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No fitness plan would be complete without a diet and this year the diet I’m attempting is The 2-Day Diet.
While it may sound similar to other 5:2 diets, where you eat normally for five days of the week and diet for two, The 2-Day Diet doesn’t involve any fasting, calorie counting or skipping meals. Devised by Dr Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell of the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Centre in Manchester, The 2-Day Diet is a high protein, low carb diet. I am often loathe to try diets as the sense of deprivation, hunger and low energy that often accompany them makes me feel depressed.
The best way to prepare for a diet is to read the book beforehand, compile a proper grocery shopping list and make sure you have all the ingredients in the house before you begin. It’s best to the do the two restricted diet days consecutively, so I’ve taken to following it on Monday and Tuesday of each week. Once you get used to counting the number of portions allowed for each major food group each day and what a single serving is equal to, it’s simple to change eating habits and adopt the diet as part of your lifestyle. Snacks – 2 handfuls of raspberries with 3 heaped tablespoons of plain low-fat yoghurt and a dessertspoon of flaked almonds or cucumber crudites with a tablespoon of low-fat houmous. Lunch – Tuna salad, with salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions and half an avocado. Dinner – Baked salmon fillet with steamed green beans, broccoli and kale, seasoned with tamari and olive oil. During the day I also drink loads of water and tea with milk and have herbal tea with dinner. I’ve kept the menu as simple as possible and it really doesn’t involve much cooking and preparation at all, but there are some wonderful recipes in the books, The 2-Day Diet and The 2-Day Diet cookbook. On the unrestricted days I love oatmeal porridge for breakfast and can’t resist baked beans on toast with a bit of low-fat grated cheese for lunch on one of the days. I started The 2-Day Diet back in January when the excesses of the festive period were making themselves visible on my belly and face in particular.
After a wonderful start where I lost one kilogram a week for the first two weeks and got down to exactly 11 stone (70kg) I have since plateaued. When I injured myself running I did very little exercise for a couple of weeks as my leg hurt and I needed to rest it. Despite not losing as much weight as I would have liked to by now, I have noticed other benefits to being on The 2-Day Diet.
The high protein content of the diet means I feel fuller for longer so some days I don’t feel the need to snack or only have one snack instead of two. Although my experience of The 2-Day Diet has not been the success story I would have liked it to be, I’m not about to give up. The contents of this website, including any posts, comments and links, are subject to this Disclaimer - please read it by clicking here. Thanks this has just fed my love of all diet articles – I can imagine the kgs melting as I read! I'm a fifty-year old writer living in London and currently experiencing the 'joys' of menopause. In this day and age, most women are well aware that dieting (and the accompanying deprivation) is no way to lose weight. It's about time I gave you an update on how my efforts to lose weight with Diet Chef are going. I will allow myself some fun over Christmas, but I don't want to go too mad and undo all my good work. I was well protected with opaque tights and boots, but it was a real milestone for me – who knows what I might wear on my Nina Leonard shows this week…? Hi Kathy, great to hear of your dieting success you have certainly reaped the benefit of your hard work and determination.
My name is Sue and today after a long absence from watching QVC I switched on today early am. I switched back on at 11am and saw yourself explaining the Diet etc but what I noticed even more was how different and cvonfident you appeared,fantastic. I am umming and arhhing as to wether this change in diet would suit myyself,all the pratical suggestions etc are great as I work shifts etc and no matter what good intentions I start with they fall by the wayside,last year I joined a well known point system diet ending up failing,stopping and gaining ballooning to my heaviest ever. I suppose what I am asking is,Does and would this diet help with such a weight loss,I plan to make other changes,exercise etc. I would love to hear your comments as I am eager to have a go but for me at the moment it is a lot of money of which I am willing to part with if this is suitable for a large weightloss,knowing my track record,but at the moment I feel I dont want to go out of the house.

Hi again Kathy, just wanted to say that I saw you on one of the morning shows on the day it was the Diet Chef TSV and I think you had on a black tunic from Next with a lime and purple paisley design. And well done for losing all that weight, people forget how hard it is and it really is a slog!
I have put on a lot of weight over the past year due to a medication that i am on and it just sucks the self confidence right out of you.
I am thinking of ordering diet chef but cant figure out what extras you can have,fruit veg etc and is there an allowance of milk. An incredibly successful night with enormous thanks to you all for your generosity, and our big Las Vegas Honora find!
Funnyman actor Jonah Hill, 27, lost 30 pounds of his signature chub this year thanks to a diet makeover and a new fitness routine. Longtime yo-yo dieter Kirstie Alley, 60, dropped 100 pounds after a stint on season 12 of Dancing With the Stars. While she was on the show, Alley ignited controversy for talking about her dangerously low-calorie diet — only 1,400 calories — while she was dancing up to seven hours daily. After Kirstie Alley kicked off her weight loss on the show, talk show host and actress Ricki Lake, 43, shed 25 pounds and two dress sizes while competing on season 13 of Dancing With the Stars.
In 2012, Lake plans to take advantage of her trimmed-down frame to buy a smaller-size wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Christian Evans. This year actress Carrie Fisher, 55, was the latest celeb to slim down as a Jenny Craig spokesperson.
Fisher joked on Today that her goal is to fit back into her iconic bikini from her Star Wars days. Pint-sized reality TV star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, 24, shed 17 pounds from her 4'9'' frame.
Songstress Mariah Carey, 41, shed an amazing 70 pounds of pregnancy weight just six months after she gave birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe. Rapper Fat Joe, 41, whose nickname has always been quite literal, revealed his 100-pound weight loss to CNN in November.
Country crooner LeAnn Rimes, 29, made waves this summer when she tweeted photos of herself looking very thin in a bikini on the beach. From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors. In a little over a year I will be celebrating my half-century on the planet and my aim is to look and feel the best I can.
Low in calories, yet nutritionally balanced, it involves eating absolutely no starch on the two diet days and monitoring your portions.
That way it feels like a good way to undo any weekend excesses and gear up for a week of healthy eating. But usually the greatest difference is that I may include oatcakes in my snacks or with lunch and enjoy an extra portion of fruit.
I feel full much quicker than I used to so am less likely to overeat (although clearly it still happens which is why my weight has plateaued). Rather than being a fad diet, it feels more like an eating plan I can continue with for years to come and continue reaping the benefits.
Write Health is where I share my passion for all things related to wellbeing during the menopause. But you can't blame a girl for trying-after all, who doesn't want to be thinner, feel happier, and look fabulous? In fact, since I embarked on a healthier living project, aided by the July Diet Chef Today's Special Value, I have lost ONE STONE FOUR POUNDS!!!! I'm doing some exercise now that a knee injury from last June is finally improving, and that helps with toning up the new slimmer me.
I don't think you've seen the bending part of my legs since those heady days of shorts and swimsuits when I was on the BBC Holiday programme! I was amazed to find how full up I was on my Christmas dinner without overloading my plate. I have to say I think some peeps have been a tad cruel on facebook with regards to your weightloss. Just to let you know how the weigh in went….Class was cancelled as the group leader was snowed in! Had felt physically sick all day and this was made worse by the fact that I went on my own and when I walked in to the class there must have been 80 people staring at me.

