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Wait until you see the look on your kiddo’s face when she discovers a hidden treasure inside her Surprise Sugar Cookie present.
12 Months of Baby Photo ShootsSometimes in the excitement and sleep deprived world of babies, we forget to embrace our camera and get all those must take pictures.
Blissfully ConvenientGet new Blissfully Domestic content delivered right to your inbox via our weekly newsletter. I Just got home from Whole Foods and they have Avocados on sale and I LOVE Avocados so I bought a bunch!! This was the first one I cut open to use for my salad for lunch and it was SO perfect and beautiful I just had to take a picture of it..
Anyway, the beauty of this Avocado inspired me to make a post about the loveliness of Avocados! Avocados are bursting with nutrients—vitamins, A, B-complex, C, E, H, K, and folic acid, plus the minerals magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, potassium and many other trace elements. A small avocado will provide more usable protein then a huge steak because cooked protein in meat is deranged and mostly unavailable to our liver, the organ which makes all of our body’s protein.
Fact: By weight, avocados average 30% easily digestible oily fatty acids and approximately 70% water. I absolutely LOVE Avocados and definitely recommend them if you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet and are looking for foods high in beneficial nutrients like protein.
For those of you in the weight loss or just plain healthy mindset, eating out can be hard. Here are some tips to help you make better choices at restaurants based on the restaurants you go to!
Purée fruit in a blender until smooth, then strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a large bowl. Preheat oven to the lowest setting, at least somewhere between 140-170°F with rack in middle.
Pour hot purée onto prepared pan and spread thinly (as evenly as possible) into a rectangle using spatula. Place a sheet of parchment paper over leather, then peel leather off liner and roll up in parchment.

Some of you ask what I buy at the grocery store and this definitely isn’t all of it but this is some of the things I buy in the produce section!! February 5, 2013 By Catherine 6 Comments I re-joined Weight Watchers this weekend (bye-bye baby weight!).
Blissfully Domestic has a super easy Shamrock Pizza that’s suitable for snack time or dinner time. I know how important it is to eat snacks throughout the day, but I also know how difficult it can be to make a healthy choice when you don’t plan ahead and the only edible thing in sight is contained within a vending machine. Avocado’s are definitely one of my favorite ways to add protein to my meals because of the amount of protein that each one has! Because avocado is a ripe, watery, enzymatically-alive fruit, it ranks as the most easily digested rich source of fats and proteins in whole food form. Most active people who consume avocados as part high raw food vegan diet have no problem losing excess fat and staying lean. After dropping or picking it must be allowed to soften for 4 to 17 days depending on the variety and ambient temperature and humidity. Keep your weekly supply of avocados on your kitchen table, counter or somewhere else in plain sight.
Whether it’s a birthday celebration, anniversary, or just dinner out with family, you sometimes just have to eat at restaurants! The danger with Chinese food is that sometimes it’s fried in oil, which jacks up the calorie count. What makes the thick crust so good is a bunch of doughy bread, which usually means a lot of calories!
Especially if you get free toppings, adding things like spinach, mushrooms, pineapple and other yummy goodness is an easy way to boost the nutrition of your pizza. When you’re at a salad bar that lets you choose what you want in your salad, choose things like spinach and romaine.
At the meeting there was a 18-year-old girl who was a returning lifetime member trying to lose the 50lbs that has found her over the past three years. Isn’t a tax just a way for the government to capitalize on our, albeit bad,  food choices?

Instead of punishing a family’s food choices, why don’t we start at the very beginning and encourage affordable healthy eating habits in elementary school? We need to teach our children how to make good food choices through our knowledge and counter balance the not-so-good ones. We need to get this junk food tax idea out of our minds. When she isn't soaking up all that Motherhood has to offer, you can find her blogging over at Plunged in Debt where she chronicles her and her husbands journey out of debt.
I grew up in a home with home cooked meals and being forced outside to play everyday and I can count on one hand the amount of times I ate stuff like McDonalds before I moved out…seriously. Pinch the tops and bottoms each morning and when they yield to pressure on both ends they are ripe.
Chow mein and orange chicken, my personal favorites, usually aren’t the best choices!
But think of how much butter is used in it, and you’ll be reaching for the salad bowl. The logic being that parents will be forced to make different, ideally smarter, food choices for their family’s diet. If we drill it into our kids heads and explain the choices they have to make there could be an entire generational change.
Foods singled out are pop (soda), oils, cheeses, candy, chips, basically anything is highly processed or saturated fat-laden. Some families may be reluctant to initiate the changes required or ask the required questions. If help was available in the form of things like healthy family nights, held at your child’s school, where a nutritionist could come in and do presentations aimed at the specific demographic, the framework for better decision making could be laid down.

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