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In a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the interview, Beyonce adds: 'I'm not a person that is naturally very thin. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Fresh-faced with her big bouncy curls loose around her face and shoulders, she looked like she didn't have a care in the world as she stood at the water's edge. Under the watchful eye of a protective bodyguard, the singer, who is believed to be five months pregnant, was helped aboard a small boat which was to take her, Jay-Z and their friends back to a luxury yacht on which they have been staying. Earlier they had all been snapped walking back to the makeshift dock after enjoying a bite to eat in one of the island's restaurants.Two days ago, Beyonce and Jay-Z were snapped greeting close friend actress Gwyneth Paltrow on board as she arrived bearing gifts to celebrate Beyonce's 30th birthday.
Gwyneth, who is married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin with whom she has two children, daughter Apple, six, and Moses, five, was in the historic Italian city to promote her new movie Contagion, alongside co-star Matt Damon at the Venice Film Festival.It was the first time Beyonce had been pictured since announcing her pregnancy and after welcoming her Oscar-winning friend on the boat, she was snapped walking around the deck tenderly cradling her baby bump as she enjoyed a refreshing juice. She slipped her pregnancy figure into what appeared to be a pair of loose fitting white trousers and a navy vest.On Sunday, which was Beyonce's milestone big day, she and her husband, who were also celebrating their anniversary having married on September 4, 2008, in New York, were spotted leaving their five-star hotel in Venice for a romantic birthday dinner. She was cheered on by Jay-Z, who performed new single Otis with Kanye West before she took to the stage. Speaking to Piers Morgan in June, she hinted: 'I always said I was going to have a baby at 30. Snooki spent her Christmas holiday showing off her newly toned and super slimmed down figure in tons of Twitpics — do you prefer Snooki super skinny or more curvy? We recently posted pics of the 24-year-old modeling barely there bikinis and tweeting about how she was only five pounds shy of her weight goal. Ok, we are going to be really mean again, since he’s actually ugly for a another terrible reason. This Irish musician is best known as the original singer and songwriter with The Pogues, and is considered one of the most important and poetic Irish songwriters of the last thirty years. Tori Spelling must be thanking her daddy for helping her get into the acting business ‘cause there is no other way she would EVER have made it.
Vi siete mai chiesti quali possano essere i nomi degli attori piu belli e sensuali … senza maglietta? Per pubblicare il commento inserisci il codice corretto.I commenti possono essere soggetti a moderazione prima della pubblicazione, pertanto potreste non vederli direttamente online non appena li inviate.

The 31-year-old has revealed she gained 57lbs while carrying her daughter Blue Ivy, who was born in January last year.She also said she regrets putting herself under pressure to get back in shape so quickly after the birth.
I am a person that has to work at keeping my body in shape.'But she insists women should embrace their differences and focus on health rather than the scales. Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you,' she says. Snooki spent most of Christmas posing in her signature Snooki slippers around her New Jersey home and occasionally gushing over her on-and-off boyfriend Jionni LaValle. Michael Jackson used to be a successful black singer, but took it upon himself to destroy his face and reputation.
This actor born in LA, suffers from Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia (a rare condition leaving him with no sweat glands, hair, fingernails or teeth). Marty Feldman (1934 – 1982) was an English writer, comedian and BAFTA award winning actor, notable for his bulging eyes, which were the result of a thyroid condition known as Graves Disease.
There have been rumors that she is really a man, and quite frankly we are thinking something’s not right with this chick. This brazilian is certainly saving his huge salary for something other than helping his image. The British accent is cute and we love that she is all about being an individual, but quite frankly Kelly Osbourne’s annoying and a brat. Quali saranno i divi che, in questi anni, avranno rallegrato le nostre giornate sfoggiando pettorali da urlo e bicipiti da infarto?
Beyonce was able to shed the excess weight doing a lot of cardio dance workouts, which got her moving and sweating.She revealed to the magazine that 80 percent of her post-baby weight loss was due to cutting back on food including her favourite, pasta.
He wrote situation comedies such as The Army Game, Bootsie and Snudge for the BBC and later had a series of his own on the BBC called Marty.
Born in 1959, the actor appeared in Cocoon, Steve Martin’s Parenthood, EdTV, Apollo 13, Austin Powers, That Thing You Do among others. And the fact that Julia Roberts married this beast makes us think she’s not only nuts, but ugly too. Sometimes you hope someone will grow on you after awhile, but even now when we see Tori on TV we immediately switch the channel.

Abbiamo deciso di scoprirlo per voi cari ragazzi e care ragazze, ed abbiamo stilato una nostra classifica dei vip piu belli in assoluto, per rendere ancor piu bollente questa gia calda estate! Just goes to show you what can happen if you are too critical of your looks… you can end up an albino alien like Mike.
He has also appeared in numerous science fiction and fantasy movies such as My Science Project (1985), Weird Science (1985), Armed Response (1986) and Evil Spirits (1990). After two years of surgery (including the removal of his spleen), chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, Qualls’s cancer went into remission, which lent him his famous thin stature. Dal sempre bellissimo Brad Pitt all’inaspettatamente supermuscoloso Will Smith, scopriamo insieme quali sono i volti (e i pettorali) degli attori piu sexy di Hollywood!E cominciamo innanzitutto con il bel Brad Pitt, un attore che ha fatto, e continua a far sognare intere generazioni di donne! Wildenstein has allegedly spent almost US$4,000,000 on cosmetic surgery over the years, all payed by her husband, the billionaire international art dealer Alec Wildenstein. Berryman generally portrays mutant bikers, evil undertakers, monsters and other frightening characters. At a performance in a local theatre he was discovered by David LaChapelle and became… a model!! E passiamo adesso a due attori un tantino piu giovani, la cui carriera promette decisamente bene!
Proprio quest’ultimo e divenuto celebre anche (per non dire soprattutto) per le scene a torso nudo girate nei film della saga dei vampiri!
Anche lui ha recitato nella celebre saga di Twilight, ed anche lui ha attirato l’attenzione su di se per via del suo fisico davvero mozzafiato! E passiamo adesso allo statuario fisico sfoggiato dal superpapa Will Smith, nel film “I Robot” ha mostrato un lato decisamente bollente di se? Cari ragazzi e care ragazze, ecco a voi le foto piu belle da non perdere, buona visione a tutti!

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