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In my Pinterest browsing the other day I came across a pin that claimed to be a list of 100 Healthy Snack Ideas.
So, I made my own list and want to share it with you all, because I often find myself in a snack-time rut. Update: I wrote a breakfast e-cookbook called The Breakfast Revolution which has recipes for lots of the ideas below – grab a copy today! Muffins, fruit salad, pancakes, eggs, soaked oatmeal breakfast cake, breakfast custard, and much more!
For even more real-food snack ideas and recipes, check out the ebook from Kitchen Stewardship: Healthy Snacks to Go. Love all these healthy snack ideas – it’s always fun to have something different! Yogurt used to be the only healthy snack I can handle, but this post has convinced me to level up. This seems like a generally good list, I’d probably steer clear of butter and bacon, but life in moderation.

I was massively disappointed when I clicked on the link only to find over a third of the items to involve unhealthy processed junk with lots of low-fat this and that, and calorie counting.
This list is going on my fridge and with my meal planning notes, so that I can plan snacks wisely.
She recently began a passionate love affair with coffee and her life will never be the same. I just looked them up on Amazon, and figure they would have them at my local farmer’s market, but I still have questions. I just located your own blog site plus needed to express that I have truly liked searching your current website discussions. Oh, and as a bonus, you can combine any number of these things to together to make an easy lunch. She has had three babies in less than four years, is a professional laundry-avoider, and loves to stay up way too late making weird stuff from scratch that normal people tend to just buy in a store. Whatever the case I’ll be following with your feed and I do hope you generate all over again soon!

A snack tray for lunch is met with cheers (literally) from the under 3-feet-tall crowd in our house. Enjoying your list, I’m making a few copies to give to friends, and family members to post on their refridgerators and desks! If anything it was encouragement to keep doing what we are doing because after two days of not eating how we have been it took us about 3 days to feel “normal” again! Eli is exclusively breastfed and gets all the nutrients he needs from that for right now so eating food is really just for fun and learning! Actually I’m getting ready to make baked apples and have a cup of hot cocoa with cinnamon while they’re baking! I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend baby-led weaning if you have a little one that's about to start eating real food.

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