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When it comes to weight loss, we usually think of sweaty cardio regimes, circuit tire trainings and boot camp workouts. Yoga is not only effective for relaxing the senses and bringing about inner peace, but also for achieving a perfect figure through weight loss.
Boosts Up Calorie Burn by Heating the Nervous System – Regular practice of yoga asanas leads to the production of heat in the body and makes the body feel warmer.
Pumps Up the Heart Rate – High-intensity cardio exercises are not the only way to boost up heartbeat.
Stimulating the Liver – The liver is in charge of processing the fats and it also helps in removing bad fats from the body. Activating the Thyroid Gland – Thyroid gland secretes a particular hormone that regulates metabolism and controls the function of fat burning in the body.
Maintaining the pH of the body at an Alkaline Level – The body starts storing fat if its pH becomes too acidic.
Balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system – Chronic stress is a leading cause of weight gain and yoga can help in reducing stress and relaxing the mind and the body by maintaining the right balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
The Crescent Moon pose is one of the best exercises to lose weight that promotes fat burn from the most difficult regions such as buttocks, side of tummy and upper and inner thighs.
Move your right leg to the side and bend the right knee so that you come to a slight side lunge position.
The willow pose or tree pose is an effective yoga for losing weight from the sides of the abdomen. The chair pose is one of the easy yoga steps to lose weight by toning the thighs, lower back and buttocks.
Now, raise your hands over your head in the Namaste pose and gradually bend your knees so that your thighs become parallel to the floor. The list of yoga exercises to lose weight will be incomplete without the inclusion of the Cobra Pose in it. The Bow Pose is one of the power packed yoga exercises to lose weight but it is of a higher difficulty level and usually requires a lot of practice, unless you are super flexible. Lie on your stomach and place feet hip width apart and rest the arms on the side of the body. The Extended side angle pose is a power packed yoga pose to lose weight that works almost all parts of the body at the same time. Now, move your left foot to the side and bend your left knee so that the left thigh is parallel to the floor.
The Pigeon pose is not only effective in promoting weight loss, but also in relieving the stiffness of the lower back and hips. The Seated forward bend is a full-body workout yoga to lose weight that helps in stretching and toning almost all the muscles of the body right from the arms and shoulders to the abdomen, buttocks and legs. Yoga for losing weight must be included in your fitness regime because it not only promotes calorie burn, but also increases the awareness of your body so that you become more alert about what you eat.
I ought to expect that question, but I never do, so I blabbered: some forms burn calories, other forms not so much. Our weight loss discussion didn’t make it into the article, and I was happy about that, because I didn’t think it was a good answer. Like most North American women, I was dieting by my late teens, always starting a new year by resolving to lose 10 pounds.
At my most obsessed, I ran nine miles and swam five every week, and did juice fasts on the weekends. My weight dropped during six month’s travel in Southeast Asia – the week in Burma was especially conducive to weight loss – and gradually rose again when I came home and settled into my habitual patterns.
But the year I came back from travelling is also the year I started yoga, and the year that everything about losing weight began to change. I started to feel powerful in my body, proud of its strength and its ability to take on the shapes of the poses.

