lifting is what is going to help you burn the most fat. Get the form right first and always make sure that you complete the exercise on both sides of the body. Drinking water will boost your metabolism slightly so you will start burning more calories each day.  Drinking water is also needed to keep your body running at full capability.
Cardio is good for limited calorie burning bursts, but the more muscle you develop, the more calories you will burn at a rest.  It is important that you do not do strength training every day though. I personally start with a 15 lb dumb bell and work through different sets up to a 30lb dumb bell.

As you are doing exercises, your body is going to need plenty of water to keep itself in good shape and repair the damage you do to your muscles.  So if you want to reduce weight, it's essential that you keep yourself well hydrated.
The more strong the activity, the better it will be, but at the start, even walking for 30 minutes will do your body a world of good. If you're lifting weights or do anything that involves muscle mass building, you're constantly damaging your muscles. Keep your lower back pressed to the floor and squeeze those abs throughout the entire movement! Keep reading and, with a little bit of good luck, you w'll be at your dream weight immediately.Hence there are certain Top Weight Loss Tips which will help you in achieving your target. Try to be drinking water every day and dropping the soda you can shed a good bit of weight.

You should also minimize as much sugar from your diet plan as possible.  If you need to lose weight effectively, you need to be sure you arent exercising regularly. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, that each glass having 8 ounces of water.
So if you do not let your body rest, then you will end up seriously injuring yourself.  Weight loss is not something that happens instantly.

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