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Fans of a meat-enriched diet will love WHOLE30, a Paleo meal delivery program that offers a wide range of delicious options. Each 10 day order comes complete with additional snack packages and boasts recipes like grilled chicken with steamed vegetables along with roast beef and fresh salad greens.
Other Paleo meals from this subscription include steak recipes and the rare vegetarian option like a cauliflower and carrot stir-fry.
If you feel the need for extra weight loss help during the holidays, check out Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan. 4 ounces of pre-made (baked or broiled) all-natural chicken breast, sliced 1 slice of all-natural aged swiss cheese (I recommend Wisconsin Cheeseman Chalet Swiss Cheese.

When it comes to breakfast dishes, the program features sausages and chicken hash and comes complete with trail mix snacks. I feel that clean eating should be a lifestyle change–and a constant work-in-process. Keep checking back for easy healthy recipes from the Clean Eating Recipes Blog; and keep up the good work. It features nutritious recipes that cover all the bases including breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. Then layer avocado slices on top of everything. Splash paprika, thyme and dill over avocado.

On average,McKeever says people order between five and six meals at less than $10 bucks a pop, for about a meal a night for a week, or three meals for a couple of days.
The food has about a week shelf life, he says.Eat fit go, is a meal prep company out of Omaha. A second location is planned for Aksarben Village.Owner Aaron McKeever used to be the majority owner in both Jams Bar & Grill and Pitch Pizzeria.

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