From Dancing With the Stars-spurred total-body transformations to endless rumors about too-thin celebs (and royalty), everyone wanted to know who was losing weight and how. While promoting his movie Moneyball, Hill told ABC News that he went to a nutritionist who helped him cut out processed foods and add lots of vegetables and fresh fish to his diet. The actress, who finished second on the show, very publicly parted ways with Jenny Craig in 2008 after she was unable to maintain her 75-pound weight loss while following the program. In typical Wills and Kate fashion, Kate, 29, has never publicly commented on her weight loss (or lack thereof), but photos of a curvier Kate from her college years indicate that she’s shed a few pounds during her royal engagement and managed to keep them off as a busy newlywed. Polizzi credits exercise and the weight-loss drug Zantrex for her newly slim figure — causing some experts to criticize her public promotion of a diet drug.
Another new spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Carey told Us Weekly that she lost a significant amount of water weight soon after giving birth, and shed the rest after following a 1,500-calorie diet, exercising three times a week, and staying active by walking her dogs daily. Joe, who says he tipped the scales at 450 or 460 pounds at his heaviest, started losing weight by cutting out fatty, processed foods and working with a trainer to take control of his health and his type 2 diabetes. In an interview with the Associated Press, Rimes criticized the attention on her weight, calling her new thin frame nothing more than natural weight fluctuations. View all.ConnectDon't miss out on breaking news, live chats, lively debates, and inspiring stories. After my unpleasant and short-lived attempt at the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting diet popularised by Dr Michael Mosley, I knew that I never wanted to try fasting again. My goal was to get down to 10 stone within the first 3 months and 9? stone within 6 months. Although I wonder if it’s because I’m unable to exercise at the moment and all my muscle is melting away? It's also where I write about my journey towards better health in my attempt to Fit by Fifty.
Who doesn't want to fit into her skinny jeans and feel like a million bucks?Mimi Spencer has spent most of her life surrounded by catwalks and ultrathin celebrities-and she sick of dieting. I had noticed your hem lines rising; i am afraid that my hem line still remains firmly at the ankle especially after another year of continuous high dose steroids, reprieved only by a short break which didnt last long. Will have to remain feeling sick for another week but as I was so psyched up to start my Slimming World plan today I have done so!! This year, fads like the HCG and Dukan diets exploded in popularity while some celebs stuck to good ole diet and exercise.
This time around, Us Weekly reported that Alley lost the weight thanks to her Dancing workout routine, an appetite-suppressing drink, and a balanced diet.
Zantrex is amphetamine-free supplement filled with different herbs and caffeine, according to ABC News.
Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. However, not to dwell on the past, back to school monday and back to Slimming World on Thursday to face the music. My twin sister was coming with me but she is going away skiing on Sunday ( If the plane can take off) so I will have to go on my own which is even worse! Today 14 Jan you were wearing the most FAB indigo top and jacket with sparkle round the neck, sleeves and front. The class is really too large for comfort so have found a smaller one which a friend joined last week so I can switch over.
In 101 Things to do Before You Diet, Spencer shares the tips, tricks, and solutions that finally helped her lose those last few pounds and shows women how to trim, flatter, and accept every inch of their bodies.With ample doses of empathy and irreverence, Spencer offers readers 101 figure-flattering tips, from choosing the right fashion to just saying no to fat traps and calorie pitfalls.
Probably have 5 stone to lose but need to take it half a stone at a time and not expect the impossible!! I thought it looked decidedly like a kim and co style but when I phoned Liverpool they said it was your own… PLEASE PLEASE tell me where I can find it! Spencer's candid advice (drawn from years spent at the frontlines of fashion) and her uniquely relatable voice (drawn from decades of being a woman on a diet) will keep readers entertained as they knock off a few pounds and learn how to love the skin they're in. Even though I could not afford Diet Chef,I will be trying to lose some now xmas is gone as I’m a big 14 and used to be a toned 12 too!

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