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Carbohydrates include foods such as breakfast cereal, pasta, bread, soft drink, grains, biscuits, fruit juice, lollies, potatoes, pizza etc etc. Because carbs induce an insulin response which encourages the body to hold on to fat storage which can lead to insulin resistance, weight gain, inflammation, diabetes and leptin resistance – which leads to more over eating…and the cycle continues!
High carbohydrate diets are also associated with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety as well as increased cardiovascular risks. Controlling insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels to better control your appetite and your hormones meaning you can control a healthy weight range and reduce inflammation in the body.
By removing the refined carbs such as grains and wheat you are effectively removing most of the gluten in your diet and as we know, gluten increases intestinal permeability known as leaky gut and causes an imbalance of gut microbiota known as gut dysbiosis which increases autoimmunity and inflammation.
Further its a great way for diabetics to keep blood sugar levels stable, for everyone for overall weight reduction, epilepsy, skin acne, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and other neurological diseases. In addition your mood swings and sugar cravings should abate since fat takes longer to digest and helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable, meaning less cravings to hit the sweet spot. Also if you suffer adrenal issues and thyroid conditions getting slightly more carb may suit your make up and lead you to better health. So remove the processed carbs and increase your fats and help your body to repair and dampen inflammation. Since the body does not NEED carbohydrates for energy, we can use fat for energy instead, there are no risks.

If you suffer adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues or you are a sprint athlete who needs carbs for explosive fitness, then including healthy carbs is perfectly acceptable and even recommended. I once ate pasta and bread every day of my life pretty much (yes, I was addicted!) and can say I haven’t touched pasta or bread in over two years now without any issue or complaint. Secondly, when you build your plate focus on a palm worth of protein for women (2 for men) and then get at least a thumb print of full fat  (to start as you transition, working your way up) and then finally good healthy vegetable carbs such as sweet potato.
The ketogenic diet that was mainly recommended to patients suffering from epilepsy lost its popularity post-1950s once anticonvulsant drugs were available. Researchers found a direct link between metabolism in brain cells and their ability to transmit signals.
Previous researches showed that metabolism and signalling in brain cells are two distinct processes. The ketogenic diet has also found effective in weight loss, reverse diabetes, prevent dementia, and heart disease. Apr 25, 2016 AM EDTAn email notification sent to OneDrive holders stated that the upcoming changes will take effect on July 27. Apr 21, 2016 AM EDTThe highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 game from Square Enix might have to be pushed back again to a later release. Apr 19, 2016 AM EDTA new study found that type-2 diabetes drug Metformin was able to decrease cancer death risk in postmenopausal women.

Apr 23, 2016 AM EDTBoston University has reached a milestone, after reaching their $1 billion fundraising goal a year earlier than planned. Apr 21, 2016 AM EDTSamsung's mobile mid-range budget phone, the Galaxy C5 reportedly has its specs and details leaked. Since these two processes have found to be interconnected, the seizures in epilepsy patients can be controlled by following the diet, instead of drugs.
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10 Minuten bis zum goldbraunen Zustand an.Im dritten Schritt gebt ihr die Zucchini, die Paprika, die Champignons und die Tomaten fur 10 Minuten mit in die Zwiebel-Ingwer-Pfanne.

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