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For those who are looking for some fun and laughs, we have collected best most funniest animal memes. Over this past holiday season, I picked up a copy of Tim Ferris’s new book, The Four Hour Body. For those of you unfamiliar with Tim, he is an avid self-experimenter in all things lifestyle, business, health, and fitness. One of the main reasons why Ray was having a hard time buying into this common myth was because of swimming great, Michael Phelps eats 12,000 calories per day and is ripped. Anyway, this guy Ray in Tim’s book figured this out and then did a little self experimentation himself. As I described yesterday in my post with 3 unique healthy eating habits, Tim describes how we have both white and brown fat in our body.
So, if you have to have fat you want it to be brown fat, the “fat burning fat”, not white fat.
I will be doing some self experimenting with cold exposure and thermodynamics for fat loss in the coming weeks. I’ve always known that your body burns calories while trying to keep your body warm, but I thought it was an insignificant sum! Hey Amr, thanks for the comment, but I certainly don’t thing a couple of hours everyday in the cold water is necessary or doable! I am such a cold wimp it’s ridiculous so the only method I will be trying is to drink the ice water! And as awesome as this fat loss technique may (or may not) turn out to be, I am sure few people will have the will power to be able to sit and shiver themselves to leanness!
I think the sheep story above in the comments is not relevant as an argument because you are not advocating that we all run around naked, rather that we participate in short, controlled exposure to cold and then return to normal, if there is such a thing.
I’ve never tried using cold as a means of burning extra fat, but I have used it to facilitate muscle aches ending. As far as the pool temperature is concerned, I believe that Susan is correct with her estimate of about 70-80 degrees. The REAL story of the Ice Age chapter to me is that Ray Cronise lost a respectable 21 lbs during the first 12 weeks of his fitness journey WITHOUT cold exposure, but the WOW moment is that he lost a staggering 27 lbs during the following 6 weeks WITH cold exposure. I agree, Ray’s story and theory was plausible enough for me to add them her to the blog. In the end though, all we can do is a little self experimentation on ourselves to see if it works for us. Hey Steve – yeah a lot of it sounds crazy, but if it works for a few people you have to wonder what the deal is.
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Hey Chris, yeah just try running around outside in the middle of a Chicago winter in your t-shirt! Enter your best email address below to get your FREE Fat Burning Blueprint & start becoming awesome today! The Four Hour Body is a compilation of all his experiments in fat loss, muscle building, increasing sleep, improving sex, preventing injuries, and running further and faster.
Ray wanted to lose weight but could not believe losing fat was as simple as calories in-calories out. Ray knew that Phelps was certainly not able to exercise enough each day to support the excessive amounts of calories he consumed on a daily basis. In the first 12 weeks he attempted to lose weight before realizing what he did about the water, he lost 21 pounds. Brown fat contains a much higher level of fat burning enzymes and mitochondria, which helps burn fat and dissipate excess calories as heat that would otherwise be stored as white fat – the normal fat you probably know and love from your hips, thighs, and butt. And if there was a possibility of actually controlling the amount of brown fat one had then it could theoretically be done using cold stimulation. Cold exposure increases adiponectin, a hormone secreted by fat cells and responsible for fat burning, and glucose uptake by muscle that may last long after you warm up. Lay on your back on the couch with an ice pack under your lower neck and upper back for 20-30 minutes, preferably in the evening.
I think it has been a really good secret, along with the majority of the population never actually came up with the correlation. Many long distance runners take ice baths for a few minutes after a long run of competition to help mitigate delayed onset muscle soreness over the next few days. I realize that he is swimming and burning calories the entire time, but the cold exposure may simply have an additive effect. But the good news is that it won’t cost someone anything to give a few of these options a shot if they want to enhance their fat burning efforts. I suppose jumping in a refreshing pool and loading up on ice water is more the norm for you these days! He’s not lounging in the pool, so yeah, 4-5 hours in the pool actually swimming tends to burn a lot of calories. And if you have ever been in a public pool to swim laps, then you know they keep that water damn cold! That is, go for a walk with the most amount of clothes on that will make you shiver slightly. And the guy whose story you heard in the book, Ray Cronise, has even started a brand new website telling you his story and how to do it. This Ray guy seems to be one of the few to figure it out so I think it is cool that Tim Ferris added his story to the 4 Hour Body.

The sheep are uncomfortable, and their bodies accumulate more fat as protection against the cold. I have since learned more about Ray and added a new video to the post that gives a lot of background on him. I am a big believer in self experimentation so I will say that the theory is definitely plausible until I prove otherwise!
I have not done any self experimentation with this myself yet so I am really just passing it along to people to try. The only thing I had ever heard was that it might make your metabolism higher because of thermodynamics. The topic has definitely been one of the most controversial I’ve ever posted to my blog. Also, did you hear the story about Lance Armstrong and his first marathon after he retired from cycling?
The missing variable in Ray’s calculation was that water is 24x more thermally conductive than air.
So, I thought it was a fun topic to debate, because I knew there would be a lot of good responses to this!
Cold exposure is definitely worth a shot and it will be determined on an individual basis whether it is valid or not! He ran the race, took a really long, hot shower, drank a bottle of wine, and then got on an airplane for a long flight home.
The most far fetched stuff I read in the 4 hour body is Tim’s experience with muscle building.
Essentially, all of the things I just mentioned are no-no’s when it comes to post race recovery. Ray then thought to apply this thermodynamic advantage to his own fitness journey apart from actually swimming. He gets so damn skinny in the winter while he works outside all day (I have to force feed him) and in the summer has a little bit more fat around his middle. I assume that it would also be pretty powerful in the evening, when we are most insulin resistant, but what do I know? While the theory on Phelps may not be 100% correct, I’m not ready to completely close the door on the cold exposure theory.
Thanks again for coming by, and you should check out the book just so you can be cool like me!

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