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Deli Pizzandwich   To make this pizzandwich (pizza sandwich) you can use whatever deli meat, cheese and peppers you have on hand or whatever is your child's favorite. Strawberry and Banana Smoothwich  Make this sandwich wrap with peanut butter and strawberry jam and banana slices. Gourmet JalapeA±o Bagel  This healthy and delicious gourmet bagel can be prepared the night before for lunch the next day.
Shrimp and Corned Beef Italian Pizza Sandwich  For me this little experiment of mine is DE-LI-CIOUS!! Whole Grain English Muffin Pizzas Not rated yet If at home, children can decorate and design their own mini pizzas.
Yummy Hammy Sandwich Not rated yet Make this recipe for a yummy ham sandwich - and add some hot sauce for spice! Coconut Curry Tofu Salad Not rated yet Try this unique and earthy salad for a healthy lunch recipe.
Fruit Sandwich Not rated yet A simple peanut butter and fruit sandwich kids will love. We have collected 30 of the best, healthiest and most delicious lunches for a full months worth of recipes, that you can use to plan the rest of your meals around. I love mackerel, but some find the taste quite strong, so the addition of curry powder will definitely help you get past that if you don’t like fish. Just like my omelette recipe, this recipe is really easy and only takes 10 minutes to prepare, so without further delay…. I like to use fresh fish whenever possible, but tinned fish is an excellent substitute, as long as it’s packed in brine or water. I’ve spent a while perfecting this recipe to my taste, but feel free to experiment with it and add or leave out whatever works for you.
It works really well as lunch when served with salad greens, or as a dinner served with stir fry. Tomato puree is very high in lycopene, a powerful carotenoid antioxidant responsible for tomatoes deep red color and linked with many health benefits. Curry powder contains turmeric (aids fat metabolism), ginger (is said to reduce risk of cancer)  and cinnamon (stabilises blood sugar) all of which I cover in greater detail in my Burn Fat, Fight Disease And Boost Your Health While You Eat post. You'll want to try these recipes.Scroll down below to see all the other healthy lunch recipes.
From easy salad recipes to hearty soup recipes to healthy wrap recipes you can make ahead, these new ideas for lunch are delicious ways to stay satisfied throughout the afternoon. Skipping a healthy, well balanced lunch can have you over indulging later on in the day, or grabbing a fast, processed and unhealthy snack. Simple, healthy and filling, you can cook a big batch of soup up and freeze the leftovers for a lazy day. A special treat for Saturday afternoon, these sliders are really easy to make and you can eat TWO for fewer than 300 calories!
Although there is no cheese in this recipe, it still tastes absolutely delicious and is much better for you. Tempeh is a fantastic meat substitute and the orange glaze on this fish makes it succulent and delicious. Although more of a breakfast recipe, this nutrient filled meal is perfect for a light, tasty lunch. Continuing the Italian theme, this fibre-filled dish allows you to eat pasta without feeling guilty!

This super cheap and healthy salad is low in sodium & cholesterol but high in vitamins and dietary fibre. We Aim To Bring You The Best Articles, The Latest Interviews And The Most Motivational Galleries. Avoid tinned fish packed in oil or tomato sauce (which also contains sugar and non-specified vegetable oil).
The only thing I can suggest if you don’t like the taste or smell of fish, but still want the benefits of eating it, would be to use strong tasting ingredients to mask it. Also, when you’re trying to eat more healthily you’ll need to figure out how to cook a meal without using ingredients that contribute to a higher fat gram or calorie count per serving. Try our Smoked Turkey & Farro Salad for a whole-grain, lean-protein dish that will fill you up or our Shrimp Cobb Salad for a lighter lunch option thata€™s easy to pack.
It maps out four weeks, Monday through Friday, with each day's meal consisting of 400 calories or fewer.
By sticking to a plan and eating a nutritious lunch, you will set yourself up for the rest of the day and keep any hunger at bay.
This recipe proves that pizza can be tasty and healthy – a great meal to share with friends on a Saturday afternoon! This healthy recipe allows you to enjoy one of your favourite takeaway treats without the added calories. This recipe actually works better with tinned rather than fresh mackerel, making it really convenient, as you can stock up on tinned fish and it will hold for ages! Most of  the fat content in avocado is monounsaturated fat which, like olive oil, is said to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol.
Not only that, but you’ll want to learn what makes good substitutes for notoriously fattening foods, and give them a healthy spin.By MealDepending on the time of day you may need a specific recipe that suits your taste buds, as well as the size of the meal you’re having. There's a theme for each week to keep your taste buds from getting bored, complete with simple recipes you can whip up the night before.
Mackerel is an excellent source of essential fatty acids (EFA’s), which I wrote about in detail here, and as we know, we should be eating healthy fatty fish multiple times in the week. These recipes are grouped according to the traditional three square meals, with desserts added for good measure.Breakfast RecipesThe breakfast recipes we’ve found for you will not only propel you through your morning, but will also help contribute to healthy choices for the rest of the day. Skip the takeout, and by the end of a month, your midday meal will be the reason you're dancing on the scale. If you skip breakfast, or get an unhealthy start with a fast food breakfast sandwich, there can be a tendency to write off the rest of the day food-wise, and continue eating junk. So start things off right and enjoy the benefits.Lunch RecipesThese lunchtime recipes are great when you’re on the go, or need something you can pack yourself for lunch that will still taste good hours later.
The nice part about them is that they don’t include ingredients that will give you the afternoon blahs, and they’ll provide you with balanced energy that easily sustains you to dinner.
So don’t overlook lunch, it’s a vital meal of the day, and can make or break your performance during the crucial middle part of the day.Dinner RecipesFor many Americans this is the main meal of the day, and gets the most attention. It can also lead to some of the biggest weight gain because a big heavy meal at night will be largely undigested by the time you’re trying to get to sleep.
The best way to get around that happening is to prepare light meals with wholesome ingredients and keep the portion sizes reasonable. These recipes definitely help.Cheap and Healthy Dinner IdeasYou want to feed your family and yourself right, but you also want to stick to your budget. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and here we’ve delivered some healthy recipes that also keep things reasonable in regards to price.

