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An important step to losing weight is to try to incorporate healthy ingredients into your diet. It doesn’t mean you have to stop eating everything that tastes good, it just means you need to add lots of fruits, veggies and more. It is just as tasty as a normal burger, even better than a frozen veggie burger AND it’s way healthier for you too. Try this delicious veggie burger today and see what a difference it can make to your diet meal plan and your weight loss journey!
The choices that we make regarding what we eat can lead us to a healthier lifestyle with no health issues. Losing weight is a necessity for many people since there are more and more desk jobs these days, and there is a lack of physical activity. The starting point of losing weight is to eat healthy.Incorporating low GI recipes in daily life has multiple healthy advantages.

GI means glycemic index, which corresponds to the carbohydrates that are sugars in every food item. High GI causes fluctuations in sugar levels of the body which poses many problems to the body. Losing weight becomes very difficult, once the sugar level in the blood goes up and insulin is released.Small changes to the normal recipes that are prepared at home every day, is the key to low GI recipes. Usage of sugar in almost every recipe is important, since GI of sugar is substantially high. Also, replacing bread with whole wheat options, and including fresh vegetables and fruits in the daily diet helps to manage weight effectively. Yogurt substituted for a dessert is a good diet change since it is low in GI.Anything that is prepared with oatmeal is a great example of low GI recipe. Low GI does not mean tasteless uninteresting food every day.  A simple search on the web will give thousands of options for low GI foods, and even holiday cooking using low GI foods.

A chart indicating the GI of the most common food that we eat everyday is available on various health sites on the internet.
These pancakes taste great with cut fruit toppings of any kind.Tossed salad with homemade dressing is a great accompaniment to any lunch or dinner.
Using olive oil for cooking and salad dressing is a very healthy option for people trying to lose weight.
Dried fruits, nuts, crackers and similar snacks are low in GI, and therefore are good to curb hunger pangs.
Understanding what are good carbs and what are bad is the key to healthy weight management.

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