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Overcoming obstacles: Josh, who lost a total of 152lbs in a year (right), struggled with committing to the new lifestyle because of panic attacks and PTSD flashbacksLike in most stories of extreme weight loss, Josh had his work cut out for him. A total 180 in 180 days: After six months of being dedicated to diet and exercise, Kelli was down from 331lbs (left) to 210lbs (right)Kelli didn't face the same flagging motivation that plagued Josh - she jumped right in with total dedication. I remember Chris Powell on “Extreme Weight Loss” telling me, “If you eat less and move more, you WILL lose weight.” In my time of filming for “Extreme Weight Loss” I never ate less than 1750 calories a day – though I actually had trouble eating that much because I ate whole foods that were not processed.
I think one of the greatest things that was spoken to me when I was early in my journey was, “You didn’t gain this weight in a week, so don’t expect to lose it in a week.” It was hard to hear, and I did not find it productive at the moment, but it was true. The most important thing to understand when you are on your journey to better health is your “why.” Why do you want to live a healthy lifestyle?
There is an immense difference between these two, and how you answer that question will determine your success. There are going to be battles along your health journey that will not be worth fighting, and there will be battles that you will fight to the end of the Earth. Asking yourself these questions will not always make the journey easier, but it can make it more manageable.
Through hard work and dedication, Josh finished the challengeA in two minutes and 25 seconds - less time than it takes many people who compete in the challenge professionally.'My dad always said, if you're gonna do something, do it 110 per cent. Since quitting, she fell into a depression and packed on the pounds, also losing hard-earning muscle mass.A 'Food has absolutely replaced that role that basketball had played,' she said.
He weighed almost 400 pounds before appearing this summer on the ABC reality show "Extreme Weight Loss," which helped him lose 152 pounds. You need to ask yourself, “Can I live like this the rest of my life?” You are the one that is going to have to follow it.

Losing one to two pounds a week is healthy and has a better success rate of keeping the weight off. However, that’s OK; you are not going to accomplish your “why” in a matter of days or weeks. Wasting time worrying about something you have no control over will waste energy and time you could be putting toward something that is in your control, like nutrition and exercise. He went on to explain that because of the experience, he continues to suffer from PTSD and flashbacks. Always give it a little extra,' he said.A A At the six-month weigh-in, Josh received his best news yet. For many of us this is what is troublesome – many times people struggle with creating these healthy habits.
Your “why” can be anything from wanting to look nice in a specific outfit to lowering your cholesterol. So I created a checklist to work off of every day to become the happiest I could possibly be.
After “Extreme Weight Loss” wrapped and I came back to Nebraska, I had to choose if it would be beneficial to maintain some of the unhealthy relationships I had developed from before my transformation. Her social life fell away, leading her to spend time at home and eat even more - which, in an unfortunate cycle, hurt her social life further.'If I don't lose the weight, the biggest thing I'm scared of is losing any future of being happy,' she said. I felt myself getting hot from the inside out,' she said, blushing.And her crush was no passing phase.
And the process just kept going and going until I hit the root cause of why I wanted to change.

I wrote down weekly what I felt would make me happy, such as relationships, family or even things like music, art and exercising. Ultimately I decided to distance myself, not because they were bad people, but because the relationship was bad for me. At her final weigh-in a year after starting to lose weight - when it was revealed that she was down to 208lbs - Chris also pointed out that Kelli's new boyfriend bears a striking resemblance to the Miami center.
You need to find what works best for you and what you enjoy doing – after all, you are the one that is going to be putting in all the hard work and effort. The problem is that when you are not fueling your body properly, working out will not have the same impact. Then I would ask myself throughout the week if I was taking the correct steps to reach those happiness goals. Josh and Heidi sent Josh to therapy, so he could work through some of his issues and focus more fully on weight loss while he was at boot camp. Six hours of cardio later, I decided that I would rather eat better and work out much less.

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