Now I want to learn how to soften my groins, how to work my arms, how to even out the stronger, tighter right shoulder and the weaker, looser left shoulder.
When it comes to my body, I have other things to think about than numbers on a scale, and somehow, the numbers pretty much take care of themselves. Let me talk you through 11 five-minute yoga practices, all illustrated with detailed photos. Steven Kelliher is an experienced sports writer, technical writer, proofreader and editor based out of the Greater Boston Area. Although there are many reasons for you to enroll in a yoga class, weight loss is often near the top of the list of goals for anyone engaging in an exercise program.
Although there are a few different types of hot yoga, the mostly widely practiced form is known as Bikram Yoga, and it first came into prominence in the 1970s. Whenever you exercise, your body controls your internal temperature through a process known as thermoregulation. Hot yoga may allow you to burn a significant number of calories, but it also has several other benefits, some of which are difficult to measure.
The Huffington Post: Hot Yoga -- Experts Say it's Safe, But Does it Really Have Added Benefits? It can also be done through low-intensity yoga exercises such as a couple of rounds of Surya Namaskar.
Regular practice of yoga helps in enhancing the vital force of the liver so that it can function properly and remove toxins and harmful fats from the body.
Yoga poses to lose weight can help in maintaining the pH of the body at a safe alkaline level and prevent excessive fat storage.
This pose aids in toning and strengthening the muscles of the back, abdomen, thigh and core and also promotes the calorie burning process. It helps in toning the oblique muscles and works the core muscles of the abdomen and also helps in burning fat from thighs and arms.
This asana helps in toning the abdomen, strengthening the back and shoulder muscles, expanding the chest and enhancing flexibility of the mid-section of the body. This asana strengthens the abdominal muscles, tones the arms and legs, enhances flexibility of the back and relieves stress and fatigue. It stretches the back, waist, ankles and shoulders and tones the muscles of the legs (thighs, knees and hips). Bend your torso to the left and raise your right hand over your head so that it forms a straight line from the tip of the right hand to the right foot. She is enthusiastic about gathering knowledge and writing about various forms of exercise regimes, workout equipments, fitness training and sports gears.
Ten years later, still practicing, I gained 28 pounds during menopause and a year of commuting from Vancouver to Seattle every week while eating chocolate bars to stay awake on the drive. It generally rises a few pounds over Christmas and slides back down without too much effort beyond eating less sugar, which, by January feels like a blessing.
I was also lonely, isolated, mourning my father’s sudden death, and just about to start a cycle in which I gained my ten pounds back again, and added another ten – a classic yo-yo.
And our body chemistry, as we’re now learning, dictates our moods and the way we see the world. I learned where my bones and organs were, how to spread the skin on the soles of my feet, how to lift my inner ankles as my heels move down, how to press my forearms down into the floor to hold me up in elbow balance. His main area of expertise is in combat sports, as he is a lifelong competitor and active voice in the industry.
Hot yoga, which is also known as Bikram yoga, can help you lose weight by burning a substantial number of calories. Bikram classes generally run for 90-minute periods and includes 26 postures and various breathing exercises unique to the style.
By comparison, the same person would burn around 189 calories in a hatha, or regular yoga class for the same duration.

Heat is conserved when training in cold temperatures, while it is released when exercising in heat.
In addition to promoting flexibility and core strength, hot yoga can help you reduce stress and manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.
But, to tell the truth, health experts and doctors believe that sometimes less is more and low-intensity yoga poses can promote weight loss by promoting the functions of the parasympathetic nervous system that is accountable for regulating the hormones, breathing and digestion. It is a form of low-intensity exercise that promotes weight loss through calorie burning and also helps in correcting and improving posture. Now, exhale and raise your arms to your sides so that they should be in a straight line with the shoulders.  Inhale and straighten your right knee to come back to the starting position. I spent hours looking up calorie counts, devising diets, calculating how many calories I’d burned in the day, and what I could afford to eat. I’d stumble on a truth about my way of being in my body, think I’d understood it all, and a few months later unpack another box. I'm fascinated by how we learn to practice, what keeps us from practicing, what nourishes our practice, and how we can keep it fresh and alive. Classrooms are heated to around 105 degrees Farenheit to promote increased flexibility and the release of toxins within the body. Still, the majority of the initial weight lost in a hot yoga class consists of water weight lost through excessive sweating. Training in extreme heat causes your heart rate to rise rapidly, which can cause you to burn more calories during your workout. Losing weight is often a priority among exercisers, but there are superior exercises to hot yoga for burning calories.
Cedric Bryant, chief science officer of the American Council on Exercise, claims that many of the benefits associated with hot yoga are perceptual, and that you can get the same benefits from any yoga class. Yoga helps your rewind and relax after a hard day’s work and provide you with an instant boost of energy so that you can be in the pink of health for the next day. Now, move your feet approximately 3 feet apart and raise your arms to your side so that they are parallel to the floor.
Curve your right knee and bring it forward to rest it on the floor between your hands such that the right heel should be directly below the left hip.
Grasp the big toes of both feet with your hands and lower your body forward and try to touch your head to your toes. However, I felt uncomfortable one day when asked by a friend, What has been the top benefit of your regular yoga practice? You'll put this water weight back on quickly following a workout, so stepping on the scale immediately after class isn't the most accurate way to determine your progress.
It is important to keep in mind, however, that you won't be able to train for as long in extreme heat, so the total number of calories burned won't exceed a longer training session at cooler temperatures.
Still, the physical benefits of the practice may be outweighed by the mental and emotional satisfaction that comes with regular participation in Bikram.
Keep your back straight at all times and feel the stretch and tension build in your spine, abdomen, legs and arms.
My first impulse was to share how I’d lost 12 pounds and have kept them off for 6 years, but I reconsidered and answered, Flexibility, and changed the subject.
If you experience dizziness, nausea, headache or confusion during class, you need to step out and rehydrate to avoid heat-related illnesses. Hold this position for 30 seconds while breathing normally, and return to the starting position. Yet, I feel strongly that my daily Iyengar yoga practice (and a daily plain nonfat yogurt) has helped me to maintain a healthy weight as well as increase my flexibility, and so far daily inversions at my yoga ropes wall seems to be preventing me from losing more height as I age.

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