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You want to eat healthy, but it seems much more convenient to just make a PB & J sandwich, a pizza, or have a bowl of cereal. Because in those situations I just want food that require the least amount of work, regardless of what it is. To make healthy eating more convenient you have to make it readily available and that means preparing food ahead of time.
Try grilling 6-8 chicken breasts at a time, making a big pot of healthy stew (Yummly is a great site for finding recipes) or preparing a healthy meal in a slow cooker.
Thinking about questions such as these and taking time to plan your week will help you make healthy eating more convenient. You don’t have to spend an entire day planning your week, nor should you, but taking a few minutes out of your day to do so will surely help you. When you don’t have much time, or are on the go, quick and easy healthy snacks are a lifesaver. You can combine a few of these nutrient-dense healthy foods to create great healthy snacks for wherever you are. Having a few go to healthy recipes that don’t take much time to prepare can make healthy eating much more convenient. You can also check out 25 Healthy Recipes Ready in 20 Minutes or Less for even more options.
Regardless of where you end up going, focusing on a large portion of protein and plenty of veggies is the key. Ok, you may not have to go to those extremes, but being around other people who eat healthy makes it much easier to do so yourself. Creating a social environment that supports healthy eating will make doing so more convenient and help you eat healthy for a lifetime. Grab-and-Go options can help you stay on the right track when you just don’t feel like cooking a meal. Having someone cook for you will be the most expensive option, but will surely make healthy eating more convenient.
If you just need one meal, you can use websites like Eat Street or grubHub to order healthy foods from local restaurants. Accepting this, working through this and getting to the point where it becomes a little easier to eat healthy will allow you to make it your new normal. Here are some tips for you to have healthy and affordable snacks which won’t take much time to prepare. Fresh fruits. Nothing beats fresh and organic because it does not have all the preservatives and chemicals found in packed or canned fruits. This entry was posted in Food, Health and tagged antioxidant, calorie, fiber, food, fresh, fruits, healthy, intake, muesli bars, nutrition, raisins, snacking, snacks, vitamins, yo\gourt. Inspirational QuotesThe way to happiness is: keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. With tightly secured leak-proof and air-tight lids, these durable containers can be packed with healthy on-the-go snacks and stored neatly in your car, van, SUV or bike bag.

Work a few extra veggies into your diet by packing prewashed cherry tomatoes, sliced bell peppers and sugar snap peas into Snapware® Total SolutionTM 1-cup square containers. Fresh fruit fans, check out our fave superfood duo: plump blueberries paired with toasted walnuts. You know that scarfing down Big Macs isn’t healthy eating, but knowing and doing are two separate things. It seems obvious, but this is an often ignored step of this whole healthy eating lifestyle. The easiest way to do this is to prepare food in bulk 1-2 times per week (Something I talk about in this best-selling course). You can save the chicken for a few days and divide the stew into a few small containers to have throughout the week.
Blend a dozen eggs, store them in a container and simply pour as needed for a quick omelette. If you know that Thursday you aren’t going to have much time for dinner then you can plan ahead and make sure you have food ready to reheat quickly when you get home or have stock your fridge with a few healthy pre-packaged meals (Which I mention in a little while).
These foods are great for when you just need a little something to eat, but aren’t ready for a meal just yet. This website allows you to find the healthiest restaurants near you, profiling the healthiest options at each place.
Of course, you also have the power to influence how others eat, so by developing healthier eating habits you might just influence those around you to do the same.
To find out how you can work with me to make the necessary changes you need in your life, check out my coaching page. Whether you are an office worker experiencing an afternoon slump or a student who is drained from class, eating snacks is definitely a go-to solution for your much needed extra energy.
Taking this statistic into consideration, it is essential that we keep our snacking habits as healthy as possible. A study has also revealed that eating raisins as an after school or work snack can lessen the caloric intake and give the feeling fuller for longer. When you have the time and money to spare, go buy yourself some fresh fruits to pack for snacks because they are filled with vitamins, minerals, and even fiber.
If you speak and act with a polluted mind, suffering will follow you, as the wheels of the oxcart follow the footsteps of the ox. Unless you stashed a few snacks in your laptop bag, you might find yourself contemplating unhealthy options on the drive-thru menu.
For those days that keep you away from home for hours at a time, pack a few of these energizing and delicious options. The combo of caramel-coated popcorn and lightly salted peanuts is a tasty way to sneak in whole grains, healthy fat and some protein. Delicious without dips or dressings, they also happen to be excellent sources of vitamin C and fiber. This refreshing pairing offers a healthy dose of antioxidants from the berries and a small helping of omega-3s from the walnuts.

The raisins are a good source of iron, potassium and zinc, while a single serving of soy crisps contains half the amount of calories in potato chips.
Organize with a few Snapware Snap ’n Stack Food Storage Boxes , and include small portable snacks like granola bars, healthy trail and snack mixes, single-serving applesauce cups, fruit leathers, travel-size peanut butter, veggie sticks and individual multigrain cracker or nut packs. Eliminating the junk food you have in your house in the first place makes it much easier to eat healthy and will limit your temptations. Dressing often accounts for a tremendous amount of calories and limiting this can make your meal much healthier. With my help, many clients of mine have made tremendous improvements in their health – dropping body fat, gaining muscle and developing better habits. Psychologically, eating many small parcels of food fools the brain and makes one think that they are eating a lot when it is the quite the opposite in reality.
These bars can be conveniently bought from stores and can be kept in an office drawer or a small pocket in your bag. This version by Healthy Food for Living includes a little peanut butter for even more energy. Feel free to experiment with other delicious berry and nut combos, like dried cranberries and almonds or goji berries and pistachios. And because the boxes stack nicely and snap to one another, you can also keep napkins and plastic utensils conveniently stored in these too.
Keep it fresh by storing 1-cup portions in several Snapware® Total SolutionTM 1-cup round BPA-free plastic containers with lids.
We do like the recently discovered health benefits of dark chocolate…but we might just recommend a daily dose anyway! Therefore, even a small change in the kind of snacks that you eat will definitely affect your whole well being and your overall diet.
Here are some healthy packable snacks that will keep you on-the-go and out of the drive through.Sweet Coconut Curry Granola BarsIf your little ones are sensitive to strong flavors you might use a bit less curry, but this is definitely a must try if you love chewy granola goodness!
It also contains 5x the amount of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which is an extraordinarily powerful cancer fighting nutrient.CLA is known to boost metabolism and fat burning while enhancing natural immunity. Have you noticed by now that dehydrators are reaaaally handy when it comes to making snacks? I used a garage sale Nesco for years until I burned out the motor , then upgraded to theA excalibur dehydrator. Banana Walnut MuffinsThough I’ve made double and triple batches in an effort to freeze the extras, somehow these always disappear off my countertops!
I’ve been assured, though, that they freeze very well, so feel free to grab one as you and the kids head out the door.

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