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As homeschoolers, we don’t have to pack lunches every day, but we do pack lunch weekly when we go to our homeschool group on Fridays as well as for field trips and other outings, and after just a few weeks of that, I think I have an idea of how challenging it must be to come up with creative, healthy ideas for every day!
I love this creative take on the classic PB&J, with tortillas instead of heavier bread. Pizza is always a popular choice for any meal, and I love the portability of these fun pizza muffins. I actually mentioned sandwich kabobs a couple of weeks ago in this fun foods gallery, but I hadn’t even thought of serving it in a school lunch. Mac & cheese would not have been on my list of easy meals, but leave it to Shaina at Food for My Family to prove that it can be!
A few things you should know about me: I'm a wife and mother of 6, as well as a full-time work-at-home mom, a passionate entrepreneur, a homeschooler, and an INTJ, with a heavy emphasis on the introvert! Our favorite combo is actually peanut butter, honey & banana, and we love to roll it up like this for a yummy lunch or treat!
With the arrival of fall and fresh apples available in abundance here in the Shenandoah Valley, I am already planning to make tons of applesauce, and these fruit blends will be a fun alternative to plain applesauce as well!

They seem perfect for freezer cooking, and I’d love to make a big batch and store the extras in the freezer for multiple lunches. Cream cheese and fruit make a delicious filling, and if you keep waffles or pancakes in your freezer, these are quick to put together on the days that you need a quick idea for lunch. Really, though, food on a stick is always a hit, and this is another fun alternative to plain ol’ sandwiches! I think these would be fun with various fruits as well — apples, raisins and coconut all sound delicious!
Make and freeze them ahead of time and then let them thaw throughout the morning to be ready to serve at lunchtime.
And I'm pretty sure fair-trade chocolate, loose leaf tea, and Starbucks lattes are among life's greatest pleasures. Transform classic lunches, from tuna to PB&J to turkey and cheese, into healthier recipes.
These homemade gummy fruit snacks look so yummy, though, and with plenty of fruit and no added sugar, I can feel good about serving them!

We filled the containers with a protein, some fruit, a vegetable, and a small treat -- all in perfect-size portions for kids 5 to 8. 4 of 24Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids 4 of 24 Facebook PinterestCheck out our tips for simple ways to upgrade your child's sandwiches.Win Baby Gear!
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