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November 4, 201434 CommentsHappy Monday everyone!  Today is also November 3rd, which is the 3 week mark on my little low-carb diet challenge.  From the beginning, I told myself that on November 3rd, I would analyze things and see if I wanted to continue or change things up a bit. I also feel really good!  My appetite is very much under control, my body feels very clean and functional (I know that sounds weird), and my skin looks more clear and smooth than it has in a long time! I have to admit, I did poach some Halloween candy from my little kid’s buckets on Halloween night though.
I’ve been able to add a couple more pairs of jeans to my wardrobe!  They don’t fit beautifully, but they technically FIT! I’ve had a couple people give me some nice weight loss compliments lately and that always makes me happy! The picture on the right was taken on Halloween.  I still have a LONG way to go, but I think I can tell a difference in my face and overall body. Those size 10 jeans were SO TIGHT on me about a month ago.  I could barely zip them up!  When I wore them on Halloween, they were so baggy!  I could almost take them off without undoing the button. I laughed so hard when I saw this picture because it looks like Jimmer (the dog) is smiling!
It seems like the kids only really eat a lot of candy for a day or two and then they get sick of it.  Some years, I offer to buy it from them and then I just throw it away.
We also went out to dinner with some fun friends on Saturday night.  We went to HuHot Mongolian Grill and it was delicious! I loaded up my plate with lots of veggies, some meat and a few Pad Thai noodles.  It was phenomenal! You look amazing Mel, I am glad you stuck with your low-carb diet challenge because you look great and happy.
I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say you can feel your body functioning right and that you just feel clean!!
WAHOOOOOOO I am so happy to hear about your progress and that it’s been successful enough for you to want to continue! If you're trying to get in your best shape for Summer, learning a few surefire tips now will come in handy whenever bad habits threaten to come out. Start with breakfast: You've heard it before, and it's true — what you eat in the morning can make or break your day. Drink hot water: Get ready for Maria's favorite weight-loss trick — keep a mug of hot water handy. Stock the good, drop the bad: Self-professed salad addict Maria always makes sure she keeps leafy greens stocked in her fridge, along with Greek yogurt. For more of Maria's real-life tips, check out her advice for maintaining your weight during the holidays. Many of our patients tell us that the scariest part of Halloween night isn’t the ghosts and goblins but the ever-abundant Halloween candy that appears at home and at the office this time of year. Spooky collection of Halloween “frights” like plastic eyeballs, rubbery rats, and fake fingers. Light-up glow sticks, which can usually be found in a pack of 15 at Michael’s or Target for only $1. Best Halloween Candy for Weight LossWho can resist the sweet temptation of candy on Halloween? Trick: Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar Like many of us, Zuckerbrot says chocolate is her weakness. Treat: Hershey’s KissesAll it takes to curb chocolate cravings is a few bites, says Zuckerbrot.
Trick: Caramel Apple Pops When your sweet tooth starts aching, Zuckerbrot suggests reaching for a lollipop in that big bowl of Halloween candy. Treat: Jolly RanchersInstead of candies you can swallow in one gulp, get your jollies with Jolly Ranchers this Halloween.
Treat: Skinny Cow Candy BarsSkinny Cow Heavenly Crisp Peanut Butter and Chocolate candy bars manage to combine the classic flavors of peanut butter and chocolate with fewer than half the calories of a Butterfinger. Treat: Candy Corn-Flavored Jelly BeansJelly Belly managed to do what it does best (again) by capturing candy-corn flavor in a four-calorie jelly bean. Treat: KIND BarsFor a surprisingly sweet treat, add KIND mini bars to your bowl of Halloween candy.
With Halloween approaching, I know this can be a difficult time for many people ~ especially emotional eaters.
Though I have written about how to conquer your candy cravings at Halloween in the past, and the tips and advice I gave I still stand by today.
For those who have ever overeaten way too much candy at Halloween, and then felt bad  for doing so  — this is for you.

