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You should NOT eat food with a daily deficit of more than 500-1000 calories a day, it is unhealthy for your body, which means you should not lose more than 1-2 lbs per week. Here's the big question - How much food should I eat - how many calories should I eat - and how many calories a day. To maintain your current weight you should not eat more calories than you burn - and to lose weight You should consume fewer calories than you use.
Once you know your daily calories requirement you can go on with a plan on how to eat fewer calories than your requirement in order to lose weight. Glossary index, This extra iron can damage the organs it is a syndrome occurring in a pregnant woman after her 20th week of pregnancy that causes high blood pressure and. Nuphedrine® - extra strength top rated fat burning capsule, Extra strength top rated fat burning capsule.
Do breastfeeding mothers extra calories fluids, Do breastfeeding mothers extra calories? Llli nb maternal nutrition breastfeeding, Maternal nutrition breastfeeding extra calories women advised consume 500 extra calories daily . If you want to lose weight you should eat a little less calories than your body needs per day. The best and healthiest practice is to eat 10% to 20% less calories than your daily consumption is.
If you don’t want to read the intro, skip directly to the question how many calories should I eat to lose weight?
The problem is that when you consume too much food (fuel) and you don’t spend all this fuel during the day, your body will store it for later use.

By using weight loss calculator you can calculate how many calories should you eat to lose weight and also in what time frame you can lose that extra weight. TIP: Interestingly, even if your weight loss goal is very modest it is likely to produce health benefits such as the reduction of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. I am trying to provide useful information on several topics regarding health, food, diet, weight loss and sport!If you like my articles, please do subscribe and share the content! Can you advise me on how many calories I should eat to maintain my weight and how many I should eat to lose the extra 7lbs that I out on 5 months ago please.I have a BMR of 1340.
If my basal metabolic rate is 2000 calories and I do workout (running 30 minutes) evey day can I still eat 2000 calories and lose weight?
Yes, a consumption of 2000 calories per day at your activity level will make you lose weight.
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Read this article and found out how many calories should you eat to lose weight effectively! Let’s take a quick look at how your body functions and how calories are not that bad for your body as you might think. If you eat just as much calories as you needs per day, you will maintain your weight and you will not have to think about losing weight.
There are many factors when it comes to daily calorie consumption, it’s not just weight, height and age.
BMR is short for basal metabolic rate and it simply tells you how much calories would your body burn during the day if you were not active at all – just lying in bed and not move a muscle.

Your body still needs energy to keep you warm, it needs energy so you can breathe, it needs energy so you can think. If BMR + DA equals 2000 kcal per day than that means you should consume no more than 2000 kcal per day or you will start to gain weight. The bottom line is in order to lose weight (fat) efficiently you should eat less calories than you burn during the day. There are also other important factors such as fat percentage, density of bones, muscle mass, metabolism, level of activity… All these factors count when you calculate your daily calorie consumption. But you can still get a rough estimate if you calculate your daily calorie consumption using our tool. 1 hour of running equals (roughly) about 500 calories, so DA for that day would be 500 calories. I had a recent test done and it’s also showed my fat free mass was 45kg, soft lean mass 42kgs. Of course this value depends on your physical attributes (it could be much higher or much lower). Just to make things clear – we are talking about fat loss here and not weight loss which does not necessarily mean fat loss.

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