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We’ve said it a many of times, reevaluating your diet to be healthier doesn’t require kicking all your beloved foods to the curb.
People often ask for ideas of healthy snacks or simple food swaps they can make in their day to reduce calorie, sugar and fat intake whilst ensuring they stay topped up with nutrients and don’t get too hungry. Remember that it is OK to have the things you enjoy too, but just be mindful that the majority of your diet is coming from real, healthy food. Creamy Greek yogurt has almost twice the protein of traditional yogurt, and the fresh berries add antioxidants and boost your immune system.
The light, airy waffles will reduce your calorie intake by more than 200 calories and the whole-grain option adds fiber into your diet and aids in digestion.
Trading volume for quantity makes you feel like you are eating more, so you will never even notice that you have reduced your meal by almost 200 calories.
Vinegar is rich in acetic acid, which tends to make you feel fuller after a meal by stabilizing blood sugar.
These simple meal substitutions will help you look better, feel better, and perhaps, help you lose an extra few pounds even if you’re desk bound for more than a third of your day!
About ZensoriumOur vision is to elevate quality of life through innovative sensing solutions. They key to healthy eating for me is finding better-for-me alternatives to my favorite not so healthy things. I’ve made food swaps for years as both a health conscious person as well as someone with a digestive issue. Just this past week my mother in law made baked potatoes, and served them with plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream. The post 11 Healthy Food Swaps for Common Foods and Ingredients appeared first on Waking Times.

When I first started trying to lose weight a couple of years ago and even now, I didn’t look at it as a diet but rather a lifestyle. I sprinkled about a serving and a half of 2% Mexican style cheddar jack cheese on the tortilla and added the veggies. I looked up the nutritional information for a fajita quesadilla on the On The Border (popular Mexican food restaurant) website. I buy the tilapia taco mix from the seafood counter at Whole Foods which has tilapia, onions, peppers, and seasoning. Here are some ideas for foods swaps that don’t have to cost a lot and are still delicious as well as healthy. For the busy working adult, start the day right by making these healthier food choices and getting the extra boost to look better, feel better, and perhaps, lose a few extra pounds!
Trade the strawberries for other types of berries, including blueberries or blackberries, if you prefer. Also, olive oil is better for your heart than artery-clogging butter or even worse, margarine. Add your favorite seeds into your healthy food swaps to get even more health benefits from your breakfast meals. I would add an addendum to make sure that things (like almond milk) are unsweetened or low salt!
I don’t believe in cutting out whole food groups or surviving on rice cakes and water. Now, I’m not saying a bowl of ice cream is bad but stick to it once in awhile not everyday. The fajita quesadilla contains: chicken, melted cheese, peppers and sauteed onions, pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole.

I just had my very first fish taco ever back in October at the Runner’s World event and I actually liked it! Check out the infographic below from the Huffington Post for ingenious hacks that make meals equal parts delicious and nutritionally sound. Check out 5 Simple Healthy Meals for a nutritious dinner and 200 Calories or less yoghurt, chocolaty and fruity snacks for a energy-giving mid-day snack. If you mix them together and then pour it over something cold, the coconut oil solidifies, so it becomes a hard chocolate shell. I try to make healthy choices with whole and clean foods most of the time with treats in moderation. Even if you added another tortilla or chicken to my quesadilla, the calorie count wouldn’t even come close to the restaurant quesadilla.
It was one of the recipes from the Runner’s World Cookbook so of course it would be good!
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