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When you're used to doing your makeup a certain way, it's pretty hard to break out of your routine. Whether you got too heavy-handed with the blush or your face powder has given you "clown face," celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal and Simple advisory board makeup artist Gita Bass explain the eight makeup mistakes you're probably making. Instead, take a spooly brush, direct your brow hairs upward at a 45-degree angle and set with brow gel. Gently dab the concealer to the under-eye area, working from the outside to the inner corners. For perfect placement, use the old smile technique and swirl the blush directly on apples of your cheeks blending back towards the temples. The "American Idol" judge has reached the pinnacle of outlandish in this lace-front wig, yellow eyeliner and bubble gum pink lipstick. In response to eyebrows raised over her wacky Armani ads, Megan posted photos of herself on Facebook [via ETOnline] raising her eyebrows to show her remarkable acting ability. Maybe she doesn’t have Botox considering her incredible range, but check her out again in 2004. The frowning does not come across as natural to me, because the frowns concentrate themselves only above the nose, whereas a real frown covers the entire forehead from left to right.
She looks adorable in the ones from 2004 too (but I think she was styled poorly — very tacky outfit and not so flattering make-up). Depending on how much, where and how long it’s been you can absolutely move your face into exaggerated facial positions.
She’s wearing much heavier makeup in a different, contoured style in the newer shots.
I wouldn’t ever guess the women in the 2004 photo and 2011 photo were the same person. Funny that she’s focusing on the botox when she has an ENTIRELY NEW AND ALMOST UNRECOGNIZABLE FACE. And doing pics like this is the act of someone desperate for attention, because she has no talent, nor any interesting projects going on.
Her Mouth has been plumped but considering she was 18 in the first few photos I think some of the other stuff could just be her face changing with age.
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That is until you catch a glimpse of your reflection in a store window and notice things aren't as they appeared in your bathroom mirror.

Never powder over excessively oily skin without using blotting papers first; you will end up with a chalky appearance. Brunettes should use an eyebrow pencil that is one shade lighter than their hair color, while blondes should fill in sparseness with pencil that's one shade darker. We considered covering this yesterday, but Kaiser and I thought they were the same ads as before, since there were some previously-released photos mixed in there. Some people have expressed doubt that these photos are even real, because Megan looks so different. Her eyebrows make a world of difference, but I see a new nose, lip fillers and possible buccal fat pad removal in the cheeks, although Megan is so little that could just be natural. Most women in Hollywood are not natual beauties, no matter what they or any of their fans say.
She was obviously plumper back then, and if still a teen, then OF COURSE she looks different now. Sure her nose is different but the basic shape of her face and her lips are the same as they were in 2005. And it’s weird, but for some reason I infinitely prefer the way she looks now to how she did before. Who gives a shit about the botox(which, by the way, you CAN pull those faces if you had it), she’s butchered up her face in the name of wanting to look like a blow up doll.
Do people go on about her botox as much as they do about her boob job, nose job, lip fillers etc.
I think she’s tweaked a little (boobs, nose, a little botox) but has let the injectables go, which is smart. Megan is a very pretty girl but she has had major work done and her denying it makes her look stupid.
The bridge of her nose and the tip is markedly different, and I am almost sure that one pic is shopped or you can take the little tool and warp pics. Many women think translucent powder is their best friend and it is not, according to Roncal. This common makeup mistake can actually end up bringing unwanted attention to what you're trying to camouflage.
Roncal recommends concentrating on the perimeter of your face when applying bronzer -- starting behind the ear and working down along the jawline. Bass believes that your foundation should look invisible and leave people wondering if your skin is really that perfect.

So all the actresses posting their photos in an attempt to prove they are botox-free, don’t really convince me. I say plastic surgery or she is some kind of a contortionist but just in the places where you would get botox. The makeup is radically different, as is the lighting, and she obviously has a tan and lighter hair in 2005. She doesnt have to say yes i did but she shouldnt take to Facebook to deny – its just embarassing. Not only will so-called translucent powder leave you looking dry, white and cakey, but it will also settle in all of your fine lines and wrinkles. We like the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender because it sets makeup, reduces shine and creates a satiny-matte finish.
However, that doesn't mean you should pick up the darkest brow pencil you can find and fill away. Lightly sweep across the forehead (along the hairline), bridge of the nose, cheeks and tip of the chin. Always keep in mind your skin tone -- olive skin looks best with warmer tones, fair skin with pink or rosy tones and dark skin with plum or berry. I jjust can’t see being able to wrinkle your forehead without having those little angry lines appear between your brows. The face naturally deflates as you get older and she’s a lot thinner than she was as a teen, so the facial structure will be more apparent. To prevent your face from looking "muddy" or "dirty," make sure that you also apply a great pink blush on the apples of the cheeks and a sweep of highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones. And she needs to worry about saving her career or whatever is left of it instead of lying about her face. Wow, freckles and a natural glow rather than looking like a plastic casing with a permanent surgically enhanced pout.
The reason why we all bought beauty products in our twenties…to look just like that, and she had it naturally.

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