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Prolessa duo is a dual action weight-management program that reduces calories and promotes body fat loss at the same time, helping you to eat less. Don't be fooled by the other products on ebay that are cheaper, they may not always be legit! If you are already enjoying herbalife shakes you can easily add prolessa duo to your shake. This unique formula can be added to your formula 1 shake by adding a single scoop of prolessa duo and blending for just 5-10 secconds. Today we are here to talk about prolessa duo an easy to use booster for your formula 1 shake.Prolessa duo is a weight management solution developed and manufactured in herbalife's own manufacturing facility that supports hunger control and fat reduction. This dual action formula is designed to help you stay on your herbalife weight management program by providing you with a sense of fullness and prolonged satiety for up to 8 hours.
And extraordinarily the hunger management benefits kick in from day one, the first time you mix prolessa duo into your formula 1 shake.By now, you know that formula 1 shake isn't a diet, its a lifestyle.

And we want you to be able to keep that routine, that's why we've assured, there is no extra work involved. All you need to do is make your shake as usual and then mix 1 scoop of prolessa duo in for 5 - 10 seconds. This is a dual action solution, so there are two main ingredients that allow us to achieve great results. It does this by triggering the body's natural appetite control mechanism which is called the ileal brake. This sends a message to your brain that says you have eaten and therefore don't need to be hungry anymore.Herbalife has worked with the developer of this ingredient to put it in powder form for the very first time, ensuring that it works seamlessly with your formula 1 shake. This ingredient is used by many athletes in their training because it is specifically designed to help you lose fat while helping to promote lean body mass. Scientific trial for this ingredient have demonstrated a noticeable reduction in body fat for subjects within one month and up to 10 percent body fat reduction after just 3 months.These results have especially been perceived in the abdominal areas for men and the lower body for women.

It is important to mention that unlike many other weight management products, prolessa duo's scientifically advanced formula is clinically tested and does not contain any stimulants.Now that we know what prolessa duo is let's just see how easy it is to imcomporate into our herbalife formula 1 shake. With it's advanced scientific formula and it's unique delivery form, this product really keeps you in control of your hunger. Just by mixing one scoop of prolessa duo in your formula 1 shake it curbs your appetite, it keeps you feeling full, it promotes body fat loss and it does it all without any side effects. And the benefit of that is that you can eat less with prolessa duo so that you are chosing the best things for your weight management goal instead of letting your cravings get the best of you.

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