Use these as a guide to create entire meals that clock in at only a few dollars per serving, or less in some instances.Dessert RecipesWhen you’re trying to lose weight, desserts often get the torches and pitchforks treatment and are the first to go.
You can make desserts that use nutritious foods like antioxidant-rich fruits, and avoid the things that make typical desserts a no-go, items like cream, butter, and chocolate.
The bonus is that these foods actually taste good, avoid ingredients that are bad for you, and provide complete meals you can serve and eat.Healthy Chicken Pot RecipesIf you enjoy coming home to the smells of a meal that’s ready to serve, you’ll love our healthy chicken crock pot recipes. We’ve featured easy-to-prepare recipes as well as tastes from all over the world so you’ll never get bored.Vegetarian RecipesVegetarian meals are often a stumper for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.
Even with all of the foods that are available to use, it seems somehow limiting not to be able to add meat-based products to a meal.
But there are plenty of vegetarian meals to make, and often it just take a bit of creativity to turn a popular meat-filled dish into a vegetarian sensation.
You just have to start thinking outside the box.Soup RecipesSoups are fantastic foods to get good at because they’re easy to make in a healthy way, and they hit the spot whether you’re just needing something to hold you over until a bigger meal, using it as a meal starter, or rounding it out so the soup provides all of the essentials for its own meal.
These recipes focus on keeping things healthy, keeping you within your caloric limits and accounting for your nutritional needs.Chicken RecipesChicken is often used as a meat when eating healthy because if you use the skinless and boneless variety you’re packing in plenty of protein without adding much to the bottom line in regards to fat and calories. It’s also a very versatile food, soaking up the flavors of the other ingredients, and picking up herbs and seasoning quite easily. There’s also a high margin of error, since it will still taste good if you cook it a little too much.
Just be sure not to undercook it.Pasta RecipesPasta took a hit when the low-carb and no-carb diets were all the rage, but it can form the foundation for a well-rounded meal. After drinking them down you’ll typically feel satiated for a few hours, or more depending on the protein content. This is often just enough to get you to your next meal without being so ravenous that you start snacking or binging.SuperfoodsKale RecipesWondering what to do what all of that kale you just bought because you heard it was healthy? No sweat, we’ve got you covered with an expansive list of recipes that will turn you into a kale pro and make it so you enjoy eating this superfood and are never short on things to do with it.
It can be used in plenty of ways than just salads and as a side, so be sure to check it out.How to Cook & Eat CleanWhat exactly is “clean” food? You’ll have to formulate your own working definition so you can buy and eat foods that live up to your standards.The first step is phasing out foods that are obviously not clean, ones that are prepackaged and contain a lot of additives in order to extend their shelf life or make them easy to prepare. Cooking CleanCooking clean means following recipes that don’t include ingredients that contain unnatural chemicals, additives, and foods that were invented in the modern era. This includes not only obvious offenders like fast food and junk food, but also sneaky foods like most boxed-up entrees that you find on store shelves. It might involve spending fewer nights eating out, and more nights at home trying a new recipe.
You’re going to want to be always on the alert for foods that don’t make the grade, as they can pop up at inconvenient times, cake for someone’s birthday at the office for example.The Caveman TestOne way to see if something is clean or not is to ask whether cavemen would have been able to eat what you’re about to eat. While we may not think of cavemen as being tidy, they definitely didn’t have access to the majority of the food that presents itself in modern society. It may seem akin to starting a revolution from your kitchen, breaking away from allowing major corporations to feed you. But the health benefits that typically follow are worth the effort, and you’ll likely start noticing short term successes in the way you look and feel.

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