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Tortilla, meat and vegetables are the starting point, but we love how versatile tacos can be. Pineapples are a sweet counterpoint to the spicy kick of jalapenos and sausage in this creative taco recipe.
Tender shredded pork is the foundation for these tacos; the rest of the ingredients are up to you! Perfect for little hands, these bite-size tacos are great for kids, or as an appetizer at your next fiesta. Grilled fish and low-fat flour tortillas make this taco recipe as healthy as it is delicious.
Tofu provides the protein, and fresh veggies add loads of flavor in this vegetarian-friendly recipe. Mediterranean flavors including feta cheese, oregano and fresh mint combine with standard tortillas and ground beef to yield tasty results.
Bring a large skillet over medium heat and cook the ground beef, breaking it up with a spoon until browned. Place a tortilla on a microwave-safe plate and spoon 2 tablespoons of queso dip in the center. Repeat with remaining ingredients (though if you have a large skillet or griddle pan you can likely cook more than one at once) and serve.
Tragically the store I went to didn’t have the right tortillas, so mine was a few points higher, but still worth it!
I made this tonight, but i used ground turkey because it’s what I had on hand and i think it was still better than taco bell.
Not only is this Healthy Taco Salad packed with flavor and good for you, it’s also a quick meal, on the table in less than 30 minutes.
We are excited to welcome you to Pocket Change Gourmet, a collaborative effort aimed at helping families rediscover the joy of cooking a delicious frugal meal together.
Mexican style chorizo is made from ground pork, vinegar and spices.  I decided not to bother with trying to put it into casings because I always wind up removing the casings and using it like ground beef in recipes anyway.
And, the King of Mexican Cuisine himself, Rick Bayless, adds pork, pork fat, chiles, spices and garlic to his Chorizo Toluqueno in his book Authentic Mexican.
Many of the recipes call for using a meat grinder, but, seriously, who has a meat grinder these days?  I found that pulsing the pork in my food processor works just as well.
Chorizo is surprisingly easy to make and is very lean, depending on the cut of pork you use.

To prove it, we’re giving you ten of our favorite taco recipes, each of which features a delicious variation on the basics. Both FB and Google would benefit from it, but we would most likely benefit more from Google taking it over. You see, here in Buffalo we have an awesome and wildly popular local taco chain called Mighty Taco, so no one here ever really goes to Taco Bell. Smooth the queso out in a circle, covering only the center of the tortilla (leaving 1-2 inches dry around the edges. Place the taco wrap folded side up on the skillet and mist the top of the wrap with cooking spray as well. I thought these were better than Taco Bell’s too (not to toot my own horn), so I am glad you agree!
I haven’t had a crunchwrap in ages, I remember when it came out in 2006 is right around the time I started ww. Those are my favorite large flour tortillas because they taste good and they are super low in points, but not every store has them.
I am journeying through Weight Watchers now & your recipes are better than anything Weight Watchers puts out.
Right along with getting healthy is eating better, but just because you need to eat healthy doesn’t mean you need to give up flavor. Ground turkey and baked tortilla chips keeps this Healthy Taco Salad lean, while the pinto beans and corn add beneficial fiber. The premise of a taco is simple: tortillas wrapped around the savory filling of your choice—chicken, goat, beef, or fish—and doused with sauce, some greens, and maybe cheese. From the classic ground-beef taco to a hearty vegetarian version, these taco recipes illustrate why tacos are so hard to resist. I posted it as 8 servings because that’s how many a pound of ground beef makes, but once you cook the beef you could certainly assemble one or two at a time. You can hold the folded flaps of tortilla down while it cooks if you want, but after a minute I just placed a smaller skillet bottom side down directly on top of the taco wrap to free up my hands and that held it together just fine. My future daughter in law is a vegetarian so I made hers with refried beans instead of the meat mixture. I actually used a low carb flour tortilla instead of whole wheat…my husband isn’t a fan of whole wheat tortillas!
I would DEFINITELY want to eat the whole thing but I am on WW and that would total me in at 56 points for this one wrap.

In addition to irresistible flavors, tacos are surprisingly easy to make once you master a few key steps.
We still get the commercials though, and every time I’d see one for Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme I’d think “That looks good – I could make that!” I decided to get one so that I could deconstruct it and make sure I got it right when I made my own. Remove the tortilla from the microwave and add around ? cup of the seasoned beef and spread over the top of the queso. When the bottom of your wrap is browned (this should only take a few minutes), flip the wrap over, making sure all the tortilla flaps stay tucked underneath (this was actually easier than it sounds) and continue to cook for a few additional minutes until that side is browned too.
I added some of the refried beans to my husband and my oldest son’s as well (along with the meat mixture) and my youngest son and I had them just the way described and every one absolutely raved about them! If you look at the ingredients it has a pound of ground beef and a tortillas and then the instructions have you repeat to make 8 wraps. Over medium heat, cook ground turkey about 5 minutes or until no longer pink.Drain off fat Stir in beans, corn, salsa and water.
The Taco Bell version was tasty, but it was uneven and there was way too much sour cream for my tastes.
Used ground turkey breast (because that’s what I had) and it brought it down to 6+ pts. I have some stashed in my freezer right now for our next leisurely breakfast with chorizo and eggs! Must try this next time.  Menu in Progress makes an Oaxacan style chorizo with five different chile powders. I did yogurt last but I think it should probably be first after the chips, with the lettuce and tomatoes on top of it. Also added some hot sauce on top of the yogurt and green onion and cilantro mixed in with the lettuce and tomato.
I think the ratio of spicy meat and gooey cheese sauce to sour cream and tortilla was way better (more meaty and cheesy…yum).

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