When you overindulge in all of that candy, is it really the candy you’re aching for ~ or is it something else? But what I now realize looking back is that it wasn’t really the candy I was craving. But if this is striking a nerve with you, or maybe just making you think a bit, then you’re making progress.
In addition to just the overall boredom of our tastebuds — by eating the same foods over and over again your body may start missing out on some essential vitamins and nutrients.
Want even more tips and information on how to stop the holiday belly bulge, keep the weight off, and not overindulge this holiday season? That was me when I picked up a copy of “Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance” by Rosie Molinary.
And even those days when you feel beautiful, on top of the world, and ready to embrace life by its reins — this book is just the ticket! As someone who is a proponent of positive body image, self-esteem, and getting all women (no matter what their size or shape) to feel and be beautiful — this book taught me a lot. Yet reading this book I kept saying to myself, “YES, that’s it!” or “oh my goodness, did she read my mind?” and even “Fabulous! So you can read it front to back, cover to cover, or just jump to the page you need to read (or hear) on that day. Reading Rosie’s words you’ll feel as if she’s right there with you, right there whispering in your ear, giving you that “ok” to do, be, and live the way you want. It’s NOT about wearing the fancy clothes, having the right makeup, the perfectly styled hair, or the svelte and slim body.
But everyone is invited to continue to leave their comments — let’s all help each other feel Beautiful ! 42% of elementary students between the 1st and 3rd grade want to be thinner (is this for real?
And it’s kind of ironic where in the United States approximatly 66% of adults are obese or overweight. We have created a nation where both girls AND women are so confused, so messed up, that you put a plateful of cookies on a platter at a party and guess what the majority of women are talking about? So what makes us all so crazy and obsessed over a plate of cookies or a big chocolate cake — or afraid of being fat? The media, the super-skinny actresses, the ultra-thin models, all the talk on tv about heart disease, diabetes, the obesity epidemic (though I agree we need to be healthy, I feel as a nation we’re obsessed), and of course, the words we use when we talk to others or ourselves. Turn on the tv, flip through a magazine, or walk through a mall and all you’ll see is:  Drop pounds faster! Go food shopping and all you see is low-fat, light, 100-calorie packs, low-calorie, low-carb, zero trans fats, healthy choice — you get my drift. But I want to way this: We are constantly bombarded with messages, and mixed-messages at that. It’s all too easy to go on a 3-day spree of eating muffins, hamburgers, pizza and cookies. So it can be a challenge to maintain a consistent eating schedule, not to mention the airline food, eating out at restaurants, and not having your normal go-to healthy foods around.
Which for dieters, emotional eaters, or even those maintaining their weight — can be a dietary minefield.
It’s better to enjoy your time traveling (whether it be for work or for pleasure) than worrying about calories and food the whole time. For me, these tips are more about keeping your energy up, feeling good, and having some strategies in place being away from my normal routine.
For the past couple of years I have had the chance to help women around the world with find peace with food and their body.
Many of the women I work with email me or tell me their stories and asking for help and guidance in trying to be and feel better around food and with their weight.
They are trying to live a life with purpose, a life that goes beyond thinking about food all-day and worrying about their weight and body size.
During this process I’m constantly amazed by just how many women suffer from this.  The food compulsions, self-hatred and body obsessions that keep many women trapped in a prison that for them has become intolerable. We keep waiting to get to some destination (a pants size, or weight), wondering when the heck we will ever arrive – and how many calories or pounds lost it will take to get there.
But I’m here to tell you to stop waiting until you reach some destination before you start living.
If there’s one thing I know for sure it is this:  No weight is perfect enough to do the unique job of creating happiness.

Because no matter what your pants size, or what the scale says, or the number of calories you consume in a day – none of it will ever make you happy.  Or beautiful. Yet that perfect weight doesn’t exist.  And when I look back at photos when I thought I was ‘fat’, I only to see pretty girl with a beautiful smile.
Luckily I got to a place inside myself where I stopped “weighting” – I stopped waiting to be at that perfect weight before I started living and feeling beautiful.
So go out and live, and be the beautiful woman you already are.  Because your life, and your beauty, is happening now, not 10, 20, or 150 pounds from now. About DinneenDinneen Diette is a certified health coach, intuitive eating counselor and healthy lifestyle expert. I laughed out loud because at first I didn’t even notice your son because of his all black costume, lol! I am glad you allowed yourself a little candy on halloween, and I am even happier to hear you did not regret it. Your children look adorable with their Halloween customs and I bet they had fun eating all the candy too.
I have been eating like a HOG the last couple weeks, and finally put the brakes on two days ago. We spoke to Ocean Spray spokesperson Maria Menounos, who recently confirmed her departure from Extra and stars in her own reality show on Oxygen, for tips on dropping the weight. Maria blends up a quick, filling, and nutritious breakfast using trainer Harley Pasternak's breakfast smoothie recipe.
To ensure she actually opts for the healthy items she's stocked, she makes sure to keep anything unhealthy out of her house. Our bariatric nutritionists and members of the expert team at our surgical weight loss clinics presented a series of coping strategies at this month’s regular surgical weight loss support group. One alternative is to hide it from yourself and then limit your child to a piece (or so) a day until it’s gone. Peanuts are a great source of protein, says nutritionist Elizabeth Somer, author of Eat Your Way to Happiness. Seven sticks contain 60 calories and 15 grams of carbs, which may seem like a wise option, but the lack of substance will leave you craving more. But it may be time to look for another symbolic treat: This classic candy contains 140 calories and 36 grams of carbs for one serving (about 19 pieces). The long-lasting citrus flavor will help satiate your craving for sweets without promoting cavities or providing hidden calories.
Candy isn’t ONLY available at Halloween — you can have candy whenever you want! Before you start looking at yourself as someone beautiful, no matter what your size or weight. Moderation is key ?? Your family are so lovely, and these photos make me excited to have kids someday. It’s going to take a solid week to get to that clean feeling, but I know how to get there and that’s what matters!! In addition to her TV gigs, Maria's newest book, The EveryGirl's Guide to Diet and Fitness ($14, available for preorder), focuses on how she lost 40 pounds — and kept it off — over a decade ago. It fills you up: it also is detoxifying, de-stressing, and helps digest the food in your stomach," she says. Light hot chocolate and protein drinks can satisfy your sweet tooth for fewer calories than most fun-size chocolate bars. If you're choosing Raisinets over regular chocolate, do so for the flavor, not the distorted health benefits. I am sure you will continue in the right direction to get you to where you want to be, but at the same time, love who you are!
Adding in some fruit and sweet potatoes is a good idea for ya too, when you get a sweet craving you can try and just pounce on those. Try swimming, biking, hiking, dancing, ice staking, yoga, pilates, zumba, kickboxing (you get the idea).
My go-to breakfast when traveling is eggs or omelet with whole wheat toast and fruit on the side.

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