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If you read my previous posts on crockpot freezer meals and make ahead meals, then you know that I am very organized and always go to the grocery store with meals planned and a grocery list in hand. My No Cook Freezer Meals cookbook also walks you through the process step-by-step and gives specific strategies for fitting freezer cooking into a busy life. Just curious–do you have any trouble with grease from the ground beef floating on your soup?
Unless I’m using very lean ground beef I would brown, drain, and cool the ground beef before adding it to the bag.
CurryCurry is one of those brilliant lazy girl dishes that tastes better the longer you leave it, so it's ideal for making in bulk.
LasagneA basic bowl of pasta only takes about 10 minutes to prepare, but a lasagne is way more faff, and because it's a traybake, you basically have to make at least six servings just to make it worth your while.
Soup A hug in a bowl becomes a hug in a microwavable Tupperware when you make enough homemade soup to save.

A chunkier stew will deffo fill your belly, and the only extra work is a little more chopping. RaguTomatoes, mince, veg and a little love are all you need to make a giant pan of this versatile sauce, which will stay delicious in your freezer for up to three months. Cauliflower crust pizza is a big healthy recipe trend, and one that's seriously tasty, yet pretty time consuming to make from scratch. BurgersWhether you're an avid meat-eater or a strict veggie or vegan, the one thing we can all agree on is that burgers out of boxes just don't compare to the ones you make by hand.
Passionate Penny Pincher™ name and blog content, including images and writings, are protected since first use, October 2009. I did all of the shopping at Aldi and based the recipes on great sales and organic produce. For grease on chilis or soups, float the unused heels of your bread on the top for a few seconds, then use a spoon to remove the bread.
My family is starting to eat healthier and having food easily accessible is so necessary to this endeavor. I have a crockpot chicken pot pie and I cook it’s creamy sauce before freezing (as opposed to freezing it raw).

The basic ingredients are just veg and stock, but you can thicken it up with pulses or potato, and add fresh herbs for punch. It's great served with spiralized courgette or butternut for the ultimate in healthy and hearty fare - and if you don't have a spiralizer? There are two ways of doing advance smoothie prep to eat later – chopping and bagging the ingredients into individual portions and blending them straight from the freezer, or blending them anyway and freezing them into sweet smoothie lollies to grab and go in the mornings. For extreme activities or expeditions why not go for a large portion of Extreme Adventure Food hot breakfast with a high energy 800Kcal count. All of the recipes are very simple, so you can make them even if you don’t shop at Aldi or use organic ingredients.
Both are equally yummy, and help prevent berries and bananas turning quicker than you can use them – important for saving both time and your hard earned dollar. Here’s my grocery list and recipes so you can do the same, regardless of whether you live close to Aldi or not.

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